Surrounding, penetrating darkness. And in the midst of that darkness, stood four children in machine bodies, standing against the greatest evil to ever threaten this world. The Galactic Cosmic Destroyer, Giygas.

"Heh heh heh heh heh. You must really be at the end of you rope." laughed a malicious voice in the darkness. "In this bizarre dimension, you four are the only force fighting for justice... And here you stand, waiting to be burned up with the rest of the garbage of the universe... Haaaaah! That's so sad. I can't help but shed a tear."

'Shut up Pokey," thought Ness, "Just shut up and let us finish this.'

"You know, my heart is beating incredibly fast," he sneered, "...I must be experiencing absolute terror!"

'That's because you don't even realize what you've unleashed! None of us can understand what that monstrosity is!' But the truth is that Ness did know. They all knew. They were staring into the end of the universe itself, and it was more frightening than any of them could have imagined. Jeff was actually shaking where he stood and Paula seemed on the verge of crying, and although Poo kept on stoically, Ness could feel the fear coming off him in waves.

"Do you want to scream for help here in the dark? Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Ness did want to scream, he wanted to cry out for help and run, run away from this monster and never look back, never have to face this absolute perversion of existence. Run back home to his family and forget this nightmare.

"Why not call your mommy, Ness! Say, 'Mommy! Daddy! I'm so frightened! I think I'm gonna wet my pants!'" Pokey's mocking voice said. "I know you have telepathy, or something, so just try and call for help, you pathetically weak heroes of so-called justice! "

'Help. Telepathy? That's it!'

"No one will help you now! Ha ha ha haah... Don't worry, your pitiful suffering will be over soon!" Pokey's voice faded out.

"Paula!" Ness yelled, "Start praying!"

"For what?" Paula said weakly.

"For anything! Pray for help! Pray for strength! Pray for the love of every one on Earth! Pray for us, Paula!"

"Alright," she said.

And so, Paula prayed.

She prayed to Dr. Andonauts and the Mr. Saturns. She prayed to the Runaway Five. She prayed to her family. She prayed to Tony, and the people of Dalaam, and Frank Fly, and to Ness's family, and to anyone on Earth who could hear her...

...And everyone prayed back...

Giygas shrieked in pain, and his whole form seemed to collapse.

'Oh no no no no nonononono, this isn't good,' thought Pokey. 'I... I have to think of something... The Devil's Machine!' Pokey reactivated the machine and energy began spewing out. Giygas let out a scream of unimaginable pain, strong enough to rip the fabric of space-time. Ness and his friends blacked out, their mechanical eyes unable to process what they were seeing and their audio receptors shattered from the noise and their minds drifted off into unconsciousness.

Pokey, however, was not so lucky...

Giygas's scream seemed to tear at his very soul, his mind was torn apart and put back together in an instant. A whole in the universe seemed to open and through it, Pokey could see everything. He saw the Big Bang and the expansion of the universe. He saw the formation of the stars and planets. He saw the creation of Earth. He saw all its history, even up to the present. And then he saw war. A war unlike any that had ravaged the planet before. A war which tore the entire planet apart. And the last thing he saw before the embrace of unconsciousness finally claimed him, was a white ship.


High above the ground, a large square shape could be seen flying across the sky. At first glance it looked like a lunchbox or toaster, until you noticed its eyes.

Perhaps just as interesting as the flying creature were the two figures who sat atop it. They looked to be no more than a pair of young teenagers, with unusually pale skin, and wearing green headphones with antennae.

But they were so much more than that.

They were the armed scout robots Quote and Curly Brace.

Three years ago, the two of them had saved the floating island from the evil Doctor, Fuyuhiko Date. Date had tried to enslave the island's mimiga population and turn them into weapons to use against the world. Quote was able to defeat him and save the mimigas, but the entire island nearly fell out of they sky. Only by teaming up with Curly Brace and defeating the tortured sorcerer Ballos was Quote able to save the island.

"It's a beautiful day today, huh Quote?" said Curly to her partner.

"Yes," he replied, "It certainly is."

"It looks just like any other day to me," said Balrog, their large cube-like companion busy focusing on his flying.

Despite the clear skies, a rather strong wind was blowing and Balrog was trying to make sure that neither of his small friends fell off. This normally wouldn't have been a problem as Quote usually had his Booster 2.0 with him at all times, but today the Booster wasn't working quite right, probably thanks to the crash it went through after Curly decided to borrow it for a quick joyride and lost control.

In fact, it hadn't been working right all week since the crash.

That was the reason that the three of them were flying out today. They had gotten in touch with Professor Booster, who had asked them to come in person to fix the jetpack. Professor Booster had designed the Booster 2.0, which he had named after himself, and if anyone could fix it, he could.

Quote let his gaze wander as Curly tried to convince Balrog that days like today don't just come along all the time, despite the fact that it was summer and the weather was usually sunny this time of year.

As he scanned the horizon, Quote suddenly noticed a pillar of light shoot up in the distance.

"Hey, did you guys see that?" he asked.

"See what?" asked Curly.

"That tall light. Over that way."

Quote pointed in the direction he saw the light.

"I didn't see anything," she replied.

"Me neither," said Balrog.

"We should go check it out!" exclaimed Quote.

Curly gave him a look. "Quote, we really should be heading to the Sakamoto's."

"It wont take long," he replied, "Besides, something could be wrong."

Curly sighed. He was probably right; he usually was.

Quote was always driven to help people, and she would never hear the end of it if they just ignored this. 'Then again,' thought Curly, 'Trouble usually means adventure.'

Like Quote's need to help others, Curly had a certain thirst for adventure that her desire for a peaceful living just couldn't suppress.

"Alright," she said, "Let's go. Balrog..."

"I'm already on it," he said.

And with that, the three of them headed off in the direction Quote had indicated.

They set down in a forest and began to look around.

After a few minutes, they found something.

A large clearing looked like it had been blasted out of the forest. The ground looked scorched in some areas, but what really caught their attention was what was lying in the center of the clearing.

Four children were lying on the ground...

All of them looked tired and hurt, and none of them were conscious.

"This doesn't look good," said Curly. "We'd better get these kids some help, and fast. Balrog..."


"Do you think you can carry these kids back with us?"

"I'll do my best," he replied.

"Don't forget their stuff," she said to Quote as she proceeded to gather the kids up with Balrog.

"I won't," he replied.

There were several small items scattered on the ground, including a red cap, a very strange sword, a frying pan, and many other things.

The one thing that stood out among the others however was a bat that looked like it had seen a lot of action. Quote picked it up and examined it.

Their was a name written on the side.


'It must belong to one of those kids.' he thought.

Without another word he carefully picked up the bat and the other objects lying around and hurried back to join the others...