Note- Some lines in chapter one are from an episode in season three and a few lines later in the chapter come from season five.

Till There Was You

Morgan and Garcia

Chapter One

February 2004

He had a rather bad reputation. Very well earned too. SSA Derek Morgan had charmed the panties off women all across this country and in several others too. Made them all feel special for a certain moment in time. Until his attention wandered. And wander it did, all too often.

He could be flirting with one woman and have his head turned by another. That's what happened the first time that he saw her.

He was leaning close to a woman who worked in the mail room- he had a hard and fast rule to never date a chick with a gun, no matter if he was surrounded by hot agents at his job- when he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, an ass to drool over.

Smiling still at the chick he had been flirting with Derek snuck a look at the woman who had caught his eye.

All he saw her from was behind but damn that was some behind. She must be new around there cause surely he would have noticed a body like hers before. An ass like that got noticed by him with a quickness.

Damn, he loved his life. He really did. Surrounded by gorgeous women every day and he knew just how to sweet talk them into Derek Morgan's bed- or the nearest broom closet, bathroom at a club, dark corner in a bar, or backseat of a car. He needed to track down this new woman at his office and see what was up with her.

Hopefully she wasn't an agent. He didn't like the idea of risking getting shot just cause he wanted to get some.

Later that day he asked Reid "Who's the new girl?"

Dr. Spencer Reid, with his eidetic memory, knew almost everything in the world that there was to know.

"There's a new girl?" Reid asked, in surprise. "Where?" He looked all around.

Correction. He knew everything but about the opposite sex.

Derek slung his arm over Reid's shoulder. "What am I gonna do with you, kid? A gorgeous honey is wandering around in our mist...brand new virgin territory to conquer...and here you are unaware. Get in the game or you're never gonna get yourself some."

"Some what?"

Derek gave him a dumbfounded look. That kid couldn't be for real, could he?

Shaking his head, Derek just walked away.

That afternoon he noticed Reid chatting up the new girl in the break room. Before Derek could walk over there she smiled at Reid, touched his arm and then walked away. Derek stood there, head titled to the side and watched her ass till she turned the corner. Then he let out a low whistle.

Walking up to Reid he said "My man, what's up? Something you wanna share with Derek Morgan?"

"This year Comic Con is going to have as a guest speaker-"


"What? You asked if there was something I want to share and I wanna share that."

"No. Just no."


"Comic Con, really? What is that anyway?"

"It's a convention-"

"Stop right there. Conventions are not hot. Now convention sex is hot. I don't suppose you're going there to scope yourself out a fine honey?"

"I'm going there because I'm interested in comic books."

Derek rolled his eyes. "You wanna get laid this century then stay far away from that convention. Now, moving onto something a lot more interesting to Derek Morgan, who was that woman you were just talking to?"

"She was actually interested in Comic Con," he bragged, as if to say that Derek was the dummy for not being into it. "She surprisingly knew a good deal about the Dark Towers series-"

"Mmm-hmm, that's great. What unit is she in?"

"Hmmmm, I think...she said she's a technical analyst. I was distracted by this article about Comic Con and how Stephen King will be a guest speaker."

"A tech girl, huh?" Derek eyes lit up. That meant no gun. Green light for him. Now to find out if she had a hubby at home. As a profiler Reid should have noticed if she wore a wedding band or engagement ring but when it came to women he was often at a loss- if he was off the clock, that is. Still it was worth a shot to ask. "So did she have a ring on?"

Just then JJ came walking up. "Round table room now."

Derek's face fell and he had to push aside all thoughts of the sexy ass blonde that he couldn't seem to get a chance to meet. After their meeting him, Hotch and Reid went to a computer to try and search for information on the case that JJ had briefed them on. They were set to go wheels up in an hour.

The BAU, at that time, didn't have a full time analyst. They would call and use whoever was available, from a pool, but there were rumblings that Hotch would be given funds to get one assigned to them permanently soon. Derek hoped that the higher ups got on that quickly cause he was sick of having to try and bullshit his way through pretending he knew how to get information out of a computer. He knew some things. Not enough though.

While he was standing behind Reid at the desk, looking up information, he turned and saw the sexy blonde nearby. All too quick she started to walk away from him.

"Hey," Derek asked his friend "what's that tech girl's name?"

"Ummmm," Reid, mind muddled by thoughts of comic con while he had been talking to her, told Derek "Gomez, I think."

Derek called out "Excuse me, Gomez."

She didn't turn around.

Derek wanted to see her face, after all day of thinking about her ass, but even more than that he did need help on the computer. He took his job damn serious. And killing two birds with one stone also sounded good to him. Meeting the sexy ass tech girl and getting the information he needed all at the same time. What could be better than that?

Maybe he'd even have a chance to lay some Derek Morgan charm on her...more like definitely.

"Hey, baby girl!" he called after her. Woman loved that nickname. It turned them to goo. It was an old standby for him. Came in very handy when he couldn't remember if a chick he met in a bar was Candy, Mandy or Sandy.

The tech girl turned around and arched an eyebrow at him. He stood there, still and just taking her in, being professional (there would be time for being unprofessional later, if she was down for that). She had a lovely face and sparkling eyes, under a pair of glasses. She wore more jewelry than any other woman in the FBI. She definitely must have some spunk to her personality to be sporting that jewelry.

"Baby girl?" she asked, kinda challenging him.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't know the real-"

"I've been called worse." The corner of her mouth turned up in a smirk and she walked closer to him. "What can I do for you?"

Derek told her what they needed and she said, to Reid, "Move aside, you tall drink of water. Let the Oracle amaze you mere mortals."

And she did. Within a minute she had what they needed. Hotch was even impressed. He nodded at her "Good job."

"Thank you, sir! I aim to please!"

Hotch walked away.

The tech girl stood up. "Baby girl, huh?"

"Not very professional, I guess," he said, giving her a smile.

Reid chimed in "Probably why you spend so much time in sexual harassment seminars."

Morgan slapped Reid on the back of the head. The tech girl laughed- a deep, sexy, throaty laugh that Derek felt down to his gut.

She then told him "I think we're going to get along just fine. You ever need more knowledge wrangled out of cyber space you know where to find me." She then walked off, ass swaying slightly with every step.

Derek had his eyes locked on that ample ass as it moved across the bullpen.

Reid asked "Where do we find her? In the tech pool?"


From that day forward things were different for Derek Morgan. Day by day he found someone that changed him in all the best ways. He didn't stop being a player (not for years) and he didn't stop being unprofessional sometimes (she loved that though and did him one better, taking it to a higher level than he ever had before). What changed in him was how he thought about love, trust and commitment.

Three things he never had in his life until he met Penelope Garcia. Within a week of knowing her there was only one baby girl in his life and that stuck till this day.


May 2010

"I kinda love you, Derek Morgan."

"I kinda love you too, Penelope Garcia."

They were in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Holding each other and enjoying the moment. The sun shining down on them, a brook bubbling not that far away, mountains rising above them and birds flying in a perfect blue sky.

Derek Morgan was not at all into sappy romantic cliches but this moment was right out of a chick flick, if he had ever lived one, and he had to admit it was getting to him. Or maybe what was affecting him was the feel of Penelope's curvy, thick, soft body against his.

Whatever it was he felt a warmth infuse him that was strong and powerful. Their hug went on for a long minute. He wouldn't be the first to let go. It felt too right. And all too soon they would be on the plane, heading back home and away from each other again.

Penelope eased back a little and looked up at him. Her hand rose to rest over his heart. "You always talk me off the edge. When I was feeling all loopy and crazy, what did I do before I met you? I can't remember now."

"Good. Never remember. That way you'll always need me around," he said, his voice low and intimate.

"Always," she whispered, stretching her head up and pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

He caressed her face. Her head titled slightly and the moment froze, her mouth now near his. Derek knew, without a doubt, what he should do, as a good friend to Penelope. He should step back. He knew that she had a boyfriend at home. Knew she trusted Derek to do the right thing. Knew it would only complicate her life more if he didn't step away and break this moment.

But he was barely breathing. Standing there in Alaska, stock still, holding her and not wanting to let go.

Later on they would argue about who kissed who. He never could say for sure who closed the gap because once her lips fused to his everything in the world titled and reality went sideways. White hot heat bolted down his spine, warmth wrapped around his heart, he pulled her as close as humanely possible and their soft, tentative kiss turned into a searing, deep, longing filled one.

A kiss full of answers to questions too long left unspoken.

(So many questions still left unanswered.

So much I've never broken through.


But when I feel you near me

sometimes I see so clearly.

The only truth I've ever known is me and you.


Don't know much

but I know I love you.

And that may be all I need to know.) (Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville)