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Feminine Charm

Chapter 1: The Same….Only Different

Zero's head was still ringing with the cries of the crazed Day Class girls, even though he'd been walking the quite grounds for an hour now. Changing classes was his least favorite time of the day and not just because he had to deal with stupid girls. It was also due to the fact that he had to see Kaname Kuran. His heart skipped a beat just thinking about the handsome Pureblood.

It had been a few years ago that Zero realized what he felt for Kaname was not something to be shared. After all he was a Level D and there was no way Kaname, a Pureblood, would ever accept his feelings. So Zero simply kept his love for Kaname inside and acted cold and indifferent toward him. Which worked out since Kaname seemed to hate him. Every time Zero would make eye contact with Kaname he would get a stony stare back. Besides Kaname's little gang of friends always caused trouble with Day Class students at night just to be able to harass him. Aidou especially loved to harass him and Zero couldn't figure out why. He had never done anything to the noble, but Aidou hated the way Zero looked at Kaname. Zero hated to point out that Kaname treated him like shit. Of course in Aidou's eyes Kaname never did anything wrong.

Walking past the Night Class building Zero looked up and saw Kaname's form leaning on the window sill. His heart contracted for a second as he stopped to stare. Then he mentally kicked himself and kept walking. Every night he would walk by the class to see Kaname in the window. Little did Zero know that every night Kaname stood in the window just to get a glimpse of Zero walking by.

As the Hunter continued to pace the ground he felt his throat start to burn and cursed himself for forgetting to ask Cross for more tablets in the morning. Ten minutes later Zero banged into Cross's office. He was in a bad mood and hungry. "Cross do you have Blood Tablets?" Zero's eyes glowed red and he was gritting his teeth.

"Not the normal ones. Did you ask Kaname?"

"Like hell I'd ask him for help." Zero seethed. He had wanted to ask Kaname but he knew he'd have to give the haughty Pureblood something in return.

"Then drink from me." Cross pulled his shawl away from his neck.

"Fuck no!" Zero wrinkled his nose. "What do you mean by not the normal ones?"

"I have a new type that Yagari and I are still working on."

"Fine I'll be your guinea pig. I just need something!"

"Are you sure Zero-Kun?"

"Yes!" Zero's patience was slipping.

"Alright… " Cross opened a drawer and pulled out a vile of tablets. He dumped three into his hand.

"I need more then that."

"You might make yourself sick… even though we're trying to eliminate that side effect with these."

"Fine whatever." Zero snatched the tablets and swallowed them. "Thank you." He said grudgingly.

"Let me know how you feel in a little bit."

"Alright." Zero turned to go. The room started spinning and his heart was beating way too fast. He started blinking to try and clear his vision that was going fuzzy.

"Zero… Zero!" Cross sounded so far away as Zero started to sway. Then he passed out. "ZERO!" Cross caught Zero before he could hit the ground and he lay the boy gently down. "Oh dear, this isn't good."

Yuki came running into the room. She had been on her way to the office when she heard the chairman yelling Zero's name. "What happened?" she asked with wide eyes.

"I'm not quite sure… I think it's a side effect of the new tablets. I knew I shouldn't have let Zero try them… " Cross rubbed his chin. "Guess I'll have to put him up here for the night." Cross easily picked Zero up and walked to one of the guest rooms with Yuki in tow.

"Is he going to be okay?"

"I'm sure he will be."

"Can I stay here tonight too? So I can make sure Zero is alright in the morning."

"Of course!" Cross smiled and clapped his hands. "Oh we can have a nice family breakfast tomorrow!"

"Of course." Yuki smiled. "Good night then."

"Good night Yuki-chan!" Cross hugged his adopted daughter and made his way back to the office.

Zero groaned and opened his eyes. He had a killed headache. That's the last time I take those tablets. he thought as he sat up. Something felt different. He looked down. "What. The. Fuck." Zero grabbed his chest, "How the hell do I have boobs?" He stood, his uniform hung loosely on his new body. "Oh fuck no!" Zero ran to the bathroom and screamed, a high pitched girly scream, when he saw his long silver hair and feminine reflection. "CROSS!" Zero bellowed and he hated how girly he sounded as he banged out of his room.

"In the kitchen!" Cross yelled back.

"You are a dead man!" Zero stormed into the kitchen with blazing eyes.

"Why is tha-" Cross's jaw dropped when he saw the fuming figure in the door way. "Zero-Kun?"

"Who the fuck else would I be!" Zero's jaw was clenched. "What the hell did you do to me?"

"Must be a side effect of the new tablets." Cross squeaked and dodged an apple Zero had just hurled at his face. "Relax! I can reverse it."

"Fine. Do it now!"

"I didn't say I could do it now. It'll take some research." Cross ducked a plate this time. The plate shattered against the wall.

"I'm going to strangle you!"

"Zero?" Yuki said as she walked into the kitchen and stared at the tall good looking girl with silver hair.

"Mother fu- fantastic! Go ahead and laugh at me." Zero fumed.

"What happened?"

"It was the tablets." Cross said walking closer to the two since it seemed that Yuki's presence had calmed Zero down.

"Ooooh. How long is he going to be like this?"

"No idea. I'll have to do some experiments." Cross said. "Is everything changed?" Cross asked as he started looking Zero up and down.

"Don't ask stupid questions. Of course." Zero crossed his arms.

"I'm jealous. You look hot, and your boobs are bigger then mine." Yuki giggled.

"Shove off Yuki." Zero glared at the little brunette.

"I'm just saying you should have no problem getting Kaname-Sama's attention now."

"You're so dead." Zero made a move toward Yuki. She squeaked and jumped behind the chairman.

"Well I suppose we need to get you a uniform… and we can tell people you're your sister."

"That's stupid. Kuran would see though that because I have no sister and I swear if anyone finds out I'm a chick I will personally strangle you Cross."

"Fine. Fine." Cross rolled his eyes.

"A cousin. You could be your cousin. Kaname-Sama doesn't know your whole extended family. So this works!" Yuki smiled. She was quite proud of herself for coming up with such a good idea.

"That's actually a good idea." Zero said.

"Come on Zero we need to make you look half decent before we go shopping today!" Yuki took Zero's hand and dragged him off to get ready. She had always wanted a sister and now she could make Zero up.

"Yuki don't make me look slutty."

"Relax you'll be hot and Kaname will want to jump you!"

"Oh god! This sucks if the only way I can be with Kaname is as a girl." Zero grumbled.

"You can always talk yourself up and try and hook your male self up with Kaname."

"Sure like I could make Kuran stop hating me." Zero glowered at Yuki.

"We'll have to go shopping today to get you bras and cute underwear and other girly clothes! Oh my gosh this is going to be so much fun! And I'm so glad it's the weekend cause I can help you become girly so you're not awkward Monday for classes."

"Gosh Yuki stop gushing! You're going to make me vomit!"

"Shut up and have fun today!" Yuki glared at Zero before smiling again.

An hour later Zero was walking off campus with Yuki. Cross had given them his credit card and told Yuki to make Zero look normal. Yuki deemed that the first stop should be to get Zero a bra. "They're the most important thing because they can either flatter your breasts or make you look frumpy. So we'll make sure you get fitted and you'll look even hotter then you do now!"

Zero grumbled through the whole day. It was awkward to be sized of a bra. But the awkwardness had only just started. Because after they had bought Zero a few bras Yuki started picking out underwear that she thought was 'totally cute!' Zero just rolled his eyes and let her do all the work.

When it came to buying other clothes Zero was able to talk Yuki out of a lot of things since he reminded her he would be wearing the school uniform most of the time and if he was in his room he wouldn't be caught dead in girl clothes. When sun down came Zero and Yuki were back at Corss's house and putting all of Zero's clothes away. Yuki was rather proud of herself because she had been able to talk Zero into a totally cute dress that, if he ever got a date with Kaname would get him laid.

At dinner Yuki babbled on and on about how much fun she had shopping while Zero cursed the fact that Yuki was treating him like a life-size doll. "Listen Zero tonight I can do the rounds on my own. So you just sit tight here and get used to being a girl okay?" Yuki said as she pulled on her Guardian armband.

"I'm not breakable. I can still do rounds." Zero said indignantly.

"Zero just stay here." Cross said.

"Screw you two!" Zero said getting up from the table and walking to his room. This was all still so weird.

He looked at himself in the mirror and he had to admit that he would probably date himself. At least I'm not ugly. he thought as he pulled his hair into a ponytail like Yuki had showed him. He stripped and checked himself out again. He was still pretty well muscled and he was thin. He ran his hand over his breasts. It was so odd to feel them on himself but he rather liked it. He was pretty much like his old self except for the fact he was a girl. "At least I know what my twin would have looked like if it was a girl." Zero smiled to himself as he pulled on pajamas.

The next day Zero and Yuki spent hours working on being girly. Zero knew it was going to be a long day right from the start Yuki was on his case. "Seriously Zero, stop touching yourself."


"Because you don't see girls walking around rubbing their boobs all day!" Yuki sigh exasperatedly.

"But come on Yuki they're new to me. All the other chicks on campus have had them since puberty so obviously the joy of touching them has worn off. I just got them, I want to touch them." Zero rubbed his hands over his breasts.

"You're gross. Touch yourself in your room then!" Yuki rolled her eyes.

Yuki kept correcting Zero when he would sit with his legs open. "Honestly Zero, when you have a skirt on keep your legs closed. Or everyone is going to think you're a slut. Gees." Yuki threw her hands up in the air.

"God Yuki you don't get it I'm so used to sitting like that." Zero rolled his eyes. "Cross why can't I wear pants?"

"Because skirts are the girl's uniform and it'll be odd if you're the only girl wearing pants."

"I hate you. You should change the dress code." Zero crossed his arms.

"Not a chance Zero-Kun. I think you pull off a skirt quite well."

"Shove it! I'm going to bed." Zero really wasn't looking forward to classes tomorrow.

"Oh yes and Zero-Kun you won't be able to carry the Bloody Rose while your female."

Zero stopped dead in his tracks. "What the hell!" Zero's jaw dropped. "No way am I going to walk around a campus full of blood suckers unarmed. That's not happening."

"Cross is right though. It would be a dead give away if you carried the Rose. Think about it Kaname-Sama and all the other Night Class students know that you never go anywhere without your gun. So it would be way fishy if your "cousin" had your gun." Yuki said.

"Shit." Zero ran his hands through his hair. He had forgotten how long his hair was now and he got his fingers stuck. Snarling he yanked them free. "This blows. So then how am I supposed to arm myself? Cause there's no way in hell I'm walking around campus unarmed."

"I have an extra anti-Vampire gun you can use. It's not as strong or as big as the Bloody Rose… but it'll have to do."

"Fine." Zero rolled his eyes. "But if stuff gets intense I'll start carrying the Rose weather it gives me away or not."

"Oh goodness." Yuki was laughing.

"What's so funny?" Zero narrowed his eyes at Yuki.

"It's so weird that you're like a girl but you still get pissed off like the same old Zero."

"I am the same old Zero."

"Except you're a hot girl now. I seriously can't wait to see how Kaname-Sama is going to react to you."

"I'm going to bed." Zero huffed. He was already fed up with Yuki fawning over him. "You'd better work on getting me back to normal Cross." Zero called over his shoulder.

Zero too the stairs two at a time. He was nervous about tomorrow. Yuki had gone over a lot of things with him today and he had to keep all of it in mind while still paying attention in class.

Yuki woke Zero up extra early the next day. "We need to get you looking nice and then we need to patrol to make sure that no students are roaming." Yuki said in a cheery tone.

"Five more minutes." Zero grumbled and rolled back over.

"No! Get. Up. Now!" Yuki ripped Zero's blankets off him.

"I'm really hating you right now Yuki." Zero said as he got out of bed and headed to the shower. When he got out he was handed a bra and underwear by Yuki. "I could have picked them out myself."

"I know. But you wouldn't have made them match. And these are totally cute! Just put them on." Yuki said and went to put on her uniform as Zero did the same. When she walked back in Zero was wearing the girl's uniform much as he wore his normally. The tie wasn't tightened , it wasn't buttoned and he didn't have the pins on right. "Gees Zero you need to look cute not disheveled."

"Yuki this is how I always dress." Zero rolled his eyes as Yuki made him up.

"And remember you are no longer the male Zero! So dress properly!" Yuki said. "Now dry your hair." She put a hairdryer in his hands.

"Yeah. Yeah." Zero went to the bathroom and followed Yuki's instructions on drying his hair. Then she straightened it.

"You look so cute. Not go put on your boots and we can go!"

The two were walking the grounds as they did every morning looking for students that were out. They were just about back to Cross and they had yet to see a student. Yuki caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned. "Kaname-Sempi!" Yuki smiled and bowed. Zero tried not to glare, he had the chance to make a good first impression.

"Good morning Yuki." Kaname returned her smile. "Who is your friend?" He asked looking Zero up and down and liking what he saw.

Yuki's eyes got huge and she wracked her brain. "This is Zero's… cousin… Aio." Yuki smiled. Zero glared at her.

"It's a pleasure to meet Aio-Chan." Kaname bowed.

"The pleasure is all mine Kaname-Sempi." Zero smiled and bowed. "Zero talks about you a lot."

"I'm sure he does." Kaname sounded displeased. "Where is Zero anyway? I haven't seen him since Friday."

"He's out on a mission with the Association." Zero said calmly.

"So will you be performing Guardian duties on your own Yuki?" Kaname didn't take his eyes off Zero as he spoke.

"Nope. Aio is going to help me out till Zero comes back." Yuki noticed how Kaname did not look at her and she smiled. Zero was getting just what he wanted.

"When will Zero be coming back?" Zero resisted a shiver at the way Kaname practically purred his name.

"Not sure. Maybe a few days. Maybe a few months." Yuki shrugged.

"Who knows Zero might be permanently transferring out of Cross." Zero said. He would hate to stay a girl forever but if Cross didn't find out how to reverse this he would have no choice.

"What a shame that would be. Any how, I suppose I should be getting back to the dorms. I'll see you later, Aio. Yuki." Kaname smiled and walked off.

Kaname felt slightly bad at the fact that he thought Aio was hot. After all she was Zero's cousin and Kaname had been trying to get Zero's attention since they first met. Perhaps if he couldn't have Zero his cousin would be a good substitute. A smile played on his lips as an idea formed in his head. Since Zero hated him so much there would be no way that he would approve of his cousin being with him, naturally Kaname would be able to manipulate Zero into insisting he replace Aio. Yes that would be perfect. Even if Zero wasn't willing at first Kaname would woo him.

As soon as Kaname had disappeared Zero whipped around to face Yuki. "What the fuck type of name is Aio?"

"It's the type of name that just popped in my head, Mr. I-Didn't-Give-Myself-A-Girl's-Name." Yuki shot back. She had him there.

"Fine. I'm Aio Kiryuu till I'm back to my normal self. Fan-fucking-tastic." Zero threw his arms up in the air and kept walking toward Cross's.

"Oh come on Zero can't you at least be happy that Kaname-Sama couldn't take his eyes off you!" Yuki giggled. "I think he likes you."

"Good. Then this will be worth the hell you're putting me through." Zero rolled his eyes.

"I'll hook you and Kaname-Sama up. And you'll be the cutest couple!"

"Don't make me vomit." He pretended to gag. "And by the way I hate these boots, they hurt my feet."

"Because you're not walking like a girl." Yuki pulled Zero to a stop. "You're still walking like you normally do, all aggressive and angry like. You need to slow down and relax as you walk. Watch me." Yuki took a few steps and turned to face Zero. "Now you try, since you obviously forgot what we went over yesterday."

"Sorry I was trying to remember everything else you told me to do."

"You hush your face and be grateful that you can BARELY pass as a girl now."

"What do you mean barely? I think I've got plenty of feminine charm." Zero posed sarcastically.

"If by 'feminine charm' you mean a hot body. Yeah I'll agree with you there. But if you're referring to the way you walk or present yourself you still act like a guy."

"Fine then. Check out this walk." Zero imitated Yuki's stride perfectly.

"See was that so hard!" Yuki hugged Zero. "You'll have guys falling all over you today!"

"Great." Zero rolled his eyes as he and Yuki started walking again. Zero didn't walk like he just had he sort of mixed his 'aggressive and angry' walk with Yuki's girly one and came up with something that was easy for him to remember to do and Yuki was right his boots didn't hurt his feet as much. But he wasn't going to tell Yuki she was right.