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Author's Note: As it stands, I love the movie August Rush. Yes it has its inconsistencies, but to me, that doesn't mean anything. If it were a book, I'm sure a lot of those inconsistencies would have been avoided but then we wouldn't have gotten the music that August heard and made to enhance his story. I am a musician. While I may not be a Prodigy or even a professional Musician, I am a Musician nonetheless. It is my hobby and I enjoy nothing more than a good piece of music and an instrument to play it on. Oh also, I was going to use Musical Notes as Line Breaks but the way they have the editor here set up, it automatically cuts out anything cool like that...


August's Étude

Chapter One: Pianissimo

He had always yearned for more. It had become apparent to him that playing for Wizard was not enough. He had wanted to leave even before the cops followed Arthur. Roxanne, had only been the beginning. No matter how many hours his fingertips flew across the frets, nor how strongly he wished for his parents to see him, to be in one of the crowds that gathered around to see and hear the music, it was not going to happen. Roxanne's voice was not powerful enough, at least, not so long as Wizard was in control.

The Church was his salvation, perhaps in a different sense for him than most. Hope was his own personal Angel. He had never seen music written down, never really considered what he could do with a much larger instrument with a much more powerful voice, nor many instruments. Hope had opened up that crucial door for him and for that he was eternally grateful.

Seeing his Parents, standing in the front, hands clasped together as though two parts of a whole, gazing up at the stage in a hazy awe, as though they were fully waking up for the first time, in a long time; That had set him at an ease he had never felt before. Even being told that he would have to wait to live with his parents did nothing to erase that ease. He had found them. He had played and written the Music and they had come. Nothing could take away the joy of knowing for sure, that they were there, and that they wanted him.

Waiting, was an agony that he couldn't wait to pass. His fingers itched for an instrument to play, for an empty music sheet to fill up with the notes of joy and agony that the past days had brought. He improvised with what he had until a visit from his father brought a stack of blank music sheets and a guitar. An Ibanez AES10E to be exact, in black with transparent blue sunburst freshly strung and tuned.

"For now. We'll get ye something with more pizazz when we bring yer home." Louis, no, his Father had said. He didn't care much for the details. He could care less if he had been told that it would be his only guitar for the rest of his life. All that mattered to him was being able to play, to express the music that came from within. He wrote, and strummed with every moment he could get away until finally, he was free, and on his way home in a bright yellow Taxi, his parents flanking his sides, and his guitar safely in the trunk along with the rest of his meager possessions.

It was almost surreal in the way the light peeked through the clouds and shone upon the Row House that he just knew was his new home. It was perfect in every way. Aged brickwork, gleaming windows with white treatments. The double door was a startling blue that called to him, urging him to step forward and he did so, along with his parents, still at his side.

If someone asked him to describe the feelings that surged through him as he walked through the house, he would not have been able to. There were no words that could properly describe his feelings but he had never been good with words anyway. But music... That was a medium in which anything was possible, and came far more easily to him than basic words.

He fought against the urge to let loose the tears of joy that welled up in his eyes. It was all so much to take in that he wasn't sure that this wasn't just a dream that he would wake up from only to find himself back in Walden County or with Wizard.


Lyla had not planned to stay in New York but both she and Louis were now bound there. For the time being, New York Child Protective Services did not want Evan living outside of New York. At least not until every little detail was cleared up. It was going to be a long process, she knew, even with Mr. Jeffreys' help, but at least she and Louis had been able to convince the State to let them have temporary custody for the time being. It helped that they both had quickly found work, and also a house. Marriage was another thing they had considered, but both she and Louis agreed that a proper wedding would be much better than merely eloping and when finally, she and Louis got the confirmation that they could finally bring their son to the home they had painstakingly worked to get ready for their reunion with their son, she had been so overjoyed that she had been unable to sleep that night. Luckily Mr. Jeffries had brought Evan to his NYC office, and they had been able to take a Taxi home.

She had not expected Evan to go about the house so silently, so- Well, she wasn't exactly sure how to describe the way Evan moved around the house for the first time, his fingers lightly brushing across everything but she could see the tears in his soul-bearing blue eyes. Louis too, watched him, holding her hand, waiting for Evan to get a feel for the interior.

Finally the silence was broken, first by Louis.

"Well, how do ya like your new home?" Louis asked, once Evan had finally settled down on the cream colored Sofa to softly brush his hands across the fabric.

"I-I..." Evan paused, looking once more around the living-room and then to gaze adoringly at his parents. "I love it." He said with a small smile and a sniffle. "It's better than I imagined."

"An' what exactly were ya imaginin'? That your Mum and I would make ya live in a tiny apartment where ya couldn't play your Music at night?" Evan just shrugged, and they laughed at the idea, finally banishing any tears away. "Now, are you wanting to stay in here or do you want to spend some nice quality time with your Ma and Da? I know a nice place we could get some lunch."

"Yeah!" The excitement that built up in Evan seemed to flow out and into her own body and Louis' as well and before she knew it they were walking down the street with Evan excitedly skipping along and behaving like a real family for the first time.


A/N2: It's short and sweet, but this is where I leave you for now. August is finally with his parents. You know, If I could get Sims 2 working, I'd build a house just like August's new home. Also, I know I keep referring to Evan as August. I rather like the idea of Evan keeping August as at least a stage name if not more. For some reason I wouldn't mind giving Evan, August as a middle name as well. Tell me what you think.

A/N3: Argh had to edit this due to that I missed one place where I typed August instead of Evan which is what "August's" legal name is at least until he's 100 percent in the custody of Lyla and Louis...