The sight of the moonlit sky way truly amazing. I mean, one would be so relaxed just looking at it. Even me, a over hype-active blond flirt is still tamed by the aura of the misty sky. As I stared at it, my eyes tried to get all of the shining flowers on the fields, the small hills ahead, and the water-like glowing of the moon all in one setting. I probably never was one for art, but I do –much to popular believe- like to have quiet time and just enjoy earth's creation. Yeah, I probably am one for words, seeing at though most of my friends say that I talk way too much.

I lay awake on the tamed field somewhere in the Mist. My mission was to find a pacific crystal in a cave the normal villagers do not dare to achieve. Not that is matters what the villagers are scared of, it is a just a cave, correct? I do find it a little sad of whom the people are that I did get stuck on this mission with though…

"You're watch is up." I deep voice informed me, I turned just my head and my shoulders slightly to the location.

"Hai, Neji." I nodded before standing up from my meditating position. My eyes where just slightly heavy.

"Where you meditating?" He questioned me as a slight smile tugged on my lips.

"I guess you could call it that." I shrugged. "I just to do to clear my head, focus on one goal. 'Ya know?" I heard myself explain, I thought a moment before also adding: " I did try though. And yet I still never could get down the whole life energy things anyway." I admitted, expecting him to call me stupid for it. Much to my surprise –as if Kami just had to see me wrong- he smirked at me before sitting down in a meditating positing himself. It took a moment to digest it and blink at him as he gestured to the area that I was sitting before, closing his eyes. I hesitated for a moment, but soon sat down in a very similar position on the flowery field.

"Erm, call me stupid but, what am I supposed to be doing?" I scratched the back of my head sheepishly.

"You tell me." He responded, his eyes not opening. At this I felt my eye twitch.

"Eh? Excuse me? You're losing me here now." If his eyes where open, I would be sure that he rolled them.

"I can't make you meditate." he began to explain, somewhat impatiently. "the way of meditation lies within the persons' needs. Some people need to calm down, some need to forget, some need to get a hold of themselves. Get it?" I felt a twinge of anger at the tone he was using on how he explained it, but kept my mouth shut for now.

"This may be a stupid question but," I wanted to smack my own forehead for starting this sentence... "If you meditate based on controlling your emotions, what do you do when you just feel blank... feel nothing." He peaked on of his eyes open slightly and I felt as if i said something wrong or if it was a stupid question. My gut sank at the dreaded feeling of being called stupid by a jounin, even if you are one yourself.

"...I," Here it comes... "don't know." I resisted the powerful urge to gawk. Unfortunately, my mouth still opened as if I were going to say something.I straightened up my posture and turned my head to the side, looking at the moon.

"I guess... emotions always have to be there, one could feel nothing, right?" I turned back to the Hyuga to see him with a thoughtful look, looking at the moon, as i had done before. I looked at the sky for a couple of moments before i started giggling, then laughing. He turned to me with a raised eyebrow.

"I-i'm sorry," I said quietly between calmed giggles. "Its just that, a girl who tried to seduce you during a chunnin exam is actually having a serious conversation about meditating." I smiled widely at the thought of my own... 'creativity'

"Hn," He shrugged slightly. "You never where one anyone could easily point down." I raised an eyebrow.

"That's a good thing, right?" Yeah,this conversation is just making me could like a complete idiot.

"It depends on which side of your personality the person pins you as." I looked down at the ground at the fact of someone pinning me down as a slut because of my missions.

"You should get some sleep," He interrupted my thoughts "I doubt that you'll sleep in a cave when we're searching." I nodded silently before standing up and walking over to the tent.

As it turns out, i couldn't sleep at all. I even tried to knock myself out, but that didn't even work. I must have a case of insomnia or something, but that shouldn't -and/ or wouldn't - effect this mission at all. I mean, if I can't sleep at all when I try, then I'm not going to when a mission is taking place.

Sighing, i quietly sneaked out of my tent for a small walk. Unfortunately, I failed to remember that the other teammate that Tsunade (briliantly) decided to pair me up with was on watch at this current time.

"Going somewhere, Yamanaka?" Oi-ve, I seriously wish that sometimes he wasn't such a good ninja.

"What's it to you if I am?" I questioned him in an impatient voice. But as usual, he somehow managed to ignore it.I rolled my eyes and started to walk again.

"Just don't take too long, sun is going to rise soon." I whipped my head around, ready to scold.

"Don't tell me what to do!" I protested in annoyance. "You're not the leader of this mission! You're luckly your sorry ass is even aloud out of the village!" I hissed

"And yet they still made me a higher rank than you."

"Why you...!" I felt my hands and eye twitch.

"Something the matter, Uchiha?" Neji interrupted our conversation, stepping out of his tent.

Rolling my eyes, i turned around. "I'm taking a walk before we leave." I stepped out of sight from them, and then chakra-sensing rang of them. I sighed exasperated before sitting on a tree brach. Leaning one elbow on my knee and leaning my head on the bark of the tree, i closed my eyes.

You're probably wondering why Uchiha is here, right? Che, i have to figure that out myself, but Tsunade said that 'working with other teammates is good for your teamwork'. They put Hinata, Shikamaru and Naruto on one team for gods sake!

Anyway, Sasuke didn't actually 'come' back to the village, but he attempted to destroy it. He got captured and interragated by Ibiki and my father, just to be realised a measly month later because of Naruto and Sakura! If it where any other person, they would have been executed. But, Sasuke -being what ever the hell he is- somehow got out unscated. Not even a permanent scar! He returned and decided to stay in the village because he had no reason to leave again anyway.

I know, I know. I used to be a fangirl of his, and I can't take that back. Altough i do wish i could. Do I still have feelings for him? I don't know, and in all truth, I don't want to know.

Sighing, I stood up from my suprisingly comfortable position and jumped off the branch, graciously landing on the ground. My feet started moving, instinctivley leading the way back to the campsite.

There is a reason on why i don't want to find out if i do have feeling for him though.

I was never good at keeping secrets.

Ya know, i think that this is the first story that i actually knew what couple i wanted from the beginnnnnnnnnnninnnnnnnnng! Woah! *High fives self* Anywho, this is a Itaino story and it actually is more serious than most of my other ones, and it is a end pairing, so if you like porn-like things that they fall in love within seconds, this is not your story! By the way, the main sidepairings are Sasuino and tiny Nejiino. The last sentance of the chapter are important along with the talk with Neji!


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