Lilligant and Whimsicott entered the huge colorful amusement park, taking in all the wonder and amusement as they noticed all the bright, cheerful rides. Lilligant was excited beyond all belief, while Whimsicott felt happier, still having a pertaining feel that something wasn't right.

"This place is pretty cool, but let's no lower our defenses," Whimsicott stated as she led the duo forward.

Lilligant tugged Whimsicott by the right arm. "Let's go get something yummy first! I'm famished!"

Whimsicott turned to Lilligant, looking at her oddly. "Isn't it strange for a plant like you to be hungry? Plants don't even have stomachs!"

Lilligant giggled as she wrapped her leafy arms around the back of her head. "Well, I don't have to worry! I can contradict the laws of nature anyway I want! I'm a Pokemon!"

Whimsicott was about to answer, but she sighed as she closed her eyes, shrugging. "There's no point in trying to get to you," She remarked, the two grass type Pokemon continuing to walk forward within the park.