Author's note: Yay! My first I robot fanfic. I'm so excited. For those of you who love romances, this story is just right for you. I hope this is half as good as it is in my mind. Everyone has their own version of a perfect fanfiction. For some it's not the same as others. This is my story. This story is about Sonny's new owner after the movie. She is a young girl about the age of eighteen. It has a few moments of suspense, and a few parts of sadness. Most likely will not turn into an M rated fanfic. For now I'll keep it T rated. Well, however the wind blows this fanfiction, we'll see. I will be using a refferance of Sonny as a "he" not an "it". As far as I know, he is a charecter in my mind. Enjoy, and happy reading. Please review if you do not mind.

Sonny stared out the window of USR. He was in Dr. Calvin's office, which used to be Lawrence Robertson's. She was now the president of USR, and had set things normal, or at least close to normal after the whole revolution. Sonny watched the streets, carefully. Dr. Calvin kept an eye on him, ever since the revolution. Sonny stared down at the streets. Each human walking through the streets of Chicago. Dogs walked by the old NS-4s. NS-4s picking up trash cans, emptying them into garbage trucks. Humans smiling to the NS-4s, as a sign of job well done. Would he ever be able to help humanity like his model was designed to do? The thought of not having a family drove him mad. Sure, he was made for emotions, and to stop V.I.K.I., but what of his world now? He glanced over to Dr. Calvin.

"Dr. Calvin. Do you think that if I could, I could go to a household? Be bought by someone? Nothing would be better for me than to help in a household." He said straight forward. His blue eyes sparkled a bit. This was not surprising to Dr. Calvin. It was in the robot's wiring to help people. In his model type anyway.

She raised an eyebrow. A few papers were being cleared in her office. She shrugged as she was moving quickly around, tidying up the papers. "Perhaps. But, then again, it would be sort of difficult, finding your model type a home. After all, your kind were all sent out of the city, so who knows who would accept you." She said her voice sounding flustered. "Now, please help me clean my office. Detective Spooner will be here any minute." She panted as she was trying to clean up the room.

He obliged, and helped her pick up the papers, amung the rest of the things scattered about. "Yes, Doctor." He took a few pieces of trash, that no longer were needed. Amung her many things, he found a picture of Dr. Lanning. That was quite strange. She never really kept very many pictures in her office. Quickly scanning the details of the picture, he started taking in the information of the photograph. In the picture, Dr. Lanning was wearing a surgeons outfit. It was a mint green color. He was smiling happily, along with a young girl. She looked about the age of five, maybe even older. The picture looked old, and very tattered. Dr. Lanning looked more youthfull than he did when he died. It must have been a long time ago. The girl in the photo was wearing a hospital gown. She was looking at the camera with a big smile on her face. She was being given a piggyback ride by Dr. Lanning. This mysterious young girl had cherry red hair, that was rather limp and straight, and very long. Along with that she had green eyes. They seemed a bit big in proportion to her face. They seemed almost doe like. Freckles dusted her face. Her skin was ghostly, and white. Not the healthiest color. It reminded him of his own white aloy. On the back of the photo, there was no date, or words, so he had no clue how old it was. He put it on the desk in the center. Perhaps later he would ask about it.

In no time, the whole room was cleaned, and spotless. Spooner arrived, right on the clock. He came in, and had coffee. The two had been speaking about meaningless nothings, and joking about with each other. Sonny had not really paid attention to what they were talking about. He was too busy thinking about a suitable home. There had to be somebody in the world that he could help. Somebody to accept him for who he was. Spooner had chuckled at something silly Dr. Calvin had said. He had brought the cup of coffee up to his lips, and was about to take a sip. Suddenly he spotted the picture on the desk, that Sonny had put there. Smiling he had put his cup down, and got up, taking long strides over to the desk.

"Hey, I was wondering where I left this. Where did you find this?" He held it up to Dr. Calvin. His face was one of confusion. She got up out of her chair, and walked over to the photograph. He handed it to her, and she studied it. She could never forget Dr. Lannings face, but the little girl was mysterious to her.

"I didn't even know this was here. This picture belongs to you?" She asked.

He nodded. "Yeah. It must've fallen out of my wallet one day." She handed him the photograph, and he tucked it into the wallet. As he walked back to his chair, he noticed Sonny's face. He was definitely troubled as Spooner could see. His arms were resting on his knees, and his eyes looked down. For a robot, he sure knew how to look sad. Walking over to Sonny, he laid a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, Sonny. What's eating you, man?" He asked, smiling. Hopefully the smile would be returned. Unfortunately it wasn't.

Sighing with a bit of grief in is voice, he stood up. Once again, he made his way towards the window. A finger motioned Detective Spooner to come closer. Spooner walked towards the window. Sonny held his palm open, and waved it near the window, showing that he was staring down at the city. "Detective Spooner. Look out at the city. What is it that you see?" Spooner looked out the window closely. He saw many things, and didn't exactly know what he was looking for. He shook his head slowly, not exactly knowing what to use as an answer. Quickly he glanced around.

"Uhhh, I see two little boys eating a lollipop, a teenager talking on the phone, and a very attractive woman slapping some dumb ass dude, who was most likely trying to use some lame pick up line on her." He laughed. Dr. Calvin chuckled a bit at Spooner's joke.

Sonny smiled at Spooner's jokes. Still the purpose of the question was not to find humor in this. Not getting rid of his smile, he returned to the window. "That is not what I see. You see people in everyday life. Though I see something beyond that. Something amung each of those people. What if those two little boys could not reach those pieces of candy at the store? Perhaps that teenager had to run back to the house to get that phone. What if I could have helped that girl in getting rid of that man? You see a world in motion. That is not what I see. I see oppourtunity. An oppourtunity to help the world. I was made for that purpose. Do you see what I mean by that Detective?"

Spooner stared at him for a moment. He turned back to the window, and nodded. "I understand, perfectly." He then got his wallet out of his pocket, and stared at it. He did not open it, but merely stared at it. "What if I told you, that I could find you a human to take care of? One that is nice. One that is will give you a home. One that always cares about others." Sonny stared at him quickly. The thought of this was interresting. "I have a very close friend. She is about eighteen years old. She works in a small book store. Sometimes she has trouble when it comes to walking around. Since she lives alone, I think it would be rather nice to to have someone to talk to, and to help her, be she in any trouble." Sonny was listening. "You wanna meet her? She is a really considerate person. She loves to read alot of books, and go to church. I think you would make a really nice robot for her. What's better is she lives right here in Chicago."

Sonny was excited. He thought this would be a grand idea. A chance to coexist within a family, even if it were a small family. What was better was that he would never be too far away from detective Spooner, and Dr. Calvin had he ever needed their help. He stood there smiling. "I would like that very much. Tell me what is her name?"

Spooner smiled. "Her name is Tiffany. I think that in view of this situation, you'll make a great friend for her." Sonny smiled. He felt his wires getting warm, for he would get to meet this Tiffany, and make her life so much better. Was she interesting? Distinguishing? "I'll ring her up." He took out his phone, and pressed a button. Slowly he started pacing the floor. "Hey, Gigi. It's me . . . Yeah. It's great talking to you too. Listen, you know Tiffany's number right? . . . Oh, she's at your house? . . . Well, do you mind if I could talk to her for a sec?" He winked at Sonny, and waited for a little moment. "Hello . . . Hey, Tiffany! . . . I'm doing just fine. How you doing? . . . Oh, really. I'm sorry to hear that. Hey listen, uhhhhh . . . do you like surprises?" He turned to Sonny, and raised his eyebrows. A small smile flit across his face. "Really? You do? . . . No, it's not a bad surprise. . . . I have a special gift for you. . . . No, no. I can't tell you what it is. . . . I'll show you tomorrow. . . . Be at gigi's house tomorrow at ten . . . You're welcome. . . . Alright, bye. . . . "

He clicked the button on his earphone, and put it in his pocket. He nodded to Sonny. "Well, Sonny, you're in luck. She's gonna meet you tomorrow."

Sonny looked delighted. "Do you think she'll show up?" He asked thinking of what she must have looked like. "I am so nervous."

Spooner made raspberry noises, as if that was rediculous. "Don't act nervous. She's much shyer than any person I have ever met in my life. If anything, she'll be the nervous one." He got up out of his chair, and took the last sips of his coffee. "I met her when she was just a little girl, so she'll trust me." With that he grabbed his jacket, and made his way to the door. "I'll give you a ride tomorrow if you need one." He dissappeared into the building. Only Dr. Calvin and himself were in the room.

That night, Dr. Calvin had left the building. She was closing everything down. Sonny watched as she reached for her key, in her pocket. Before she left, one final question was asked. "Dr. Calvin. Do you think that Tiffany will like me?"

"Well, she's a friend of Detective Spooner, so there is a small chance she might not. Then again, robots are a normal part of life, so how could she not want you?"