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Chapter 4

Rose blinked sleepily as the sun bathed her in its golden light. She sat up. What time was it? She looked around, and her eyes fell on a tray. On the tray was scrambled eggs and French toast with cinnamon and icing sugar on it drizzled in maple syrup. Off to the side of the food on the tray was a rose in a porcelain vase. Rose smirked at the irony. It was so obviously for her. Then she noticed the note beside it and one more thing: a wine bottle full of blood and a wine glass beside it. As she wondered who made this, she carefully pulled the tray onto her lap so as not to spill the delicious looking blood. Then she reached for the note and opened it.

'Good Morning Sleeping Beauty! Rose almost rolled her eyes at that.

'Sleep well? I sure did. Instead of waking you for breakfast, I decided to make you some instead. Hope you like French toast and eggs. And the blood. Stefan wanted to give you animal blood, but I knew you wouldn't like it-what sane vampire would?-and gave you some human instead. I'm not exactly sure what we are, so I guess it's up to you.

Damon Salvatore' Rose grinned. Damon was definitely something else, that much she knew for sure. She was unsure of what she wanted them to be as well, but before she had time to think about it, her stomach growled. After she ate, she'd probably be able to think better.

Stefan and Damon were sitting on the couches, watching TV. There was news if "animal attacks". Few people actually knew what it was. Neither of them heard Rose come out.

"Morning boys." she said, out of the blue. She stifled a giggle when they both jumped. "I didn't mean to scare you." she said honestly, grinning.

"Did you sleep well?" Stefan asked.

Rose nodded. "Yes, actually." She smiled at Damon, who returned it. "And yourselves?"

"I slept good." Stefan replied, nodding.

"Like a baby." Damon smirked. Rose walked over, looking at the news curiously.

"These must happen a lot." she commented, referring to the 'even more' in the title.

"You have NO idea." Damon and Stefan were perfectly in synch. Rose sat down on the same couch as Damon, but a little ways off from him.

"This is super unlikely, but were you behind any of these?" Stefan looked at Rose. Damon did too.

Rose's eyes widened. "No, not me directly." she sounded repulsed by the idea.

"Care to elaborate?" Stefan asked.

Rose folded her hands in her lap. "Trevor killed a human before he came to the house we were staying at when we kidnapped Elena. I didn't tell him to, though. He was always quite impulsive when he got hungry." Rose felt an intense wave of pain wash over her and it showed in her eyes as she referred to her best friend in the past tense. She closed her eyes. Why was she always crying? Stefan and Damon noticed this.

"Are you alright?" Stefan asked.

"Fine," Rose lied, her voice thick with unshed tears. Stefan sat on her other side and put a hand on her shoulder.

"I know how you feel." his voice was quiet. "Losing an old friend hurts. Especially if you watched them dieā€¦" he trailed off angrily and Damon avoided his eyes.

"|And you were unable to do anything." Rose finished.

Stefan nodded. "Exactly."

"So, which old friend?" she asked.

Stefan swallowed. "Lexi."

Rose gasped. "Lexi was a good friend of mine They will both be missed."

"I always told myself I'd avenge Lexi's death, but being the nice guy I am, that never happened." Stefan smiled. Rose had gone silently, Damon noticed. He had been looking at the floor.

When Rose spoke again, there was a mix of emotions in her voice: pain, loss but most of all, rage. "Well, I am going to avenge Trevor's death." he was shocked to hear a very large amount of venom in her voice. "When we see Elijah again, I will either drive a stake deep into his chest or rip his heart out."

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