Man of Rome

By the Mighty Lu Bu

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This occurs after the events of Dual Nature 1, but before the events in Dual Nature 2.

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For those who have not read Dual Nature 1, here are you basic need details to know for this story.

Dual Nature 1 started at the end of "Return of Callisto" in the series, when the Evil God Chaos took all the characters away from the their world and put them into his world. During those events Callisto became redeemed and is now good. Gabrielle was forced against her will to kill as her mind was controlled by Chaos. Xena and company were in the Realm of Chaos for nearly a month so a lot of things have changed.

Gabrielle's family is dead. All of them. Xena possess the yin yang chakram, yet the dark chakram (original chakram) still exists and is wielded be Callisto. Borias has been returned to life and so has Phantes, as well as Callisto's mother and sister, though they want nothing to do with her. Artemis is dead and Aphrodite is still missing. Hera is not so evil and Hercules, well you have to read dual nature two for that one. Now for the story…


Four days after being returned to the real world Xena and Gabrielle entered the Centaur village of the Corinthian Centaurs. Xena was taken aback as she saw Callisto standing near a tree in a blue villager dress. The idea of Callisto in villager clothes again, living in peace was just something completely against all she had ever known about Callisto.

Xena approached as Callisto approached her. Xena stuck out her hand warmly to which Callisto grasped it as if she were grabbing the hand of a friend. Gabrielle, who was beside Xena, was still amazed at how much Callisto had changed. Xena said, "Just passing through, checking on Solan."

Callisto understood what Xena meant. While they were linked in the world of Chaos they couldn't really hide anything from each other. Callisto knew that Solan was Xena's son.

Callisto made direct I contact with Xena as she said, "I'll be watching him closely."

Xena replied with a gentle smile, "Thank you."

Xena and Callisto finished as she went to her son who was playing with ball with some centaurs. Gabrielle however stayed with Callisto.

Gabrielle said holding back, "Wow, you look different."

Callisto cast a wary eye on Gabrielle. Wary because Callisto knew the pain she had caused Gabrielle, "It's because of Xena, and as much I hate to admit it, a little bit Chaos."

Gabrielle did not want a long conversation with the other blonde woman. It wasn't all that long ago when Callisto laughed over the death of her husband. Even though Callisto had talked Gabrielle out of suicide, things were still cordial between them.

Xena finished with Solan and put her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder, which startled the bard as she was already uneasy. Xena said, "Tell Borias to take care." Callisto nodded.

Xena and Gabrielle left the centaur camp on horseback. Xena was glad to have Argo back. She had learned that when Xena, Callisto, and Gabrielle got sucked into the world of Chaos, Joxer who had been left behind had taken it upon himself to take care of Xena's beloved horse.

After visiting the Centaurs and Solan it had been decided to visit the Amazons. All of Gabrielle's tribe had been uprooted by Chaos and Gabrielle had wanted to see how they were doing now that they were back.

It was merely a day's travel to get there, not even that as the Corinthian Centaurs were not far from the amazon tribe.


Upon arriving at the Amazon village, they discovered that the tribe was very subdued. Gabrielle knew that it was because of the death of Artemis. That had affected them deeply, along with the guilt of following the one who murdered her, Velasca.

However, Gabrielle and Xena were received warmly by Ephiny and several other Amazons who went out to greet them. Ephiny said warmly while hugging, "Glad you stopped by."

Gabrielle released her hold on the Amazon woman as she asked, "Who are all these new faces?"

Ephiny winced as she replied, "Perhaps we'd better go inside the tent. I want you to hear this to Xena?"

Xena nodded carefully observing the Amazons facial features. Ephiny signaled with her finger to a dark skinned thirteen year old to join them. The woman quickly motioned towards the tent as Ephiny, Gabrielle and Xena followed along.

Once inside Xena examined with her eyes at the dark skinned woman. She had not seen many Africans in Greece. Though she couldn't help but fondly recall Marcus, who was African and one of those few men that Xena ever felt she loved.

Xena saw strength in the young girl who Xena couldn't even call a woman yet. Xena saw this girl could be a leader one day. Ephiny then said pointing to the dark woman who was barely a teenager, "This is princess Marga of the Thracian Amazons. She can explain better than I can"

Princess Marga said looking at Ephiny warmly, "Thank you Ephiny." She turned her head towards Xena and Gabrielle, "Queen Gabrielle, Xena. I come from as Ephiny said, the Thracian Amazons. When Chaos came a month ago and grabbed you, the Greek Amazons and everything else I was among my sisters in Thrace, we however weren't taken.

Due to the chaos caused by the disappearance of people from all over the world, there was coup in Rome led by Pompey. Pompey with an army of volunteers stormed the senate and the triumvirate, capturing Caesar, Crassus and the Senate.

The senate immediately by force declared Pompey emperor and then Pompey had Caesar and Crassus executed as traitors. However Caesar's right hand, Brutus escaped. While most of the legions of Caesar joined up with Pompey, a small amount of then joined Brutus and left for Thrace.

But that little army would not be enough to challenge Pompey. So he decided that he had to make some money so he can build his army." Xena grimaced as she knew what was about to be said.

Marga continued, "Brutus attacked our tribe at night. He overwhelmed our guards with a very quick strike. We were unable to defend against them at all. The Amazon retreat was sounded but only a few of us made it." Marga had a tear come down her cheek.

Marga said with a voice filled with sadness and mourning, "My adopted mother was beheaded by a sword. My sister, Varia was captured. She is only five. I don't want to imagine what has become of her."

A cold anger came over Xena as she asked, "Where is Brutus now?"

Ephiny answered, "Reports from Centaurs in Macedonia say that Brutus is still encamped in Thrace. Outside Rome's borders." Xena was now both angry and concerned, because Amphipolis is in Thrace.

Xena said with a coldness that shocked Ephiny, "Gabrielle needs a horse. We are going to Thrace and two horses will get there faster. Let's go Gabrielle." Xena got up first but gave Gabrielle a cold stare when she wasn't quick enough. Gabrielle didn't appreciate it but she did not push it as she knew that Xena was very upset.

Marga stood up quickly as she said, "I'm coming too!"

The other three all said in unison, "No you're not!"

Marga demanded angerly, "Why not! They were my family!"

Xena shouted, "I am not taking care of a little girl!"

Marga shouted back getting in Xena's face, "Where do you get off? You're not even an Amazon!" Xena thought of striking her but she stopped herself. She would not attack a child.

Gabrielle intervened saying with power in her voice, "Since your tribe is either missing or dead, I am your legal guardian, which makes me your queen. Therefore I order you to stay here. Listen to Ephiny, she has much she can teach you." Marga wanted to argue with Gabrielle, but she did not as it would be a great disrespect to the queen of the Amazons and Amazon law.

Xena and Gabrielle sat to leave camp, with a brown Palomino that Ephiny had picked out for Gabrielle. Gabrielle was still a bit rough with a horse but the two friends started out going east towards Athens, where they would then round north and make their way towards Thrace.