I didn't know anything about right now. Where am I? What's this pain? Why does it feel like I just drooped like 1000 feet? Sitting up and grabbing my head, I looked at my surroundings. Nothing but dark and a dusty ground…

Oh, I remember now…

And all I could think of is to run and call Neji's and Sasuke's names…

Uchiha was not happy in this situation.

Not only did he lose both of his teammates, but the entire floor had fallen thought. Sighing, he just began to walk down the pit; hopefully he'll find at least one of his temporarily worthless teammates.

The farther down he had traveled, the more and more impatient he had grown. Is this some kind of trick? A genjutsu perhaps? The chakra is still the same, and nothing seemed to be off in any way. He had lost count on how long he's been walking, but it feels like he's not walking on the wall, but on a normal floor. His hair fell flat again, and it seemed to have gone unnoticed by the Uchiha. It's been a while since he lost the light from the exit, and he was slowly getting tired from boredom and chakra use.

As time still ticked in his head, he was about to fuck it and turn around, forgetting the entire mission and claim that they where killed by and ambush. Thinking of it, he then realized how shady it would be that a Hyuuga and Tsunade's pupil where both killed, but he survived.

Not to mention that Naruto would have his head on a silver platter.

Well, mostly the elders and higher-ups would have his head, not to mention Inoichi. That man can be scary as hell if he wants to be, even to the egotistical Uchiha.

The thought kept him distracted for the time being.


He blinked, his senses back on edge. Maybe he had finally found… Ino, he guessed, based on the high-pitched voice. He fastened his pace a bit, guessing it's from the North-west.

'Help me…'the voice grew meek, and he froze. Not only was it coming from another direction, but the voice grew a pitch deeper.

'Can't you hear me?'The voice went back to the high voice, and he was beginning to grow a skeptic.

'Sasuke, I need you!' His blood ran cold for a minuet as the words rung thought his head… that's…


Never would she say anything that would intimidate herself like that. Saying that would be the same as claiming that you're useless. He scoffed and stood in a leaned back position. The voice began to laugh, taunting him to turn his head in the designated direction. The longer he waited, the more the voice grew stronger, more discreet. He finally turned his head slightly, seeing a small figure.

'Are you scared?' The voice asked, testing the boy's patience. Something about the sentence ticked him off, and he isn't one to bite his tongue. Finally turning around all the way, his eyes subconsciously turning to Sharingan; What he saw was disturbing….

'A little girl?' His eyebrows furrowed the slightest bit, trying to answer what kind of trick this is.

Her vivid white gown was blinding, and the girl's hair was long and a bright yellow, in a loose braid. His eyes must have tricked him as it reminded him of Naruto. Her eyes a piercing blue with no pupils, like Ino's. IT confused him at how that shape of the girls eyes reminded him of…

"What's the matter, don't you want to play?"

Her chakra was recovering quickly, and soon she should at least be able to use her jutsu to attempt to contact someone…

The ground was painful to her bare hands as she pushed herself up from her knees. Panting slightly, she took a couple balance-catching steps back. Going though her medical bag; she inwardly cursed Uchiha for ruining her food pills. She's also slightly ticked that Neji didn't say anything.

Her eyes began to water at how her dad would react to the death of his only daughter, and she shook her head; refusing to think of such thoughts. She began to walk, refusing to limp or grab anything but her shoulder in pain. She couldn't see a damn thing, and it was really starting to tick her off.

She tripped over something cold and hard, hearing several cracking noises as she did.

"Gaugh!" She cursed insanities under her breath. Getting up and consequently realizing just what she was tripping over as the horrid smell of putrid blood ran thought her nostrils. Her eyes grew big and her pupils grew small.

'H-human, h-h-h-human body' Her mind struggled to register it, refusing double fold and get sick. As she turned white, she had to bite back a horrid scream. Her lip quivering as she was stunned there, staring as the dried clean skull slowly fell off of the spine, making cracking sounds and shattered as it hit the ground.

"You should be used to it." A deep voice echoed, making her head snap to where it came from. Just to see that nothing was there, "After all, you are a konoichi." The voice came in a different direction, and Ino turned to – again, see nothing.

"Whose there?" Her voice came out surprising strong, just to see a shadow passed by. Forgetting the corpse that she was currently at the foot of, here eyebrows quivered slightly; before she shook her head.

"And you call yourself a ninja." The voice breathed over her shoulder, she jumped up and scrambled to her feet. One hand gripping the dirt of the wall desperately, the other holding a kunai shakily. Her eyes grew wider, shocking herself on how big they could get.

"Go away!" She demanded, feeling a tad bit more confident in herself now that her chakra was fully charged. Her eyes narrowed as the black figure taunted her… telling her to guess just guess who or what it is. The first thing she realized was that the figure was tall and lean, seeing as though she could only see the outline.

"If I did that, this would all be a waste of time, now wouldn't it?" The voice sounded dominant, as if it knew that she couldn't lay a finger on him. She couldn't think of anything to do, but she refused to just stand there.

"Release!" She called, folding her fingers in the needed symbol. As nothing happened, her heart began to beat heavily in her ears. Whoever this person is, their chakra level and control is uncanny!

"If you think that this is a genjutsu, you are slower than I first alleged." His voice turned cold and made Ino gulp heavily as her throat went dry. "I can show you what a true genjutsu is, if you wish." Her heart stopped, looking at the swirling eyes, the blood-red color piercing her eyes in shock. She gripped that walls tighter.

"I-impossible…" He can't be Sasuke, she would have recognized the chakra signature, "Then who…?"

The answer hit her like a ton of bricks, and her heart plummeted 20 feet.

"I-Itachi…" Her voice grew weak again,

"At least you're not totally incompetent."

Ignoring the statement, she stuttered out. "H-how…"

"Not important." He delayed the subject. She backed up against the wall more as he became easier to see. He wasn't wearing his Akatsuki cloak anymore, but just a typical ninja outfit with no visible headband. It was just a mere second before Ino felt a cold sensation on her forehead, quickly realizing that it was his hand. She gasped, paralyzed as his eyes sent her in a case of shock. A glowing, sharp white pattern filled her forehead and down her temples. As images filled her mind, she felt lines of blood trotting out the side of her mouth. Her heart was overwhelmed with so many feelings that – as he finished, she felt so… blank.

"You'll be my eyes for me, Yamanka." Although he barley spoke at all, she could hear him as if he was in her mind; telling her that. As she fell to her knees, the white strokes dissolved as quickly as they came. "Now all you have to do is get close to my foolish little brother." Without looking at her grey eyes, he vanished in a dark blur.

Uchiha was pushing his limits. This girl, whatever this thing is… is unstoppable.

"What the matter?" The girl's hair was still in perfect place, her pure white clothes only stained with his blood, "I thought you liked playing tag!" The thing whined. "Your still it you know!"

"I don't like tag." Sasuke hissed with distain at the word, wiping blood from his mouth. He refused to give up here; he refused to show his last resort to a kid; A girl none the less.

"Aww, how about hide and seek?" The second voice met in harmony with the first, giving a different echo effect than what he's familiar with.

"I don't play games!" He finally snapped, shocking the girl. Her eyes grew wide for a second, before she started to scowl, a low growl emerging from her gritted teeth.

"Y-y-you… d-don't…" The girl stuttered, "I…I don't understand…"

"I'm too old for games, you are too." He stated blandly, pissed at the blood that she caused him to leak. It could do a good job in his body, you know.

"T-too…old…" She gripped her head, a aqua energy circling around her. She emitted a defining screech, her eyes turning a glowing yellow. "I-I'm N-n-not too old!" She lost her entire human form at this rate, turning into something unexplainable.

"Game Over!" It sounded as if 50 voices in harmony said it, angry with him. Just as Uchiha tried to doge the ground breaking hit, he realized that there was an invisible wall, there was something keeping him from moving onward. As the spirit-like thing lifted its arm, he realized that he has nowhere left to run.

Just as the arm was about to come down…

"Sasuke!" A voice screamed, and as he turned his head…

The impact never came.

He was pushed to the floor, away from the hit. Registering what had just happened, he looked up to see that the thing was gone, not a sign that it was here; minus the injuries he had.

Looking in front of him, he realized that not something pushed him out of the way, but someone…

"Ino…" Surprised at the blond girl's presence, the dried-up blood lines on her face moved as she looked at him. Her eyes where still gray, but they where watering.

"S-Sasuke…" She stuttered, her hands gripped his shirt as she sobbed. She lowered her head so the he wouldn't see her blood mix with her tears. He sighed silently, putting one of his arms around her shoulder, leaning his head back. He'll let it slide this one time…

Neither of them even noticed that they where in the same room as the water quarts crystal; or that Neji was passed out on the other side of the section.

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