I Can Feel Your Heart Beat.

Rizzoli & Isles

Pairing: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles

Author: myIllusion

Rating: M for later chapters

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters-no copyright infringement intended.

A/N This story is in no way related to my other story Before and After on the Run. You may have to adjust to how Jane and Maura relate to one another. At least for now. Things will warm up in the near future.


"Listen kid, you need to tell me your name, you need to tell me where you live and you need to start telling me what really happened in that alley behind "The Nasty Vermin." Or, you're going to be held in a cell until someone a lot less nicer than me shows up and throws the book at you."

Jane had just about had it with this kid. Her heart went out for the girl, but they had questioned her for six hours and she hadn't uttered a single word. She looked like a bad-ass teenager. Not really a goth girl. She was wearing all black and had a pretty severe hair cut but no make-up.

Black eyes, black hair, black tee shirt, black jeans, black boots and a black leather jacket. But not a smudge of make-up. No jewelry with the exception of two leather wrist bands. Her skin was pale alabaster. Flawlessly smooth. Vampire? Jane snorted, at the thought, but was also kind of hoping the kid would smile so she could get a good look at her teeth.

A young man had been found bludgeoned to death by a three foot length of two by four. This girl was holding the murder weapon, sitting on the ground against the building ten feet away from the body. Whoever called it in remained anonymous and so far Frost had been unable to trace the call. He suspected a throw away cell phone had been used as no name was registered to the number it had come from. The location the call had been made from had been the alley where the body, and the girl had been found.

"I want to talk to the other one." The girl spoke the words softly, yet clearly. She was looking Jane straight in the eye with a very determined unflinching gaze.

"Other one what?" Jane asked, baffled but relieved that the girl had finally said something.

She nodded at the mirrored window behind Jane; staring at the glassed wall as though she could see right through.

"Her, the one watching behind the mirror. I can feel her there. She will listen to me. "

Jane sprung out of her chair and made for the door. "Don't you move." She commanded over her shoulder and nodded at the uniformed officer in the room to make sure he understood to watch the girl carefully.

She charged into the observation room to find Dr. Maura Isles looking completely flummoxed.

"How did she know I was here?"

"What are you doing here?"

The questions were asked simultaneously and the women regarded one another with flustered, frustrated expressions.

"Maura, what are you doing in here watching this interview? Don't you have a body to cut up or some shoes to buy or something?"

The Detective's tone was curt and rude but Maura had become used to that of late. Out of the blue, a friendship that had meant the world to Maura had been severed with no explanation.

Jane had simply stopped being Maura's friend. The rift had started slowly. Jane was too busy for lunch. No, she didn't have time for drinks after work. No, Jane was too tired to go to the movies. Finally Maura asked her directly.

"Jane, have I done something to make you angry with me?"

Jane had come into the morgue to pick up a file that Maura had just completed the paperwork on. She breezed through the door with her usual swagger but the bright and friendly smile Maura had been accustomed to seeing was glaringly absent.

"Huh... what? No... Why?"

"Well...I was wondering why you no longer want to spend time with me? Every time I ask you to lunch or...-" And then Maura started to cry. She couldn't help it. Suddenly, her hurt feelings seemed to coalesce, they bundled themselves together into a knot of pain that squeezed her heart. Tears pooled in her eyes, she started to hyperventilate and Jane had fled.

They hadn't spoken since. Of course they had spoken professionally but not of that incident in the morgue. Jane had taken obvious steps to avoid Maura after that embarrassing scene. Frost was always sent to the morgue to pick up documents. Autopsies were observed by both Detectives - Jane no longer indulged Frost and his weak stomach. The poor man was getting his immersion therapy thrust upon him at a startling rate.

Crime scenes were always crowded and Jane was reserved and matter of fact while gathering the pertinent facts she needed from Maura. They no longer shared a banter, they no longer had a synchronization in the way they worked together.

Maura sighed. Why had she come into the observation room? Because she wanted to watch Jane. That was the simple truth. She missed the Detective. Jane was good at her job, she was the best at what she did. That confidence was what made Jane so appealing and attractive. People who loved what they did and were good at their work were attractive. They emanated a light and brilliance that made people want to be around them.

Maura had never really thought about this before until Jane had taken it away. She would never understand people. This rejection from Jane had been the final blow. Friends were rare and dear to Maura and her friendship with Jane had been so easy, so...fun. Now all she could feel was confusion, hurt, and disappointment. She didn't think she could allow herself to be so open to Jane again, or anyone for that matter. People were just too unpredictable, unless they were dead. She understood dead people. She shook her head and realized that Jane was staring at her. Waiting for an answer. The truth was all that Maura knew and so she told it.

"I wanted to watch you."


"I said, I wanted to watch you Detective. I like watching you interview suspects. I like to watch you work."

Jane looked as though she wanted to flee again, instead she ran her fingers through that wild mane and blurted.

"Christ Maura... well, somehow that kid in there felt you "watching" and wants to talk to you. She hasn't said a single word in six hours. I want you to come in and talk to her. And then Jane headed for the door expecting Maura to follow right behind her.

Maura hadn't moved. Something within her had nudged and stirred. A little flash of something hard and tight and hot. Anger. Jane had treated her badly. She was still treating her badly and Maura had done nothing that she knew of to warrant such disrespect. So she stood, immobile rooted to floor.

"Is that an order Detective?, or a request?"

"Huh? Jane's charcoal eyes sparked with some odd emotion that Maura could not identify. Fear? Shame? But the unguarded look was buried quickly behind an impatient anger.

" Come on Maura I don't want that kid to change her mind while you dither over my choice of words. Are you going to come and talk to her or not?"

That was blunt enough, Maura thought. The little flash she felt earlier, the anger she identified was turning into a tiny ball of flame. Maura didn't indulge in heated feelings, they always left her vulnerable and frightened and usually led to some unanticipated conflict. She didn't like conflict. She forced herself to be calm and consider her choices, which led her to a compromise she could live with.

" I'll talk to the girl Detective. But just so you understand... I'm doing it for her. Not for you Detective. "

To Be Continued