I recently fell in love with Rani/Clyde, and oh my gosh, there just isn't enough of them around - So here we go guys, I'm creating a series of drabbles, none related to each other, some of them longer than others - Let me know what you think!

(Oh and this belongs to RTD and BBC) :D

Clyde had been ever so careful with his thoughts around Mr. Smith and K.9. – He knew what they were like, he knew if they wanted to, they could probably repeat every thought he'd ever had – Every dream of her could be spoken out loud.

It wasn't that he was scared of telling Rani, really he wasn't, not of her anyway... No, he was scared his head teacher and her father (Who were the same person) could disapprove of him. It wouldn't bother him usually, what a parent thought. But he had this niggling feeling, that he might, possibly love her.

Very, very short - Exactly 100 words in fact - Next one should be longer! This is just the start! If you want anything in particular, let me know and I'll jot down some ideas!

Also, I'm rating this at T, but it could be higher or lower, I'm unsure at this moment in time!

Reviews would be delightful! :)