It was her first day of school and as luck would have it she was running late. Trying her hardest to not trip over her feet she ran down the street. Finally the school was now in her sight and the gates were there! Only a little bit more. Ding Dong. She stopped in her tracks. She was now officially late. She was 16 year old Hinata Hyuuga, and she was late on her first day of school. She sighed and decided to walk past the gates and up to her class. If she could remember where it was exactly.

She must have been walking around for a good 10 minutes now with no sight of her class number anywhere! Deciding to head back to the office for some help she took the stairs but to see someone sitting against the wall with a baseball cap hiding his face. 'Wh-what if they fell?' She thought to herself running down the stairs. When she reached the boy she noticed that he didn't move, not even an inch. 'I-is he sl-sleeping? Maybe he could help me look for my class.' She took a deep breath. For Hinata was not well known for her people skills. She was kind, just, very shy.

"E-excuse m-me?" She shyly asked but she didn't receive a response. "E-excuse me. C-could you p-please help me f-find my c-class?" Again she didn't get an answer. 'He must really be a heavy sleeper.' She then knelt down to him and could see he had midnight colored hair. She decided to be brave and started to take off his hat and he still didn't move. His eyes were shut. 'W-wow, he really is sleeping!' She blushed. He was very good looking. "I guess he likes to sleep." She smiled. Just then his eyes shot open and he quickly grabbed her wrist. "AHH!" She screamed.

He put his other hand over her mouth. Her heart began pounding so hard in her chest it started to hurt. 'W-What in the w-world is he d-doing?' He just sat there and stared at her. His dark coal eyes. They didn't move at all till he started laughing and let her go. "Wow, what kind of idiot are you? Do you just come up to random people not even thinking if they might hurt you?" Hinata didn't know how to response. She was currently trying to get her heart back to normal mode. Plus she had fallen on her butt very hard when he let go.

"I-I'm very s-sorry! I j-just needed h-help finding my c-class." She stuttered. She hated that she did that. She didn't want to but her nerves always got the best of her. He stood up and just looked at her. Almost like a cat that had just found a new little mouse to play with. "W-well I g-guess I can just l-look myself." She started to get up but the boy used his finger and pushed hard on her forehead making her fall down all over again. She quickly looked up at him. 'What in the world?' Normally Hinata had a lot of patience but he was just being rude!

"A new student huh? Well newbie I suggest you be careful who you decide to just talk too randomly." He started walking back up the stairs. She just watched him till he turned back towards her. "Oh, and B-3 is one more floor up on the right." He pointed up and then continued to walk till he was out of her sight.

"Wh-what in the world . . . what was that all about?" Hinata asked herself. She then heard a small laugh come from behind her. She turned her head to see a blonde boy. Blonde? Was he a rebel?

"And that's even on his good day." He smiled at me and reached out a hand to me. "New here are you? I'm Uzumaki Naruto." I took his hand and he helped me up. "Whoa. . ." His face was in like a small shock. 'I-is there s-something on my face?' She thought to herself putting her hand to her face. "Sorry about that. You're just a sight to see. Not many girls are as pretty as you." She started to blush. "So what is your name?"

"H-Hyuuga, Hyuuga Hinata." She softly spoke. He looked at her oddly.

"Hyuuga? Don't tell me you're related to that jerk off Neji?" He yelled. She blushed slightly and nodded. Neji wasn't exactly known for being the nicest person. "Man that sucks, but you're too cute to be related to that moron!" He smiled.

"Well this moron wants you to get away from my cousin." We both jumped after hearing the stern voice. Neji had snuck up behind us and Naruto just looked at the boy with a grin.

"We were just being acquainted weren't we Hina-chan?" Naruto winked at her making blush again. She nodded her head slowly. "See? No harm no foul." He smiled at Neji but he still held his stern face.

"Well now you can leave her alone and get lost Uzumaki." Neji grabbed a hold of Hinata's arm and started walking. "Come on Hinata." She looked back at Naruto.

"B-bye N-Naruto-kun." She said and Naruto waved watching her disappear up the stairs. 'She was really pretty.' Naruto thought to himself and walked up the stairs himself to see the dark haired boy waiting for him.

"Oh hey there. Wasn't she a cutie? Too bad that she's related to Neji-Baka." Naruto smiled but the other boy didn't speak. "Oh come on! Are you telling me you didn't think she was good looking? A lot better than half the other girls in this school." Still he didn't answer. "And here I thought you were in a good mood Sasuke." Sasuke did finally look up just in time to see the girl be dragged around the corner. She was pretty but Uchiha Sasuke was not about to let anyone else know that.

"Let's go." He finally spoke walking away with the blonde following him.

-At lunch-

Hinata was alone for lunch since Neji was in some sort of meeting. She was walking around with her lunch till a pink headed girl walked up to her. "Hey there! You must be the Hyuuga girl right?" She spoke loudly. Hinata nodded, she was honestly a little scared of the hyper pink head. "Well I'm Haruno Sakura! Why don't you come and sit with us?" Hinata could even answer because Sakura had already grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the table. "Hey everyone! This is the new Hyuuga girl!"Hinata looked to the table to see a bunch of people.

"This is Ino, TenTen, Kiba, Chouji, Shikamaru, Shino, and Lee." She said the names so quickly Hinata tried to remember them all. "Come on you can sit by me!" Sakura pushed Lee over to make room for her and Hinata. Everyone sighed because Lee didn't care since he had the biggest crush on Sakura. "So you're related to Neji right?" Hinata once again nodded. "That's so weird. You like really nice while he's all mean most of the time."

"Now, now Sakura. It's not very nice to talk like that about her cousin." TenTen laughed. Everyone knew that TenTen had a crush on Neji but she thought she had it covered up. "So Hinata, what made you want to come to this school?"

"W-well Neji is actually g-going to take o-over my f-fathers company so we de-decided to move h-here so Neji can have m-more tr-training with ru-running the c-company." She spoke softly. Her voice was naturally soft and kind. Hinata has never spoken a word of hate in her whole 16 years of life. 'She is really shy but super cute.' The brown haired named Kiba thought as he looked at Hinata. "S-So how is t-this school?" They all shrugged.

"Like a normal school I guess." Kiba said taking a drink of his pop. He then felt TenTen hit him. "Ow! What was that for?" He yelled at her.

"This is Hinata's first time at a public school! Right Hinata?" TenTen asked the slightly giggling Hinata.

"Yes, I have b-been going to p-private school since I was young." She smiled. She started to feel less nervous which was good because it meant she would stop stuttering as bad. "Its very e-exciting for me to b-be here." Kiba just blushed rubbing the back of his head where he was hit.

"Oh hey there Hina-chan!" A loud voice across the room came. Hinata turned around to see the blonde from earlier.

"O-oh Naruto-kun. H-how are you doing?" She could hear everyone making small grunting noises when Naruto approached her. 'D-do they not l-like him?' She thought. He had been nice to her before so she had no reason not to like him.

"Doing good. How's your first day treating you?" When Hinata went to answer Sakura quickly turned around to face him.

"Look Uzumaki! Hinata is waaaay to cool to be talking to some loser like you! So get lost already." She spoke with annoyance. Hinata was shocked by what she said but no one said anything to her. Hinata looked at Naruto who just sighed.

"I see someone didn't get laid last night." Naruto said sarcastically. Even though they didn't mean to laugh the group couldn't help it. Not even Hinata couldn't help but giggle. "Anyways, I'll catch you later Hina-chan." He smiled and walked away. Hinata looked back at Sakura and you could just feel the anger burning on her flesh.

"That idiot! How dare he talk to me like that?" She yelled almost popping Hinata's eardrum. "You should stay away from him Hinata! He is the school biggest loser! He does nothing but cause trouble!" Hinata didn't know what to say. Naruto had been kind to her so . . .

"Sakura! There's Sasuke!" The blonde girl named Ino pointed. Sakura snapped her head to the left. Walking into the room was a tall dark haired boy. 'I-it's him!' Hinata thought. It was indeed him, even if he didn't have his hat on. "Oh God! He is so sexy!" Ino swooned over him. There wasn't any doubt in Hinata's mind that he was handsome. "A new student huh? Well newbie I suggest you be careful who you decide to just talk too randomly."She remembered what he said.

'He may be handsome but he surely isn't the nicest person like Naruto-kun!' Hinata thought to herself. "If I could just get one night with Sasuke! Oh I could just die happy!" Sakura said with hearts in her eyes.

"Hasn't he rejected you like 30 times already?" Kiba said with a grin. Yet again he was abused with a bottle of water being thrown to his face. "O . . . ow." He said silently when he landed on the floor.

"I will for sure get Sasuke to be my boyfriend!" Sakura announced. Hinata was still looking at Sasuke but was in shock when he looked right back at her. His dark eyes matching her light eyes. "But you better be careful Hinata." Hinata snapped out of it and looked at Sakura. "Sasuke may be handsome but he is nicknamed 'Beast' for a reason." 'B-beast?'

"Yeah, just because that guy has a pretty face doesn't mean he's the nicest. He usually is in 3 fights a week. Never listens to the teachers. Also, is a major playboy. Never see him with the same girl twice." Shikamaru spoke. "Just plain trouble and a pain in the ass. Usually Naruto is the only one he hangs out with." Hinata didn't know what to think right now. He didn't seem that mean. But maybe he really was.

Lunch was over and school carried on and quickly ended. Hinata was at her locker getting ready to leave. "I also eat little children after dark." A low voice spoke causing Hinata to almost jump out of her skin! She turned to see Sasuke sitting on the bench behind her. She almost fainted with how fast her heart was beating. "Sorry about that," He stood up. "Didn't mean to scare you that bad." Hinata could breathe again.

"I-its o-okay." She answered. He really was tall when he stood next to her. "I-is t-there an-anything I can h-help you w-with?" She asked kindly. He shook his head.

"Just curious. Thought I would have some fun with you since I'm sure you heard all of the fun things about me." He turned back to Hinata. "Well I'll see you later." He went to walk away till Naruto came from nowhere and grabbed his arm!

"Hey Teme! Leaving so soon?" Naruto grinned then looked at Hinata. "Hey Hina-Chan! Were you getting ready to leave?" She nodded. "Great, we'll walk you home. A pretty girl like you shouldn't be walking all by yourself, right Teme?" Sasuke just grunted. "Alrighty then! Let's get going Hina-chan." Soon before she could object Naruto and Sasuke started walking.

"W-wait p-please!" Hinata began to run to catch up to them but for as pretty as she was, she was still a klutz. She tripped over her own feet and started to fall forward.

She quickly covered her face with her arms but she ended up falling in someone else's. She slowly opened her eyes and Sasuke had caught her! "T-thank you S-Sasuke-San." She was able to get back on her feet and Sasuke started walking again. "D-does he n-not like me?" Hinata asked Naruto who just smiled back at her.

"No, he must like you a little bit or else he would have let you fall." He laughed. 'Oh, well I'm happy he helped me then.' Hinata thought as her and Naruto began walking again. "You must not be much for popularity huh Hina-chan?"

"Huh? W-what do you mean?" She blushed.

"Well, after what that Sakura skank said and I'm sure you already heard about the Teme there." He pointed to Sasuke who had decided to put in his headphones to ignore the two. "Yet here you are walking with us. So you must not care much for popularity."

"W-well not r-really. I don't judge p-people by what others say. I use to g-get picked on a lot at my other s-school so I know how it is t-to be judge." Naruto glanced over at her placing his hands behind his neck. 'She really is different.' Then he looked towards Sasuke who was about 5 steps ahead. 'Maybe she could actually-' "Well I go this way Naruto-kun." He quickly got out of his thoughts when Hinata stopped and spoke. "I live not to long from here so I will be fine on my own. But that you guys very much for walking me home. I appreciate it." She smiled at them.

Sasuke didn't say anything just looked at the two of them. "Okay then Hina-chan. We'll see you tomorrow at school." Naruto gave another smile to her with a wave and walked with Sasuke the other way. When they got far enough so that Hinata couldn't hear him Naruto punch Sasuke in the side. In return he got the evil glare of death. "So what do you think? Pretty, nice, and doesn't mind hanging around you."

"What exactly are you getting at Dobe?" Naruto had an annoyed look on his face. Though it's not like he's not use to being called that.

"I mean maybe you should actually try to make another friend than just me. Especially a girl." Sasuke just ignored him and kept walking. Naruto just sighed, guess he wasn't getting anywhere with this conversation. But inside his blonde head he was working up a plane for the little Hyuuga girl and the Teme.

'Well I didn't think they were that bad. Sasuke may not have talked to me but he wasn't exactly mean either.' Hinata thought as she walked into her house. 'Hm, no one is home. Not like that is really a surprise.' She continued into her room. Another normal day at her house. She would change out of her uniform, have a small snack, do homework, read a book, have dinner, and then go to bed. And that is just how her day ended. But there was something different when she went to bed. She was pretty happy to go to school tomorrow to see her new friends. Something that she had never felt before.

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