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August's Étude

Chapter Three: Affannoso

Amongst the excitement and awe he had felt earlier in the day as he got to see all the Animals at the Zoo, Evan had sensed something wasn't quite right with his parents. It had been faint, and hardly enough to ruin the outing but the sigh of relief his Mother had let out the moment they'd gotten home, had brought it to the forefront of his mind. Could it be, that his parents were worried that he'd leave? The thought was worse than just mildly disconcerting. It was outright unfathomable thought. He would never ever leave of his own accord. But that brought to mind what could pull him away. He knew his parents were still working things out with Social Services, and that if something went wrong he'd likely find himself back where he had started, but surely that wasn't what had made his Mother and Father so nervous. It couldn't be. He knew occasionally Mr. Jeffries or another Social Worker would come to visit, to see how things were going, but as to why there would be anything to worry about at the Park...

Suddenly it occurred to him. The Park... Wizard... He closed his eyes for a moment, fighting away the feelings that had pulled him out of bed so early that morning. Of course his Parents would worry about Wizard, even if they didn't know much about him, about the time he'd spent on the Streets. Louis knew only a tiny bit as he'd only seen Wizard from afar and Evan hadn't exactly said anything against the red-haired man. But surely there were a lot of questions his Parents wanted answers to, and a lot of fears and worries. He could comprehend that but the fact remained that he wasn't sure what he should tell them, or even if he could bring himself to talk about living with Wizard and the others. A lot of the other kids hadn't escaped the day the Cops had shown up at the theater and those that had... Well, he didn't want to get them in trouble.

To be entirely honest, he wasn't sure he could consider Wizard a kidnapper. Certainly the Man wasn't going to win any awards for his deeds good or bad, but from what he had gathered during his time with the man, the other kids had been there mostly because they had nowhere else to go, and if they did, that place to go wasn't any better than with Wizard. Wizard at least made sure they had clothes and food, He hadn't starved to death, and he was sure that if Wizard hadn't been so blinded by the prospect of money...

Well, perhaps he wasn't quite so sure of that. Wizard was a musician too, and Evan had learned a good bit from the Man, but Maxwell "Wizard" Wallace wasn't quite sane and definitely liked money all too much.

He sighed to himself, and finished putting away the clothes they'd purchased earlier that day. It was nice to get new clothes that were just for him. At the Church, Reverend Jay had certainly made sure he had been well-dressed, in clothes that suited both him and the weather. True, they had been used, but he was sure from the lack of wear, whomever had worn them before had certainly taken care of them.

His parents were downstairs, making dinner and most likely talking, if the faint sounds of voices he could hear through his open door was any indication and before long he wound up in the kitchen archway, upper teeth worrying his lower lip slightly as he stood watching his parents, not quite paying attention to what they were saying as he was absorbed in his own thoughts.

Louis was the first to notice Evan in the doorway watching them with a soft smile gracing his features.

"Done putting things away?"

"Yeah." Evan replied softly, taking a step forward.

"Well, what do ya say to a short walk down the street while the Lasagna bakes? Just you an' me?" He suggested to the boy. "Yer Mum wants to 'ave Ice Cream for Dessert and there's none 'ere?"

"Okay." Evan agreed, his blue eyes seemingly lighting up at the thought.

"Go an' get yer Sweater on then."

It was times like these that Louis could really see himself in Evan. As he and Evan walked along, he watched his Son take in the beauty of the late afternoon. He had to wonder just what Evan was thinking as the boy looked up to the blue sky above, seeming so impossibly young. Any thought of disturbing his quiet son with questions regarding summer activities were banished as he realized that it would ruin the moment.

The Market was an entirely different story. While standing in line to pay for the Ice Cream, another child had been in front of them, with his Mother, whining for a cheap plastic toy that certainly cost far more than it was worth. Evan had clung to him, quietly, staring at the slightly younger boy that screamed like a... Well, Louis wasn't sure how to describe the scream, except that it was definitely hard on the ears, despite being a musician who tended to play amongst loud rambunctious crowds. Certainly the Shop Keeper had been similarly annoyed and when Evan had remained quiet and well-behaved the entire time, the elderly man had offered a free lollipop to Evan.

Certainly, the boy had been a little unsure, looking to him for approval before accepting the treat but Louis had nodded with a reassuring smile. The quiet, 'Thank you, sir." Evan gave the Shopkeep, had been more than enough for the man to respond in kind, welcoming them to come back any time.

Yes, Louis was definitely proud of his Son, whether or not he'd been involved in raising Evan thus far. In fact, he was pretty sure there wasn't much 'raising' involved at all. Lyla had of course, told him about what Evan's previous bunk-mate had said of the other, older boys in their dormitory. It had to be just as much of a miracle that Evan was so mild-mannered as it was that they'd been reunited in such an amazing way. What exactly had it been that had drawn him towards Evan that day in the Park? Certainly he hadn't been the only musician in the park but Evan had seemed so small and sad holding that Gibson J200. In fact, he was sure he'd heard the sound of a Saxophone in the distance just before he'd happened upon Evan, standing against the tree, looking so lost and alone, coaxing such beautiful sounds out of the huge instrument.

He wondered if he would have even noticed the flags for the Concert had Evan not told him of his Concert mere hours beforehand. If he hadn't run into Evan so casually, would things be as they had become? He shook the thought from his head as they neared their home.

Dinner had started off quietly but revealed similar facets of Evan and Louis' personalities that few ever witnessed. Lyla wished she had a camcorder handy in order to document such blatant proof that Evan and Louis were cut from the same cloth. It had all started with asking how the trip to the store went and her son and the love of her life exploded into a descriptive tale of screaming young male banshees and wisened shopkeepers who dished out treats to those who could be surrounded by all sorts of goodies and still keep their composure.

After dinner, and dessert, peace had taken reign once more as Louis began cleaning up after their meal and Lyla and Evan both found themselves in the living room, idly sitting.

"Mum?" Evan had asked at some point, snuggling up to her, blue eyes staring up into her face.

"Yes, Evan?" Lyla smile waned as the troublesome thoughts that had plagued her earlier in the day found themselves at the forefront of her mind once more.

"I won't ever leave you and Da', not even if anyone tried to make me." Evan spoke so softly yet so passionately that Lyla was taken aback, shocked both by the emotion vibrating from his very being, and the mere idea that Evan had somehow figured out exactly what had been bothering her the entire day. It was one thing for Louis, a grown, yet very emotionally sensitive man, to pick up on the distress she felt throughout the day, but for Evan to do so as well... Well, it definitely made her feel as though she was an open book. "I'd never leave. Not even if Mr. Jeffries or Reverend Jay or Wizard or anyone else came to take me away." Evan insisted, his blue gaze seeming to harden. "Not for anything in the world."

Her eyes narrowed suddenly as she silently wondered who this 'Wizard' person was. She knew Mr. Jeffries quite well by now, and had met Reverend Jay a few times before Evan had been allowed to live with them, but she'd never heard of Wizard.

"Wait, Evan, who's Wizard?" She asked, hoping to sound merely curious, rather than as panicky as she really felt in that moment. It was then that Evan's gaze fell to the fabric of his pants, and he mumbled something she couldn't catch. "Evan..." Her mind worked overtime, piecing together the events before the Spring Concert that had brought them together. Evan had almost missed the Concert. Louis had even told her of their chance meeting in the park. Before that, He'd been at the Church under Reverend Jay's careful eye while attending Julliard for the almost 8 months prior to the concert but before that... There was a 6 month gap between the date Evan left the Boys Home and his arrival at the Church. "Evan," She continued slowly. "Is Wizard who you lived with before you came to the church?" Lyla almost missed the slight nod that came before the troubled expression that etched itself on Evan's usually innocent face. It lingered for awhile, while he sat silent, and she had no idea what to say or what to think.

This wasn't the type of topic she was prepared for. She'd gladly trade this topic for any other. Even the birds and the bees would be a less complicated and confusing topic. The cold, hard truth was that her Son had spent about 6 months out somewhere that quite possibly wasn't safe or happy and that there was someone named Wizard that could potentially be a threat to their fragile family and that was the kind of thing that shook a person to one's core and yet, she couldn't bring herself to question Evan any further. Some small, yet logical part of her mind reasoned that if it were her, in Evan's place, that it was the kind of story she would want to tell over time, just as it had been so hard for her to explain just how Evan had wound up a ward of the state, to Louis when she'd had every intention of raising him as a Mother should.

"You don't have to tell me now if you don't want to, Evan. There's no way I would let anyone take you away." She whispered to him, realizing for the first time that she was just on the brink of crying. "You're my son. I lost you once. I will never let that happen ever again."

"I know, Mum." Evan smiled, sadly. "I just didn't want you to worry so much."

"I'll always worry about you, Evan. Even when you've grown up, I'll be worried for you. I can't help myself."She managed to say, her emotions suddenly back into composure. "Even if I could, I'd still worry because you are my Son, and that means I get to worry about you forever."

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