Location: Modulon 5, Blue Sentient Homeworld

Even in ruins, the city was breathtaking. A monument to the ancient race of builders that had created the Multiverse, Modulon 5 had, in its prime, been a haven for artists, scientists, and philosophers. When it had still been whole, it had been the gem city of the Blue Sentient crown, its inhabitants working, playing, living – all to enhance their magnum opus.

But now they were gone, their remnants scattered across what they had built, only one truly known to have survived the invasion of savage, mutant animals known as the Vandals, on a quest for building empires. The surviving Blue Sentients were exiles, hiding from those that hunted them and had, in turn, ousted the Vandals from their homeworld. Even though those invaders rarely appeared planetside after their explosive appearances, the Vandals had no wish to encounter them again.

Hence, there were no witnesses to the opening of a portal. A blue-tinged vortex, lightning weaving through the cyclone of power, spun clockwise to show a blurry image of a red landscape, which abruptly became flashed out as two vehicles passed through the hole in the Multiverse's weave. Its purpose fulfilled, the doorway sealed as the drivers continued down the streets at breakneck pace, weaving between the giant pieces of rubble that had fallen down.

Up close, the grim nature of the cars became obvious – they were red and silver in color, the scheme designed in a manner that implied that the cars were build from the steel bones of blood-splattered enemies. The smaller of the two was a mono-wheel, a gyroscopic ride that forced the driver to lie on their stomachs while steering. It companion looked like the insect-centric spawn of a monster truck and an all-terrain vehicle, its six spidery legs ending in giant wheels. Two fangs positioned beneath the cab completed the sinister façade.

On the simultaneous whims of the drivers, the cars braked, coming to a stop near the ruins of a once-great skyscraper. The drivers stepped out of their vehicles and out into the dim twilight; a pair of scarlet-black humanoids that had eyes burning with malicious intent. The male half of the duo was skinny and long-limbed, his head topped by a dome-like protrusion that resembled a hat. His companion was a thin-faced female, her body similar to that of a well-figured human woman. Her face was ringed by fiery spikes that resembled hair, and like her companion, her teeth mainly consisted of pearly fangs.

They were Red Sentients, the twin race of the Blues that had once lived in Modulon 5. The relationship between the species had hardly been a case of opposites attract – for as long as there had been the two kinds of Sentients, there had been war between them, usually caused by the Reds. They hadn't fared much better than the Blues as a result: only five of them had been spared from an event that had frozen the rest of their kind, and that same group had only recently been awakened from their cryostasis in different places in the Multiverse. Their own planet (the others of their race still frozen in time on the surface) had fallen into the hands of a race they had once commanded, and only within the last month or so had they regained control over the Sark.

Looking around at the city ruins, the female made a gagging noise in her throat brought about more by the buildings than the destruction caused to them. Going back to the reason they had come, she began treading through the ruins on high-heeled feet. "Any new readings?" she called towards her partner.

He shook his head, moving with the quick, deliberate motions of a giant jungle cat. "Kytran not see source," he replied in his usual broken, third-person speech. While all of the Red Sentients currently alive were undeniably dangerous and ruthless, the fact Kytran couldn't be bothered with stringing together a proper sentence attested to how detached he was to civilization.

Left with that decisive answer, the female – known by her allies and enemies alike as Kyburi – went back to combing the rubble, using her eyes as well as her internal scanners to look. While she had known Kytran for years, she still had no idea if his manner of speaking was because of a glitch in his system, or something he did on purpose. And quite honestly, she couldn't care less about it.

The object of their search was an energy source they had detected from their homebase, hidden deep in the Multiverse. Modulon 5 was supposed to be dead, save for the energy streaming from the Cortex, so any other supply that they detected was of deep interest to the last active Red Sentients. The leader of the group, Krytus, had dispatched Kyburi and Kytran to investigate and – if possible – bring it back to base.

At this point, it was looking like the whole thing was becoming a fool's errand. (Patience was not Kyburi's strong point, preferring instant gratification.) On one hand, she was disappointed – if the source had been as powerful as the scanners had indicated, it would be quite useful against Sage, Krytus' meddling twin sister, and her band of Human champions. On the other hand, though, the pugnacious female would enjoy telling Kyrosis that his precious machines had failed again.

Lost in those thoughts as she methodically combed through the wreckage, the abrupt, off-the-charts energy flash that appeared on her scanners surprised her to the point of making her stumble backwards. Recovering both balance and composure in a hurry, she pinpointed the origin and began flinging boulders away from it.

"Kytran!" she called as she labored. The male abandoned his work in time to be beside her when she removed a dull-grey mask from the ruins, somehow still intact despite the destruction that had surrounded it. The top of it was narrow, a pair of eye slits cut into the metal, while the bottom was wider; the main attraction there was a pair of extending pieces of metal that curved out and around like the mandibles of a beetle. The empty eyeholes stared blankly at the two Red Sentients, and while both were battle-hardened warriors that cheated death on a near-daily basis, they couldn't help but feel ill at ease looking at it for too long.

"Sark plate?" Kytran suggested, referring to the race of robots they commanded.

Kyburi shook her head in reply. "It doesn't look anything like a Sark faceplate." After a quick scan, she added, "It's the energy source, too – but it's giving off more than even Zemerik could, and this isn't hadron energy it uses."

For a moment, they stood and considered the thing they had found. As if to mock them, the mask/helmet/faceplate almost seemed to consider them right back. Well? What are you going to do? it appeared to be asking in a smug, condescending tone.

The thing was Kyburi didn't like being talked down very much. Neither did Kytran.

Abruptly, the stick-chested male whirled and made his jerky way back to the mono-wheeled Vylirex. When it came to communication, sometimes the actions he made spoke volumes louder than his words. Right now, he was indicating that he had no interest in trying to figure out what they had unearthed on a planet they both hated. He didn't care if they brought it home or not, but he was going back.

Kyburi gathered the artifact under her arm and bounded back to her six-legged Ventikus, rising into the cab by way of the convenient lift. Placing the thing onto her legs in the cramped space, she revved up the engine and steered back towards the portal's opening point, quickly exceeding what Humans knew as a "legal highway speed".

In regards towards finding and recovering the power source they had located, the mission was successful. However, since they had no idea what artifact was and what it did, the pair had to leave that metaphorical box unchecked. Krytus wouldn't be happy about that, but at this point, any energy source they could get their claws on would be accepted.

Activated by the identity modules in their engines, the portal reopened, showing another view of the claret landscape. With a pair of finely-tuned roars, the two vehicles leapt forward, vanishing through the tear that sealed behind them.


Author's Note: I never set out to write a Bionicle-BF5 crossover, but here we are. If parts you already know of seem overly descriptive to you, I apologize, but I am attempting to make sure that all readers – including those that might follow one franchise and not the other – have an idea of what the story is about. For more information, I suggest Wikipedia for BF5 information and BionicleSector01 for the other set. (I warn you, the latter site is gigantic but very accurate.)

Timeline: In the BF5 franchise, Krytus and the Red Sentient 5 have been awakened for over a month; AJ Dalton and Tezz Volitov have both joined the BF5. In the Bionicle world, the Great Catalysm occurred about 857 years prior, and the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood War has been going on for as long a time.

Disclaimer: I will make no attempt to try and convince you that I own the Bionicle and/or Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 franchises. However, there are certain locations, concepts, and characters (mostly on the Bionicle side of the story) that are my products of my imagination, and those I hold ownership over.

Thanks again for reading. =D

-Inferna Firesword