The first thing Kagami Hiiragi realized when she woke up that morning was that she was not in her room, when she first opened her eyes she was blinded by a bright white light. When she blinked a few times and shook off the blurriness she realized that something was not right. The bed she was sleeping in had wooden bars around it; she looked around and saw that she was in a large room with soft pink colored walls with pictures of smiling diapered teddy bears painting on it. She looked over to her right and saw what looked like to be an oversized highchair, right next to it she saw a table with leather padding on the top and under it some cabinets that was closed at the moment. In the corner of the room she saw a chest with many stuffed animals, so many that they all could not fit inside the chest so some of them were neatly placed on the side of the chest on the purple fluffy carpet. Lastly she looked in a mirror that was next to the bed she was lying in and was shocked at her appearance. Her hands were covered with purple mittens that pressed her fingers together inside to prevent her from gripping things, next she saw that she was wearing a pink shirt with the picture of a plush kitty wearing a white dress printed on the front.

Kagami began to panic now because she did not any idea where she was, and why she was dressed in a shirt that her sister would probably wear. She kicked her legs violently trying to throw back the covers that covered the lower half of her body and felt some soft padded material around her waist that made a crinkling sound every time she moved her legs. Kagami kicked the covers completely off her body and found the horror of a diaper that was wrapped around her waist. Now really afraid Kagami stood attempting to hop over the bars surrounding her, but the pink baby booties covering her feet gave off a tickling sensation that felt like feathers tickling her toes, she jumped back and fell on her padded bottom. Kagami tried to test the booties out by pressing her foot down and putting some weight on them, soon enough she felt that same tickling sensation and lifted up her foot to stop the tickling. Knowing she could do nothing but cry for help Kagami tried screaming but her sounds were muffled by the thing that was in her mouth, she tried to spit it out but realized it was stuck tight and would not come out, judging by what all she was wearing Kagami had no problem's guessing that she had a pacifier in her mouth.

Just then a door magically appeared out of thin air, a tall woman wearing a maid's uniform walked into the room. She had long blue hair that went down to her legs, she had her eyes closed but had a cat-like grin on the front of her face. Kagami was shocked but enraged at the same time as she know who the person was.

"What the….Konata?" Kagami tried to yell through the pacifier but ending up sounding like ranting from a crazy person. "Konata what the hell is all of this? Why am I dresses this way, and where the hell am I?" Kagami kept ranting through the pacifier but could not be understood by anyone.

Konata finally turned her attention towards Kagami who had steam of rage seeping from the top for her head. "Oh my, is the baby awake now?" She spoke kindly in an England accent walking towards the crib.

"What the, why are you speaking that way, and get me out of here now!" Kagami yelled but her sounds were still being muffled; she began pounding the bars with her mitten covered hands.

"Now, now there's no need to be so cranky so early in the morning sweetie, I'll let you out as soon as I check that diapee of yours."

"Wait what do you mean check my diaper?" Kagami asked herself blushing looking down at the fluff that was between her legs. "No way you're not doing anything of the sort!" Kagami stood up and walked on her knees trying to move out of Konata's reach but suddenly found that she could not move her body.

"That's a bad baby; I said I needed to check your diaper so why are you trying to get away from me?" Konata asked in a devilish tone. "Sit Girl!" Konata said, suddenly the pacifier in Kagami's mouth began glowing a bright pink color then an unknown force pulled Kagami down planting her face down into the sheet's.

Kagami laid with her face in the sheets for a few seconds stunned of what just happened. "D-did she just use the sit command that Kagome gives to Inuyasha?" Kagami asked her self. She felt her self being rolled over in her back and two fingers's being stuck up her diaper. Kagami jumped and began to wiggle around until Konata took her finger out from under Kagami's diaper.

"Still dry!" Konata said in a disappointed tone. Kagami began cursing Konata through the pacifier letting out more ranting that she could not understand. "There, there it's ok." Konata said in a reassuring way patting the front of Kagami's diaper making it make a loud crinkling sound, she then let her hand drift up the Kagami's tummy and moved her finger back and fourth. "Coo-chi coo-chi coo!" Kagami reacted to the sensation and began squirming around the crib and giggling through the pacifier in her mouth. "Awww! Look at Kagami, she look so cute when she's laughing isn't she?" Konata teased. Kagami now at tears in her eyes, she tried to slap away Konata's hands but doing so had very little effect thanks to the mittens covering her hands. "Coo-chi coo-chi coo, my, my we have a ticklish baby here." Konata teased some more. Kagami kept squirming around until she felt some warm liquid trickling down her buttocks. Konata saw the growing wet spot on Kagami's diaper and kept tickling her until it covered the entire front part of Kagami's diaper and half way through the back, when she though Kagami was finished wetting her diaper Konata stopped tickling her letting her catch her breath. "Wow you must have really had to go!" Konata said rubbing the front of Kagami's diaper. "That's' a good girl, wetting you diaper like a good baby should."

Kagami was in full shock that she had just wet her diaper and in front of Konata if all people that was the worse. She had two sets of emotions running through her, first she wanted to die from embarrassment, and second she wanted to kill that taller version of Konata for all that she had done to her. "Wait until I get my hand on you Konata I'm going to-"

Kagami stopped when she saw Konata reaching out to her, Konata grabbed Kagami underneath her armpits and drug her out of the crib, to Kagami's surprise Konata was able to life her up and carry her across the room, and with out realizing it Kagami had wrapped her legs around Konata's waist while Konata was supporting her with her arm's around Kagami's diapered bottom.

"Now let's get that diaper changed sweetie so we can get some nice yum's, yum's in you tummy Okay!" Konata said nicely as she walked Kagami over the leather padded table and laid her down flat on it.

Kagami turned her head and saw Konata bend over, she peeked her head under the table and saw that Konata had opened the cabinet, inside the cabinet were stacks of oversized babyish looking diapers like the one she had on and that was just only on the top shelf, the items on the bottom shelf were lined up bottles of baby lotion, baby powder, baby wipes, right next to them she saw a sealed plastic containers filled with different girly themed pacifiers and the same with baby bottles. Konata grabbed a diaper and each of the already opened bottles of lotion and powder and placed them on the table next to Kagami.

Kagami had already put it into her head that having her diaper changed was not going to happen so she rose up attempting to sneak away, but Konata had already predicted this and knew what Kagami was up to with out her looking back to see the diapered girl crawling away, Konata just simply used the Inuyasha sit command again to ground her. "Now you really must stop being so uncooperative or I think a punishment may be in order." Konata spoke sternly. Kagami flinched to those words.

"What the, who the hell is this lady she is not the Konata I know, she may look like Konata but she's way too tall for it to be her, but something does seem familiar about the way this lady talks and her manner also, but I can't put my finger on it."

Kagami's concentration broke when she heard a ripping sound, it was the taller Konata ripping off the tapes to her diaper. Grabbing some wipes she wiped Kagami's diaper area clean and threw the dirtied wipes inside the wet diaper and rolled it up and threw it in a tin trash can next to her. Next Konata grabbed the diaper and completely unfolded it and slid under Kagami's bottom, she grabbed the lotion and rubbed it in the palm of her hands to warm it up first using her body heat before rubbing it into Kagami privets. Kagami began to squirm around not liking the feeling of the wet lotion toughing her sensitive area she began making 'Mmuh' sound's through her pacifier until Konata took her hands away after she was finished with the lotion. "Aww! I see we didn't like that did we?" Konata said in a motherly tone rubbing the top of Kagami's tummy. "We don't ever have to the lotion again when I have to change you next time ok, so how about I use some else on you to make you feel better." Konata grabbed the bottle of baby powder and unscrewed the top. Kagami threw her mitten covered hands in the air waving them side to side and shook her head violently. "What's wrong? You don't want me to use any powder on you?" Kagami then nodded answering her question with a no. "Well I'm sorry sweetie but my rule is every diapered bottom must have powder sprinkled on it to prevent diaper rash!" Despite Kagami's reluctance Konata sprinkled the powder on her front and back, the smell of the baby powder did relax Kagami a bit and made her less apprehensive allowing Konata to tape up the diaper with any more struggles.

Kagami afterwards glared at Konota through the pacifier and began thinking brutal thoughts of torture towards this other Konata. "Mmph!" Kagami pointed at the pacifier in her mouth. "Mmph! Mmph! Get this thing out of my mouth!" Kagami ranted through the pacifier.

"Oh yes the pacifier, you very well much can't eat with that still in your mouth, but please be warned if you make a ruckus or say any thing naughty that pacifier will go back into you mouth tasting like soap understand?." She warned plucking the pacifier from Kagami's mouth with ease and let it hang from her shirt using a pink ribbon.

Kagami was relieved to have the pacifier out of her mouth was able to breathe through her mouth in stead of her nose. "OK now you mind telling what's going on here, and why am I begin treated like a-"Kagami was interrupted when another rubbery item was placed into her mouth, Kagami saw that the rubbery thing in her mouth was connected to a hard plastic round item that was filled with a white liquid, it was a baby bottle several times lager than your average bottle and it was filled with milk. Kagami moved her head around and began kicking trying to get the bottle out, but Konata press it against her lips.

While pressing the bottle against Kagami's lips Konata lifted her up again cradling the girl in her arms and walked over to a rocking chair that appeared out of know where. Konata sat down and shifted Kagami into to comfortable position on her lap and looked down at the girl. "You probably have lot's of question's to ask, but please save them until you've finished your bottle and eaten a nice breakfast."

Kagami nodded and began sucking the nipple of the bottle letting the nice cool milk slash on her tongue and down her throat. After ten minuets Kagami had finished the bottle, Konata pulled the bottle out of Kagami's mouth and shifted her into a position over her shoulder and began patting her back. "Hey what are you trying to do now….." Kagami suddenly felt some pressure building up in her chest then made its way to her throat and out as a huge loud burp.

Kagami then thought to her self, this whole scenario, everything that's happened to her up until now she had seen some where before, but couldn't quite place her finger on it. She was then lifted up again keeping quiet like she was asked to in fear of having the pacifier stuck back in her mouth again, she was brought over the high chair, using only one arm to support Kagami, Konata used her other arm to lift the tray to the high chair and sat Kagami down inside, then placed the tray down back in front of her locking her in then tied a bib around her neck. "I hope someone's hungry." Konata said waving her fingers and making a plate of pancakes appear on the tray in front of her. Konata poured syrup and melted butter on the pancakes and cut them up into little bite size pieces. Konata took a fork and stuck it through some of the pieces and brought it up to Kagami's mouth. "Open up for chu chu train." Kagami blushed but did what she was told. After another half hour Konata was cleaning Kagami's mouth with a damp rag, Kagami had grown tired of all the baby talk and began to resist feeding so the sticky syrup ended up all over her face and on the bib.

Konata soon let Kagami out of the high chair and placed her one the fluffy carpet. Kagami looked up at the tall girl. "Ok will you answer my question's now?" She asked

"Yes I will." Konata answered back smiling.

"I'm guessing that none of this stuff is real right?"

"Why of course not silly baby." Konata playfully poked Kagami's nose.

"Stop doing that and answer me seriously!" Kagami growled." Tell me why I'm here?" She demanded.

"You're here because you're dreaming, like you said when you asked the previous question, none of this is real."

"Ok why would I be having a dream like this then?"

"Simple it's because you wanted this dream to happen so I granted your wish and brought you here after you fell asleep, this world you're in is called the dream realm."

"What do you mean I wanted this dream?" kagami snapped. "Who ever said that I wanted to be dressed and treated like a baby?"

"Despite you resisting your diaper change, you seemed to enjoy your bottle, and you even looked happy when I was feeding you a minuet ago."

"Well that was uh….." Kagami blushed.

"You don't have to respond, but I already know you secretly like the ABDL and infantism theme. If you didn't then theirs no way I could have brought you here unless deep down you really wanted this to happen."

"I think I under stand now!" Kagami said. "This room and everything that's happened to me so far, the same thing happened to this one girl in the first chapter of the manga I read called Magical baby girl Kimi, and in this would I'm suppose to be Kimi and you're Kimi's magical maid aren't you?."

"Bingo I was starting to think you would never figure it out Kagami." Konata answered but in her normal speaking voice this time, suddenly purple smoke engulfed the girl, once the smoke cleared Kagami saw that Konata was back to her short and normal self. "Dang looks like my magical timer ran out." She laughed to her self.

Kagami was dumb founded at Konata's sight; she WAS the real Konata all along. Kagami soon snapped and busted into a fit of rage. "KONATA….I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Kagami screamed, she stood up on her feet and ran towards Konata, but the tickling magic of the baby booties activated again tickling Kagami's feet, the tickling was too much for Kagami to take and made her loose balance falling on the ground, but that did not stop her, Kagami was determent to kill Konata and drug her self over to where she was standing.

"Hey c-come on Kagami it was all fun and game right? Haha, funny right?" Konata slowly backed away until she bumped into the wall behind her trapped with no where to go.

"Lets see your magic save you now!" Kagami said as she got closer to a frighten Konata.

"I can't my, magic timer went out so now I no longer have any magical powers."

"All the more reason to kill you!" Kagami said.

"Why are you so mad I did all this for you!" Konata said.

"What do you mean you did all this for me?" She hissed

"Well we both love manga and games and I found my self liking Magical Baby Girl Kimi after I found out you liked it. I didn't go so far as to want to do baby thing like you do, but I still wanted to share it with you sense we're best friends, and I thought what better way to share it with you then role play, you be Kimi and I would be her maid."

Konata's words calmed the enraged Kagami down. "No way… Konata you did all of this for me?" Kagami asked enlightened.

"Yeah but our times up now, once my magical timer run's out I go back to being normal and we can't stay in this world any more."

"Ok tell me then, how in the world did you get such a device that allows you being me to this world when I'm sleeping?"

"Hehe! That's a Secret." Konata said winking.

"But wait I still have more question's to ask!" Kagami yelled to Konata who was slowly fading away.

"Don't worry I answer all your question next time ok." Konata said before completely disappearing.

Soon after the world faded out Kagami and she woke up I her own room. She looked around the room and saw that everything was back to normal, she wondered if all that was really a dream. With only a few hours left before she had to get up to go to school she laid back down and went back to sleep. Next to her pillow was a pink pacifier.