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Not One Of His Men

By Waterrain

Quotes From Episode 12

But me. Why am I on your team?

Because you are one of my men.

Who says? I am Gu Yong Ha. I don't intend to be anyone's person in the future either. There is only one way if you wish to keep me by your side. You have to keep me entertained. Right now you are boring.

I clenched my fist and my pulse was still racing a little for In-Soo's words of 'You are one of my men' it made me feel a bit upset. I do not belong to him and I'm not anyone's property. I managed to for the most part stay calm, I sighed heavily, and then shook my head clearing out those words.

"It does not matter for I will not play in this game." I said smoothly to myself and I'm positive that Moon Jae Shin will be alright, but yet I feel worried at the same time. I pinched my cheeks and forced myself to smile for nothing comes from worrying. I laid down on my floor and covered myself up with my blanket.

I closed my eyes, but found myself unable to quickly for those words 'You are one of my men' floated into my mind and I groaned in frustration for is this some kind of punishment. I rolled onto my stomach and I had my hands under my chin.

"I'm Gu Yong Ha." I muttered to myself and then rolled onto my back. "I'm not going to let a mere six words get the best of me."

I determinedly closed my eyes, but those annoying six words came back and I clenched my fists. I sighed deeply and then thought about Geol Oh my dear friend. I instantly felt relaxed and to be honest the one whom I shall always side with is Moon Jae Shin the one who I have known for ten years. I know him more than he knows himself and I smiled to myself fondly.

Those words vanished from my mind and they were replaced by Geol Oh's words.

Don't make that kind of face. It doesn't suit you.

I smiled brightly to myself and In-Soo's words were just a mere memory.

You're laughing. How is that everything is a joke to you? Is everything easy and fun to you? If anything happens, then you..Should brace yourself.

I closed my eyes, I chuckled to myself, and shook my head while grinning.

Go to sleep, sleep. Don't make a habit out of sleeping with your eyes open and talking in sleep.

My head was on my pillow, I held one with my right arm, and that was when I fell asleep with ease. A smile on my lips and I was at ease with the world. Even when my friend is not with me physically, I can remember him mentally, and feel comforted although at the moment I'm alone, but when morning comes I will certainly pay Geol Oh a little visit. I'm not one of In-Soo's men or anyone else's. Although to be honest I'm Geol Oh's man through and through, the one and only man on his side, and it makes me feel rather special.

Ah, Geol Oh is lucky to have me by his side just as I'm lucky to have him by my side and I'm sure if my friend knew what In-Soo had said to me today. In my dreams I had a lot of fun picturing my dear friend beating In-Soo up and it made me feel a lot better. I couldn't stop smiling and rolling all about my room.

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