Don't Ever Look Back

It wasn't even a month after Kurt and Blaine had gotten together, that Dave Karofsky had Kurt running after him- again. Kurt wasn't upset or injured. He was just curious. He was running after him after a note in his locker said "follow me" in a horribly written script. Dave had eyed him in the hall ripping his chin in the direction in front of him for Kurt to start following him. And there they were in the back courtyard in the darker blanketed shade from the summer sun. It wasn't a period for lunch, for it was far too early.

Dave cornered Kurt, Making him feel absolutely naked under his gazed.

"Wh-What do you want?" Kurt slurred out completely uncomfortable as he attempted to push the larger teen away.

The other responded by grabbing the hands pushing him away and dragged him closer. His arm cupped his waist and pulled Kurt in.

"Be Mine."

Those two words sent Kurt in absolute shock. This was the same guy who kept throwing him into the lockers, calling him a fag, and harassing him to no end- and here he is, straddling Kurt with one arm, putting him in a position that he couldn't even get out of- even if he were to scream.

'What the hell? How am I going to get out of this mess?'

Kurt tried to pull away but that just made Karofsky hold him tighter.

"Look… I'm flattered, seriously but I have-"

"Dump him!" He barked, Kurt could hear the desperation ringing in his voice.

"No I can't- I lo-"

"Hummel, I will openly declare that I'm gay, and I'll treat you right." Kurt stopped struggling; he knew at that very second- his heart stopped. And the blood rushing to his head furiously danced to his cheeks reddening them.

"Let go of me!" Kurt spat, his mind was getting dizzy, and he blamed it on the tight cage he was being held in.

"No, not until you tell me that you'll be mine."

Kurt pushed and kicked, and finally before the larger teen could pull him in even tighter- he broke free.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Kurt screamed, tears were finally falling from his eyes.

"I- I just… want you."

"Well, who in the hell in their right mind would willingly throw themselves to someone who has treated them like garbage just because of who they are… to become a sexual relief tool?"

Kurt seethed, but he coughed- seeing the hurt look in the football player's face.

"I can change…" Dave's eyes looked at Kurt with all the compassion they could muster.

Kurt gasped, feeling two arms- circling around his waist.

"Blaine!" He breathlessly sang, feeling the light butterfly kiss on the back of his neck.

"Sorry to shoot down your luck man, but Kurt…" He maneuvered one hand to tip Kurt's chin, and kissed him sweetly.

"Belongs to me."

Kurt smiled, watching Blaine- taking pleasure at his wonderful features. However, he stopped blinking at the target of his boyfriend's glare. He frowned.

"Let's go." Blaine stated- completely out of character, taking Kurt by the hand and leading him far away. Kurt couldn't look away from his boyfriend. Though, something in the back of his mind told him that Karofsky was staring beams into the back of his head- that he should look back.

"Please," Blaine gasped, "Don't look back." Kurt took in a deep breath, curiously eyeing his affection.

"If you do, I don't know what I will do."

"Please just… don't ever look back. I love-"

Kurt stopped, pulling his hand to turn Blaine around. Blaine was scared, confused, but was also praying that Kurt wasn't going to-

Before he could even start to place his doubts in Kurt, said boy pulled down Blaine's striped Dalton's tie and kissed him lovingly on the lips.

"I love you."