The Inseparable Ones

Author: The Passionate Admiral

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Do I look like J.K. Rowling to you? And if that's not good enough, I'll just say- er, type- it: I do not own Harry Potter; just this story.

Plot: This is a sequel to my first Harry Potter story "Closer Together." To recap, Harry and Hermione had a baby on Valentine's Day, and named him James Cedric "Jimmy" Potter. Before that, Harry and Hermione made a pledge that they would get married someday in the future. They also managed to find a way to raise their son at Hogwarts together. This will open up right after the baby's birth. (I apologize if this first chapter seems kind of awkward and/or ambiguous; I've been very busy ever since I last updated a story. I promise that the future chapters of this story will not be so vague.)

The excitement over James Cedric's birth was anything but short-lived. In fact, for the rest of February, it was the talk of the school. Countless people had come up to Harry and told him congratulations. Several others had visited Hermione in the Hospital Wing and asked to see Jimmy. Since Hermione had been confined to the Hospital Wing for two weeks to recover from the birthing process, she was taking care of him in the hospital wing for the first two weeks after his birth. She found that taking care of a newborn was more than just a little difficult, but Harry was with her almost every moment when his classes were not in session.

Hermione felt somewhat annoyed by how many people to visit her and see the baby came each day, but decided to let them see her newborn son. Hermione had asked Madam Pomfrey to only allow each of her visitors ten minutes at most to visit her. Certainly, with regards to her personality, she may have been an average teenage student at Hogwarts, but her maternal instincts possessed her with a yearning to spend most of her time either alone with Jimmy or alone with Jimmy and Harry.

Harry had been worried that the whole scandal of Hermione's pregnancy would damage both of their reputations around the school. To the contrary, the matter had actually enhanced their images. A lot of people respected both him and Hermione for accepting the responsibility all those months ago. It was then that the two of them realized that they had their friends' support for real.

Harry and Hermione had established a schedule for the two weeks the latter was confined to the Hospital Wing. Every morning, he would wake up, get some breakfast, and bring the food to the hospital wing. The two of them would eat together and then Harry would get ready for his classes. Hermione would take care of Jimmy by herself whenever Harry was not around. Harry spent the majority of his free time with the two of them. He wanted his son to have the good life; the life he was deprived of by Voldemort.

Finally, on the last day of February, Hermione was released from the Hospital Wing. She took Jimmy in her arms. He was sound asleep and wrapped up in a blanket as the two of them left. Hermione sighed to herself and thought to herself Well, here goes nothing. Then she stepped out of the Hospital Wing and back into her academic life.