It's been almost 9 months since Edward left.

It's been almost 3 months that I started dating Jacob.

It's been 2 months that he has been abusing me.

I took it all. Every curse, every beating. After Charlie died, Jacob lost his temper a lot. I couldn't do anything without Jacob finding out from his goddamn sources.

I still am Edward's Bella. I always will be his Bella.

I jumped at the sound of the bed shaking with the force of Jacob's weight.

"Miss me, baby?" He asked.

I didn't reply.

"Answer me, bitch!" He said.

"Of course not." I said.

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN!" He yelled. He pinned my arms above my head.

"LEAVE ME!" I yelled.

"I thought she said to leave her, you son of a bitch." I heard a velvety voice say.

"What the hell are you doing back here, bloodsucker?" Jacob asked.

I looked to see my love, my Adonis, my Edward.

"I swear to God, mutt, if there's so as much as even a scratch on her, your father and the wolves have a funeral to prepare." Edward threatened.

"She's mine now. I'm free to do whatever I wish to her." Jacob laughed.

In his moment of distraction, I jumped off the bed and ran to hide behind Edward. I tripped and fell though.
I heard a fight around me and within a moment Jacob lay lifeless on the ground.

"Edward." I repeated over and over again, his embrace comforting me.

"Bella, my sweet love, I lied that day in the woods. I have never stopped loving you." He said, kissing every inch of my face.

I cried, foolishly to anyone else, but within reason to me. It had been too long since Edward and I had held each other, the way we did right now.

"I love you Edward." I sobbed out.

"I love you too, Bella." He pressed his lips to mine.

Sam walked into the room.

"What happened here, Bella?" He asked.

I told him the whole story.

"You did the right thing, Cullen. We'll take it from here." Sam said, smiling.

I twisted out of Edward's arms and walked up to Sam.

"Thank you for listening when I told you the truth 2 months ago. I know I've been a huge burden and after this, you don't have to see me again. Tell Emily I said thanks." I said.

Sam put a hand on my head and smiled.

"You've been no burden to us, Bella. I understand the meaning of true love and this bastard didn't love you the way Edward does. I want you to know that if Cullen decides to turn you, you have the pack's full support. Tell your family that there is no more treaty, Cullen. Come and go on our lands as you wish." Sam looked at me and Edward.

"Thank you, Sam." Edward said.

"Thanks so much." I said.

Jacob's body was soon cleaned up and there was nothing but the smell of bleach and Edward's honey scent.

I was in Paradise with Jacob gone and me in Edward's arms. I could only hope he wasn't lying again.