Well, MySocksNevrMatch wanted it, so here you are, the three endings. (Also, for any SJA fans, I have a Doctor Who story called The Family with them all involved!) Please review :D

Ending One

After three weeks, she decided she couldn't take it anymore, it had all become too much. Hearing her best friend die every single night had taken its toll. Somehow she knew it would happen unless she changed something. It was that night, after watching him walk across the road one final time that she took her own life. And by the morning, it was too late for anyone to save her.

It was Clyde who found her, he had stormed through the house to demand that she talked to him, and he found her lying across her bed, with three packets of Paracetamol. All he could do was hold her body to him while he cried.

Several months later, when he was kidnapped and chained in a room, he barely made a sound, as he was tortured to death for information regarding the Doctor. He was just happy to finally be released from the pain that Rani's death had caused him.

Ending Two

It had been two weeks since she had seen anyone. Her mum told everyone she was ill. She had barely slept, and any time she closed her eyes, all she heard were his screams.

It was about five PM when someone battered at the front door, she knew it was her mum who answered it, but she could hardly bring herself to care about who it might be.

About fifteen seconds later, she heard someone storm up the stairs and barge into her room, "Rani, we have to go now."

She glanced up at the little girl who was yelling at her, "Rani, now. Clyde is in hospital."

This caught her attention, "What? Why? What happened, Sky?"

"Something went wrong, he was pretty much kidnapped and he nearly died. They tortured him." Sky grabbed Rani's hand and started dragging her away.

"No, no, Sky, wait, what happened to you and Sarah Jane?"

"I was at home, but Sarah Jane was locked in a room, all she could hear was his screams. She's at the hospital with him." She barely stopped for breath, "Come on, we've got to go."

Rani slipped on her shoes, and they both left for the hospital.

As soon as she slipped into his room, she rushed up to him and grabbed him into her arms, "Oh God, I'm so sorry, I should have warned you." She sobbed into his neck; he ran a hand through her hair to calm her.

"What are you talking about, Rani?"

"It's my entire fault, I knew it was going to happen, but I didn't tell you."

"Rani, calm down, how did you know?" He looked over at Sarah Jane, who looked equally confused.

"I kept having a nightmare, that's why I stayed away, because I knew it was my entire fault." She moved to look at him, "If I had been there, yo-you would've died,"

"But I'm alive now."

"But it's still my fault you got hurt." He put a hand on either side of her face and pulled her around to look at him,

"It's not your fault. I'm alive, and we're together again, okay?" She nodded slightly, and he rubbed his thumbs under her eyes to remove any tears, and then he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her lips, "I love you, Rani." Her face shone, and a huge smile lit up her face and the tears turned to happy ones.

Ending Three

It wasn't until the week after, with no replies, that he walked to her house and demanded entry, after shoving his way through, he ran up to her room, and barged his way in.

Looking at each other, tears welled up in her eyes, and she broke down into tears, "Clyde, you need to leave. You need to leave now."

"What's going on?" He walked towards her and pulled her into his arms, "What's got into you?"

"If you stay around me, I'll get you killed." She replied, trying to shove him away.

"Yeah, and if we don't have your brains around, I'll die." He ran his hands through her hair, "Like you'd let me die anyway."

"I'll be chained up and you'll be separated from me, and tortured to death, I won't have a choice."

"Rani, was this a nightmare?" She looked up at him, a hurt look clouding her dead looking eyes.

"It's going to happen. Don't you dare tell me it won't." She looked away, "It's the same thing every night."

"If it happens, hopefully in the very distant future, you'll know what to do to stop it. Just remember that." He took hold of both of her hands, "I know you will."

She looked at him, looking a bit brighter, and he leaned in and placed a small kiss on her forehead, "I trust you with my life, Rani."

It eventually did take place a year later, but this time, she knew what to do, she knew exactly how to stop it.

Rani and Clyde held each other's hands as they faced the enemy, and never once did they let go. For after all, after much research, they had found that only one could be transported at once. A few hours later, they sat together, still holding each other.

"Hey, Rani," She turned to look at him, "I love you."