Hey everyone. This is the Epilogue. I thought it would be a way to end the fic with a bit of humour. I hope everyone liked this fic. Reviews are much appreciated.

Stay tuned for more romantic adventures of Owen and Abby. I'm already plotting the fic were they celebrate their first Christmas together...not to mention Owen's thirteenth birthday. :-D

I Was Wondering, Why Do You Like Me? Epilogue

May 23, 2005

Owen and Abby sat side by side on the couch. The closing theme of The Oprah Winfrey Show played on a rerun from earlier that day. Owen aimed the remote control and switched to CNN. Larry King was discussing the couch jumping incident by Tom Cruise they had just witnessed. He switched to Entertainment Tonight, where it was *THE* main subject of discussion.

Owen's stoic face then broke into a wide grin. His smile grew wider, exposing the vampire fangs he'd had since 1984. Without turning his head, he reached out his arm and extended his hand in front of his beloved companion and soulmate of more than twenty-two years. His smile grew more confidant as he snapped his fingers and rubbed them together.

Abby shot him a look that was so dirty he would have laughed at how extreme it was. The last time he'd seen her give him that look was in 1999. He'd been sent to the local videostore to rent Hope Floats and Forces of Nature. They were both out. So, he'd returned with Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy. He'd pleaded quite logically that both of the films she'd wanted to see were out, so he didn't want to return empty handed. (He conveniently forgot to mention that he'd waited around for more than an hour, after reserving the two Adam Sandler films, for the films Abby had wanted to see get rented by someone else).

It was an old argument. They'd had twenty-two years, and counting, of happiness. About the only thing they never agreed on was their taste in movies (aside from anything that was created by George Lucas). Adam Sandler was a perfect example. Owen thought he was a comedic genius. Abby regarded him as an insane moron who was missing a chromosome. Another movie issue they couldn't see eye-to-eye on was The Three Stooges. Abby simply couldn't see the humour in three grown men who were constantly physically abusing each other -which was, of course, why Owen thought they were so funny.

But now, a bet made in the summer of 1983 was about to be paid. Abby reached into her pocket, pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to her vampiric mate.

"There! I don't know *how* you knew about this, but I've got to hand it to you, you won fair and square!", she sighed in disgust.

"Thank you! Thank you very much!", Owen chuckled as he pocketed the bill. He reached over and pulled Abby –who was trying very hard to maintain the dirty look and keep it from melting into a giggle- into an embrace.

"I still can't believe it. He went insane over…Katie Holmes, of all people. He flipped out over Joey Potter!"

"He was a ticking bomb of nuttiness. I mean, he dumped Nicole Kidman for crying out loud"

"True that. So, what are you going to do with that ten dollars you've won?", she sneered with humorous sarcasm.

"I thought I'd keep it with my own ten dollars. And then, on midnight of June 17th, I'd take a certain vampire girl I know to the midnight screening of Batman Begins."

"Ok. I'll admit it. I like that plan.", Abby giggled as she leaned over and kissed him. "And, you know how much I love anything with Christian Bale in."

"Besides, we owe it to Katie Holmes. I have a feeling her own career is not going to go skyrocket after this."

"You're sure about that?"

Owen grinned again. "Want to bet?"