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Chapter One

I had never counted on feeling lonely. When you have great friends, a loving boyfriend, and an awesome family, you expect everything to continue normally. It's strange to have your life turned upside down, where you begin to question your entire being. It happens to everyone eventually, but that doesn't mean I wasn't shocked when it happened to me.

The life of Bella Swan was normal and plain. There wasn't ever any surprising event that occurred outside the norm. A broken bone here and there was expected from a klutz, and was the most exciting thing that ever happened, besides having a quite popular boy ask me out. I had been with Edward Cullen for eight months, and everything was going smooth. He respected my wishes and never forced me into something I didn't want. I really liked him, and wished my feelings would turn into love, but I knew it wouldn't. I would always be comfortable with him, but never in love.

My friends were very mismatched. I had quiet and reserved friends like Angela Weber and Ben Cheney. I also had conceited friends like Jessica Stanley and Jacob Black. Then I had friends like Edward's brother, Emmett, who was boisterous and popular because he played sports, with a jaw dropping girlfriend named Rosalie Hale. There were also a few that hung around but I didn't associate with very much. I was surrounded with a variety of personalities that didn't quite match my own.

I really didn't have a grasp on myself. My interests varied as much as my friends. My personality was nearly impossible to describe. I guess I just hadn't found the person who could bring out the best – and worst – in me. I would have to wait to truly discover myself until I found that person.

My school year was uneventful up until a chilly day in early December. I had a foreign excitement gnawing at my stomach, which I decided was caused by the snow. Snowflakes were falling like giant cotton balls, sticking to the ground. The snow always held a magical look, and had captivated me since I was a child.

Today, there would be a new arrival at Forks High, and the town had been buzzing about it for weeks. Gregory and Mary Brandon, along with their daughter, were returning to Forks after leaving when their daughter, Alice, was one. Gregory's parents were ecstatic and told anyone who would listen that their son was finally coming home. His daughter was my age, so I would probably have her in at least one of my classes. What a joy! I hate introducing myself to people. I hurriedly changed and ate before leaving for school.

Edward was waiting for me, leaning against his silver Volvo. He was wearing one of those hats with ear flaps and a tuft of messy bronze hair was sticking out the front. I had no idea how I had ever landed such a handsome boyfriend. He had high cheekbones, wide electric blue eyes, an angular nose, a wide jaw, and symmetrical lips. His muscular, yet lanky body, was covered by his Letterman jacket. Edward played wide receiver for the high school football team. Emmett convinced him to try out when he snagged quarterback and captain of the team. Edward and Emmett were both extremely talented at sports, and excelled in school. I guess that's the benefit of having an athletic doctor as a father.

I stumbled out the door, making sure I didn't slip on a sheet of ice. "Hello, beautiful," Edward said, pulling me into a hug. "I've missed you," he whispered.

"Missed you, too," I mumbled, not flattered by his compliment. He was always throwing around compliments like they were nothing, which made me believe I wasn't beautiful. I hated looking so plain next to Edward. He deserved better than me.

We rode to school in silence, with our hands intertwined over the gearshift. Edward's car was freezing due to the weather. I picked a bad day to only wear a white v-neck t-shirt with a black hoodie over it with a pair of ripped up skinny jeans. But at least my ears weren't falling off, as I was wearing a black beanie. I tend to dress for comfort, but comfort failed me today.

We exited the car and went over to where Emmett and a gang of football goons were standing. Mostly all of them had a peppy girl attached to their arm, except for Jasper Hale, Rosalie's twin brother. He was popular, and had an air of confidence around him. I always assumed he believed that he was too good to date any of the girls at the school.

"Did the new girl arrive yet?" Edward asked as we approached. I was interested, too, but I knew I would see her in due time.

"Not yet. I hope she's hot, though," Emmett said, earning a smack from Rosalie. "Come on, baby. You know no one is as hot as you," he said desperately. I bet he was just nervous that he wouldn't get any. Everyone chuckled, minus me and Jasper. I could tell that he was uncomfortable with the fact that his sister was sexually active. Although they were twins, Jasper acted like a big brother.

Class was starting soon and I pecked Edward on the cheek before heading off to English. The new girl wasn't in any of my morning classes, so I would have to wait until lunch to see her. What could I say? Forks hardly ever had anything exciting happen, and a new kid was pretty damn interesting.

Edward was already sitting at Emmett's table when I got to lunch. My Spanish class was held back for a few minutes. I wasn't up for the sex jokes Emmett would throw my way, so I went over to sit with Angela and Ben, who were at their own table. Angela refused to sit at her usual table after having a nasty break-up with Eric, who sits there. "Hey Bella," Angela said, looking up from a book she was reading. Ben didn't acknowledge my presence, as he had a comic book up to his nose.

"Hey Ange," I said, taking the seat next to her. "How was class?" I knew Angela would mention if the new girl, Alice, was in any of her classes in response to my question.

"Kind of boring. Alice Brandon's in my Trig class, though, so that was kind of interesting," she replied.

"Really? Was she very nice?" I let my curiosity shine through.

"Yeah, she was. She sat by me, and we exchanged names. That was when Jessica sat down and started bombarding the poor girl with questions. I was going to ask her if she wanted to sit with us, but Jess beat me to the punch. Attention seeking whore," Angela muttered. Jessica played a role in the break-up, and Angela never forgave her. "Mike and Eric will have a field day, though. She's super pretty, so we'll see them frothing at the mouth when she sits with them," she joked halfheartedly. Eric continued to bother her, though she would swear that she hated him.

"Mike wants anything on two legs, Ange. Eric's just lonely 'cause he lost you. He should be, too," I said encouragingly. Eric hadn't had a girlfriend since Angela broke up with him, so it served him right for cheating.

"Now look whose reaping the rewards," Ben looked up with a smirk. He was cute in a nerdy way. Angela smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss. I never felt overly special by being with Edward. Sure, he's gorgeous, but his personality was always lacking. Was his jealousy supposed to make me feel special? It didn't. I felt like I was being controlled, which isn't something I liked. Did Edward really believe I would ever go with Mike? "Is that the new girl, Ange?" Ben asked, gazing at the entrance to the cafeteria.

"Yeah, that's her," Angela said, looking over. I turned my gaze to see the town's most talked about girl. Upon seeing her, I breathing hitched. Angela's description of her being "super pretty" was practically an insult. Alice was even more beautiful than Rosalie. That was an amazing feat within itself. She had short, spiky black hair. She was skinny and slender, but she had all the right curves in all the right places. Her face was the definition of beauty. Vibrant green eyes flitted around nervously. She had a slightly upturned nose, high cheekbones, and plump, shell pink lips. She was dressed as if she was trying to blend in. She was wearing a pale blue t-shirt that clung to her body and a pair of tight-fitting jeans. However plain her clothes were, she managed to make it look like it belonged on a runway. The sight of her caused a wave of want to crash over me. Wait... I wanted her? She walked with elegance and grace alongside Jessica, making her look completely uncoordinated.

"Bella? Did you hear me?" Angela questioned, causing me to rip my gaze away from the girl.

"Sorry, I didn't. What did you say?"

"I said she's pretty, isn't she? She's smart, too. Mr. Varner asked her a question in Trig and she got it right. I didn't even know the answer," There was a bitter undertone to her voice. Angela was a shoo-in for next year's valedictorian, and didn't seem to like the fact that she had a possible competition.

"Y-yeah. She's really pretty," I mumbled. I pulled out my Biology homework that had to be finished for next period. I hadn't gotten around to it this weekend. Neither Angela or Ben interrupted me for the rest of lunch, of which I was glad because this feeling I had was scaring me. I wanted another girl? I desperately hoped that Alice wasn't in Biology or Gym with me. I didn't know how I would respond if she was.

The bell signalling the end of lunch sounded. I kept my fingers crossed on the way to Biology. When I arrived, most of the class was already there and the lab table I had to myself remained empty. I let out a sigh of relief and went to sit down. However, my relief was short lived as Mike Newton stumbled into the classroom, nearly drooling, with Alice at his side. She glided over to Mr. Banner, who mumbled a welcome. He scanned the classroom for a free seat and noticed the only one next to me.

"Ah, Ms. Brandon, you can take a seat next to Isabella. Ms. Swan, please raise your hand," he said politely. Reluctantly, I raised my hand. She caught sight of me and danced over.

This was just great. I had Alice Brandon, who had me questioning my entire being – or less drastically, my orientation – sitting next to me for the next hour. I guess life can only get better from here... or so I hoped.

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