Summary: Set after Damon and Rose kiss and do something more and after Rose's phone rings in the episode "Katerina". Damon lets Rose use the bathroom. Rose runs a warm bath and relaxes in it, thinking about everything. Damon/Rose, one-sided Rose/Trevor.


"Damon, this is an odd request, but can I use the shower?" Rose asked as they sat on the floor under a blanket.

"Can I join you?" Damon smirked.

Rose stared at him. "Damon, seriously."

He nodded. "Of course."

Rose let her hand brush his own before getting out from under the blanket. She turned back. "Uh, another odd question: where is the bathroom?"

"Down the hall, fourth door on the right." he called.

"Thanks." Rose said. She vaguely wondered what was in the other rooms as she turned down the hall. She started mentally counting the doors on the right side. 1...2...3...4 When she got to the fourth door, she put her hand on the knob and turned. It opened with a slight creak. Rose walked in, shutting the door behind her. Then she walked over and put the plug in the tub before turning the faucet on. Once that was done, she sat on the edge of the tub and waited. Before it overflowed, she turned it off and tested the water with two fingers. It was just right. Standing up, she undressed and slipped into the warm water, sighing in contentment. Rose opened her eyes and looked at her body, and the scars on it. There weren't many: just a few on her arms and legs and a stab on her stomach from a stake soaked in vervain. She'd gotten blood, but it hadn't gone away. Because she didn't feel like thinking about those, she closed her eyes. As she soaked, she thought about everything else because, she knew if she didn't she'd start thinking about the scars and the memories that came with them.

Trevor hadn't deserved to die. She knew that he loved Katherine, but what he didn't know was that Rose had loved him. "And now he never will." Rose whispered, feeling tears prick her eyes. She closed them again, silently willing the tears to stay back. But, it didn't work and two tears spilled from both eyes and dripped into the water. To get rid of their trace, Rose submerged herself under the water, seeing as she didn't need to breathe. Then she resurfaced and felt them gone. She remembered where she was and Damon popped into her head instead of Trevor.

How did she feel about him?

Sure, they'd had sex. And yes, she'd enjoyed it, no use in trying to deny it. She knew if she got close to him, he'd end up dead. Then again, as long as Klaus was around, they were all dead anyway. Why shouldn't she make the most of it? Then a thought hit her. What if she was just a one-night stand to him? She knew he loved his brother's girlfriend…Rose felt bothered by that. Had Damon been leading her on? She hoped not. Rose really loved him. At least, she thought that's what it was. She'd never experienced it like this before now, so she couldn't be sure. Her thoughts drifted to Elijah now. Wasn't he aware that when Klaus was done with him he'd be dead? Probably not. Rose hadn't seen him do that yet, she had only seen him kill someone who'd helped the doppelganger, but she could pretty much guess that's what he'd do. And Elijah was completely clueless. Despite everything, Rose shook her head in pity. "Poor Elijah." Every single one of them were pawns in Klaus's sick game. Rose's hair hadn't gotten wet at all. She sometimes wished she had her long hair still. It made her look more like a girl. Feeling self conscious, she reached up and touched her short hair. Rose had lots of decisions she had to make still. And she had no idea what she could do. What she did know for sure was that in the end, she'd follow her heart.

AN: Here's the very first Rose story. She's too awesome of a character NOT to have at least one fan fiction about her. So I've made it. I hope you like it, even if you don't like her.