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I Can't Take You Seriously

Her eyes glared at him. "Six, Rex is just a kid! He doesn't know what to do right and wrong! A teenager with the maturity level of a ten-year-old doesn't give you the right to lock him up in his room for letting Circe and Breach go!" Holiday reached up and fingered the bun that held up her long, dark hair. "He's just a kid, Six. Kids need to learn, but not like that."

Six just stared at her through his dark, tinted sunglasses. "I'll teach him how I like."

"Six!" Holiday stepped closer to him, angrily staring at him through narrowed eyes. She poked a finger into his surprisingly warm and brawny chest while demanding, "You have to go let him out."

A scowl touched Six's pale, emotionless features. "No."

"We're practically raising him together," she pointed out harshly. Holiday stared at him, her eyes now made into thin slits that could shoot fire if she wanted to at that point. "He's the one who has saved you way too many times to be punished now. You ought to give him a break just this once! He has his reasons for releasing those two."

"Because he feels women are weaker."

"We're so not," hissed Holiday. "We may not be as strong or fast or anything, but we're not weaker." Her voice had turned feral in mere moments and her rage boiled in her veins.

"He's staying in his room."

"Let him out before he does something stupid! He could break something important or hurt himself or worse." Her motherly instincts had kicked in to defend Rex's noble actions of freeing the girls.

"Why are you questioning me?" he asked, knowing there had to be an alterior motive to her sudden actions being taken against him.

"To be brutally honest," she said, "I can't take you seriously with your glasses taped up like that. You're like the nerdy kid that was always the teacher's pet back in fourth grade." A smile touched her features as she backed off of him a little bit. "You've got the duct tape right in the middle... It's hilarious."

In the most recent battle, Six had done a faceplant into the sidewalk of some town down in the heart of Mexico. And his glasses had been smashed right in the middle, the nose part shattered. And he had taken duct tape to fix them before he went back into battle. He was lucky they had been fighting right outside of a hardware store.

And no one had seen his eyes.

He was glaring at her, but she couldn't tell. His dark shades prevented anyone to see the emotions his eyes betrayed. That was why he wore them. His eyes were the portals to his soul.

"The only difference between you and the nerdy kid was that he was fat and didn't wear a suit or carry swords." Holiday was now grinning wildly at the green-suited man that stood before her. Her own eyes sparkled, showing her amusement with the whole thing. "But really, go get those fixed or something."

Six grunted as he turned on his heels and headed off.

"I just can't take you seriously," laughed Holiday as she called after him.

Only later did she realize that the reason Rex was really in his room was because he had also poked fun at Six's sunglasses being taped up so ridiculously. The only reason Six didn't do the same to Holiday was because he couldn't due to her being his superior. And because he didn't know where her room was.

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