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Bitterly Disappointed

By Waterrain

I hate to admit it even to myself, but Moon Jae Shin is good at archery and he might be even better than me at it. I set my face and clenched my fists to my sides as I watched him. Arrow after arrow always hitting the bulls eye, not ever missing, and he was focused.

"Ah, You are watching Geol Oh?" Goo Yong Ha asked me causally and I frowned at him. I didn't reply, he grinned at me, and then crossed his arms.

"My friend will not attend the archery event." He told me calmly and then shook his head. "It is a pity."

"Why not?" I asked sharply and my eyes didn't leave from watching Moon Jae Shin who was still firing arrow after arrow with no sign of being tired. Each and every one of them hitting the bulls eyes.

"He is not interested into such things like you and he might feel it would be much too easy to win against others." Goo Yong Ha commented lightly and my fists clenched tighter for does he honestly think beating me would be easy. I noticed the bulls eye was completely filled with arrows and Moon Jae Shin was breathing heavily his body was swaying slightly, but yet he stayed on his feet.

"Geol Oh, You really do overwork your body like always. Have you had any food today?" Goo Yong Ha asked him causally and his arm was around Moon Jae Shin's neck. "Are you going to fall down due to your lack of eating?"

"I'm fine, Yeorim." He stated firmly and I was just standing there watching. Goo Yong Ha's arm was lightly pushed away, he was walking in my direction, and I noticed how he rolled his eyes at me. However then he fell backwards and I automatically caught him before he hit the ground.

"Nice catch, In-Soo." Goo Yong Ha commented and he grabbed Moon Jae Shin while batting my arms away. I was in shock for why did I decide to catch him and my mind was blank.

"It appears my friend has fainted . Oh and on his behalf thank you, but I doubt he will attend the archery event." He told me calmly and then added. "Thanks to you, In-Soo. He is not injured and will not have to suffer having a broken arm."

I watched as Goo Yong Ha carried Moon Jae Shin away and my hands shook before clenching. I want to face off against Moon Jae Shin, to see who is better at archery, and I hope that Goo Yong Ha is wrong. I looked up at the moon and wondered if it is so wrong to want a challenge. I believe Moon Jae Shin would be the perfect challenge and to prove myself.

The day of the archery event arrived, but Moon Jae Shin did not take part in it and he did not even show up. I felt bitterly disappointed, I bite my lip until it bleed, and my fists were tightly clenched. I won, but yet the so called victory over the others felt hallow and empty. I had wanted to be challenged, I wanted to finally know who is the best at archery me or him, and to think Moon Jae Shin didn't even show up to watch.

"I did tell you that Geol Oh would not take part in this event. Besides you won, right? So should you not feel happy and proud of yourself." Goo Yong Ha told me smoothly and I walked away angrily from him. I was inside of my room and there was no one else around me. Tears fell from my eyes, It felt as if my heart was clenched tightly, and I used both of my hands to fiercely wiped away my tears of disappointed.

"There is always next year." I told myself firmly and shook my head. "I will beat him at archery and prove to myself I'm the best."

I set my face and I was back in control of my emotions or so I had thought. My eyes felt as if they were burning, I bite my lip, and clenched my fists tighter refusing to let anymore tears fall down. There is always next year and when I win against him the victory would not feel hallow or empty.

"Maybe next year I won't be bitterly disappointed." I said calmly to myself and then sat down on my floor.

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