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Hell's Boys

Dean looked at Sam, and said, "then we will do what we have to, and get my brother back."

Sam nodded, this would be for the best, even though he didn't care… couldn't care. But Dean did. And he knew the old Sam would have cared a lot

But where would they start and how much blood, sweat and tears it was going to take to get Sam's soul back from Crowley, if he even had it, he had no idea. He had something over on Sam, Dean just wasn't sure if it was Sam's soul or something else. Man, it was killing Dean having to take orders from a demon… but, here he was being hell's bitch once again for Sam. Actually for Sammy's soul… but a chance to get his Sammy back… His pain-in-the-ass little brother in all his emo glory?… he couldn't pass it up even if it was a shot in the dark. So yeah. He was here willingly. As willingly as one can be with no other options.

One thing for damn sure when he got his Sammy back he was going to have all the chick-flick moments the little freak wanted. He didn't care if he wanted a hug in the middle of mall full of females-shopping. He wouldn't hesitate. He'd even instigate some of them himself. And never again would he make fun of Sam for having feelings. He would just be happy Sam could feel anything at all. Dean smiled wearily at Sam sitting across from him and said once again, "It's a step in the right direction, Sam."

Sam nodded and they stood together, walking across the park side by side.

Dean suddenly realized with Sam finally being honest with him, he didn't feel quite as angry towards him and maybe things would be ok… at least once they slapped Sam's soul back in his body. Suddenly, Dean swatted Sam on the back. As Sam looked at him startled, Dean smiled, "Let's get this party started, hell boy."

Sam grinned back at him and Dean could almost, for a moment, pretend it was Sammy standing in front of him.

The End