Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here. ( two years? seriously? ) And I'm absolutely amazed to see people still commenting on this story. It actually... does make me half-tempted to finish this, even if I've completely lost my muse and passion for Fable 3. But that can always change - and maybe I will finish this, one day. Some of the comments have been making me want to do so.

I guess I just wanted to express that I'm still here, that I'm alive - the comments of some of you have been concerned for me, so I wanted to say that I'm here. I've actually abandoned entirely - and I've had a RP blog on tumblr for a while. I don't think that many people would actually... care, since it has been so long since this has been updated at all.

But - the comments are causing me to consider finishing Avarice. I've grown a lot, writing-wise, in the past two years... and, frankly, I'm not as proud of Avarice as I used to be - but why not? It's just two chapters, it's completion, it's finality to something left open-ended.

To everyone who's given up hope - don't. I am genuinely considering finishing this. Maybe I'll sit down one day, and write up what's left.

Thank you.