I haven't done anything for this in a while - This one however, is kind of depressing. I do have three different endings, so, if you want them, let me know and I'll upload them all. Sorry for the very long wait. Please review :)

Looking out of her window, she saw her best friend run through the rain to the house opposite her.

She knew she should be over there too, but after the nightmare she'd had the night before, she didn't feel up to fighting off aliens today.

This wasn't the first time she'd had the nightmare, it had happened a few times now, always the same.

She would open her eyes to a dark room with only chains hanging from the walls and ceilings, and other than the howl of the wind and the clanging of the chains; all she could really hear was the screams. The loudest scream was that of her best friend.

She didn't know how they got there, or how they would escape, all she knew was that it was her fault that they ended up there. It was her fault he was being tortured. And somehow she knew that when the screams stopped, it wasn't because he had passed out, she knew he had died. She knew it because she felt it.

Every time, she would wake up crying and screaming his name, and every time, her parents would rush into her room and hold her until she stopped.

But they never asked what happened, because they knew, if she talked about it, it would make it worse. Somehow they knew that she heard him die every single night.

All they could do was watch as she stopped eating, stopped writing, stopped visiting the house across the road, stopped everything she loved, and every morning was worse.