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It is my second year and the archery contest is a month away. Night has fallen, I'm up practicing my archery, and out of the corner of my eye noticed Jae Shin was barely able to walk. I'm not going to help him is what I frimly thought to myself, but I set down my bow and walked over to him.

"What do you want Noron?" He asked me and I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Nothing." I replied smoothly, he shook his head, and started to walk away from me. Moon Jae Shin started to fall forward, but then I caught him by his hips and they were firm.

"Just let me fall, Noron." Jae Shin said in annoyed voice and I smirked to myself.

"I tend to not listen to you, Sorons." I stated calmly, my hands still gripped his hips, and he tried to wiggle away. "I do as I wish and help whenever I want too. Deal with it, Jae Shin."

"In-Soo, I can take Geol Oh to his room." Goo Yong Ha told me smooth, his eyes looked a little annoyed, but yet he was smiling and already taking Jae Shin away from my grasp. When did Yong Ha arrive? "After all you have other things to do."

I remained silent as Yong Ha had an arm around Jae Shin's waist and supported him as they walked away. My face was set and I returned to practicing my archery.

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