Chapter 20

"Nuh ah! No way you're taking my car!" Cyborg protested as Wize walk down the corridors of the towers with Cyborg in direct persuit." Fine ill take the T ship it will faster."

"Do you even know how to drive a jet powered ship with hyper sonic capabilities?" Cyborg crossed his arms as if making a sound point in which he indeed made." Nope. But consider this." Wize said as he wrestled his outfits coat over his shoulders then grabbed the keys to the ship hanging off a hook wrack on the wall of the Towers hanger." Shut up." He finished as he jumped in the main helm of the ship tossing his bag behind the chair." You need at least three people to pilot the ship!" cyborg yelled as Wize began powering up the engine." WHAT? What kind of design flaw is that!?"

"hey don't be dissing my design!" Cyborg retorted.

"what the fuck kinda of useful design is not being able to pilot this alone, what if we needed to escape by ship!" Wize responded back." Raven can teleport, Beast boy can turn into a roach, Terra can dig her way out, I got my car, and Robin is fucking Robin why the hell would we use the ship?"

"cause it would be cooler to blast out with the ship and where am I in that list?"

" im hoping buried with the tower." With that Wize responded with aq very itchy middle finger as Raven and Terra walk into the hanger with traveling bags as well. "Oh NO I already told you im going alone!" he said pointing discriminately at Raven." Well unless you plan on walking all the way to bum fuck nowhere then yes we are." Raven waved off Wize's protest as she and Terra climbed in their respective spots in the T ship." Yeah where are we going?" Terra ask only to receive a tired sigh from wize as the glass over the helm closed shut in each pod." Well we are going to small town called Antwerp in New york. Its where our family settled down to colonize America after fleeing the catholic church and everyone else who wanted a piece of us. Not to mention Napoleon and the Prussians."

"and you lost me with the history lesson." Terra replied as the hanger door slid open." And you lost me at Shut up."

"Smooth comeback there." Raven chimed in as the engines began to power on." This is gonna be a long ass trip. Good thing I packed a red bull…" after saying that Wize looked down to see Cyborg sipping up a large can that looked like red bull while giving Wize the finger. He then looked at his duffle bag and saw his liquid refreshment missing." Why does everyone hate me." With that he hit the ignition button blasting the ship out of the hanger. Looking down again they saw cyborg with his plates covered in sooth and seem to be coughing aggressively." Tis a mystery indeed." Raven said sarcastically hearing Wize laughing mischievously over the microphone. The next 30 minutes were that of silence; a very uncomfortable silence broken only by sighs and yawning finally one spoke." So what exactly did you remember?" Raven asks looking towards Wize concentrating on the flight path ahead of him." Nothing. It wasn't a memory per say. That thing in my mind. It spoke to me, and told me where to go."

"what was that thing anyway." Raven questioned remembering the figure on the throne of the temple." I don't know, but I what I do know is that it's the very reason why im still alive." Wize answered with a yawn." What do you mean?" Terra now piped up to join the conversation to banish her boredom.

"well before I joined the Titans, I was on a vendetta…"

(flash back)

"No!" the young Darren yelled as he looked upon the lifeless face of his father across the flames of a large church set a flamed by yet another familiar face. His brother; or at the very least who used to be before he was taken over by a fallen watcher." Darren!" another man said spotting our young friend trapped underneath a flaming pillar. As the man reach for him a sharp piece of plié wood suddenly impaled his chest courtesy of the dark one zell. As the man collapsed dead infront of Darren something pulsed in his viens and it wasn't just blood. It was fury. Darren with a roar suddenly pushed the pillar off himself the flames seemed to ignore him as he walked aggressively towards the fallen angel. When he reached a certain distance he saw his father lifeless in the angel's hands bloody and beaten, that's when his memory got alittle hazy he woke up outside the church with a sword in his hands surrounded by five individuals who he couldn't make out any but one." Darren please wake up!" a soft voice sobbed as he blacked again. He awoke several hours later to the same voice uttering a prayer." Please lord, help him out of this darkness." She prayed softly over the dim lighted room her black hair elegant and long." Lilith?" she then looked down at him with surprise in her eyes." Darren your awake!" she turned her head to an entrance to another room." Victor! He's awake, come quick!" he said placing her hands gently over his head gingerly. He still felt warm, but then again he did just survive a fire. They both then notice a man wearing the family outfit and plates though his left sleeve was ripped off with a giant metal mechanical arms exposed." Victor!" Darren shot up feeling a sharp pain in his side. He looked down and saw a large swollen bruise running down his right row of ribs." God, what hit me…" he laid back down to ease his pain, he then felt Lilith's gentle touch on his hand. Victor then took a seat next to Lilith to look Darren in the eyes." How much do you remember?"

"what do you mean? I remember…no…" he then began to recollect everything that happen. His brother had taken the army of the soulless dead, and the church on fire with his father facing down the devil that took his brother. The most vivid thing he remember is his father bleeding out , surrounded by fire with his now possessed brother standing over him grinning." No…" tears welled up in his eyes." Afraid so… we found you outside the church as it collapsed. Most of the rest of the tribes were routed. We regrouped in our forest base. The town is in shambles."

"That's enough Victor!" Lilith yelled causing him to notice Darren shaking vilantly taking shallow breaths." Whoa kid calm down!" being sensitive was not victors forte, especially when it came to dealing with the young . it took a while but Darren eventually found his zen and was able to listen to Victors report though he sugar coated to keep Darren from passing out again." I think im going to be sick…" oh and indeed he was. All over victors boots, too much sugar coating probably." God Darren really! You get any of that in the can?!" Lilith held out an empty trash can." Nope." She said cover her nose from the smell. After cleaning up he took a look at Darren's injuries." Well that explains it." He said as he turned to look for something." Explain what I feel like a car hit me."

" Darren…the last time I law your wounds your rips looked like the chips you find at the bottom of the bag, not to mention-" she pulled off the blanket covering the lower half of his body, unfortunately for both Darren and Victor, he wasn't wearing his boxers at the moment." Lilith what the hell!" she gave him a lazy stare then slapped the old scabbed wound on his leg." A few hours ago this had a 6 inch larch splinter of wood sticking out of it. Now it just looks like an old scar."

"No way, feels like its been days." Darren pulled away skeptically." Actually its only been 12 hours sense the attack." Victor corrected." So what?"

" you dense, idiot. Its impossible to heal that fast." Lilith trimmed in. this caused Darren to sit quietly before looking down at his hands. He thought on what happen at the church. As the memories flouded his mind his hand glowed a blue hew light. Victor then approach placing a comforting hand on Darrens shoulder. The light then surrounded his body as he sobbed harshly as the light now lowed the color of fire." Ill Tear him apart…."

(end of flashback)

the ship then halted over a woodland area near a small town to the north of them." This should be far enough." WIze said as he began landing the ship gently in small secluded area in the woods." Why here?" terra questioned as the engines come to a halt.

" Let's just say I have an uneasy feeling."