Time for Marly to get what's coming to him.


Maxy's POV.

I whipped around. Demyx was crying. I glared at Xemnas.

"What did you do?" I seethed.

"I didn't do anything."

I turned to look at Marluxia.

"What. Did. You. Do?"

"I simply put things back to the way they were. I merely wanted everything back to normal."

I grabbed Marluxia by the front of his coat and threw him all the way onto his precious flowerbeds. He glared at me as if saying, 'I am going to kill you for what you did to my pretties!'. I laughed in an insane manner. Throwing several sharp blades at him, I began to step towards the crushed flowerbeds and the man cowering on them. He deflected them and I laughed again.

"What's so funny?"

"I've wanted to witness you die for years. It's what kept me going in Never Never Land. Axel told me that it was a great motive to keep living."

"That's a bit sadistic." Xemnas remarked from behind me.

"Don't say that like you haven't thought the same thing about all of us, Superior." I smirked.

"Didn't you piss off the wrong gypsies or something and get yourself cursed? Don't you pass that whole, 'I can't die' side effects onto people who try to save your life?"

"Humph! Like you'd know how it feels!"

"Shut up."

I put my hand on Marly's forehead, the hidden blade protruding into his skull.

"Bye bye, Marluxia." I laughed.

"Thanks, Max."

"No problem. That bastard deserved it." I glared at the darkening figure lying on the grass.

"Larxene'll be livid when she finds out."

"Whatever. Same old, same old. Let's just move on with our lives."


We went inside of the buildings in Castle Oblivion and just sat around, watching TV and drinking Pepsi.