"So Kami-sama got you too, Yui-nee-san?" Konata asked staring down her older cousin with her sword gripped tightly in her hands. "I guess in this world anything can happen?"

"You see this is all too perfect Konata!" Yui smiled taking aim at Konata with both her guns. "Kami-sama wanted both you and Minami-chan dead since you two are the most dangerous ones in this world, and that Kagami girl also if her power ever fully awakens. Now that you're here I can kill two birds with one stone."

"What was that?" Konata growled. "How do you know about Kagami's power?"

"I do know that, that girl's power hasn't fully awakened yet. Unlike everybody else in this world she doesn't have a weapon yet, why is that?"

"It doesn't matter I won't let you hurt Kagami!" Konata tighten her grip on her sword. "I'm giving you one more chance Yui-nee-san, leave this place right now. If you intend to hurt Minami-chan or any of our other friends then I might have to kill you."

"Onee-chan no!" Yutaka shouted running to her cousin's side. "If you kill her in this world she'll end up like your teacher in the real world, she's my older sister, I don't want that!"

"Sorry Yu-chan I don't want to kill Yui-nee-san either, but if she wants to fight then we have to give it to her full force without holding back."


Konata reached over and patted Yutaka over the head, then wiped the tears from her eyes. "Yu-chan why don't you let me handle this, you're way too kindhearted to want to fight your own sister."

"No Onee-chan!" Yutaka cried. "You're both very important to me, I don't want either of you to die!" She continued crying. "Why is this happening, we're supposed to be a family, why do we have to fight each other?"

"Yui-nee-san can't you see what you're doing to your little sister, let's stop this already!" Konata shouted. "It doesn't have to be like this!"

"Kami-sama's words are law, I have to obey them without question!"

"I see so it's like that?" Konata asked sadly looking down at her feet. "Yu-chan you see that Yui-nee-san is not willing to listen to reason, take care of Minami-chan and I'll handle this!" Konata said as she ran at Yui with her sword. When she was in cutting range Konata swung her sword sideways, but Yui jumped back and fired off a couple of shots with her guns. Konata once again deflected the bullets with her sword and charged up energy. "Sorry Yui-nee-san, but if you happen to die in this fight, I promise I'll find a way to bring you back, just like I will with Mrs. Kurio. Crushing Blade!" Konata hollered. Her sword lit up letting off a purple light.

Yui could feel the intense energy coming from Konata's sword and backed away knowing she's get killed if she were to get cut by that attack. Yui shot at Konata's feet knocking her off balance. Konata's sword slammed into the ground leaving a huge crater in the floor and also caused smoke and dust to surround them. Konata ran through the smoke and dust and swung away keeping Yui on her toes. Konata swung once more and Yui dodged the swing once again. Konata suddenly disappeared and reappeared right next to Yui and kicked her in the ribs causing her to stumble back a bit.

Yui grunted holding her sides when she looked up and saw Konata in the air above her with her sword glowing the same purple light again. "Crap!" Yui rolled dodged out of the way just in time to avoid getting brutally massacred. "She really meant to kill me that last attack just now." Yui said mentally as she jumped back a few more feet just to get some distance in between her and her cousin.

"Don't be too surprised, like I said before Yui-nee-san if you happen to die I will find a way to bring you back! But now I'm going all out, someone working for kami-sama is no one to take lightly!" Konata yelled fiercely.

"Well said Konata." Yui smiled taking aim. "I guess that means I can't hold back either!" Her guns began to light up and two curved blades popped out from the barrows of her guns. "Now it's time for me to get serious, so prepare yourself!" With great speed Yui charged at Konata swinging her gun blades around. Konata quickly ducked out of the way and avoided been cut, but was kneed in the face by Yui and toppled across the floor. "Now your mine, Hell fire!" Yui shouted shooting both of her guns. Both bullets hit Konata head on, one in her left shoulder and the other one in her stomach. The bullets soon burst in to flames engulfing Konata.

"No Onee-chan!" Yutaka shouted as she sat there and watched her cousin being brutally burned to death, or so she thought. Using her sword Konata cut the air around her making the flames around her disappear, she was only burnt in a few areas of her body like her left arm and her right thigh but otherwise alright. "Onee-chan are you alright?"

"I'm fine Yu-chan!" Konata said, the tone of her voice was getting fiercer making Yutaka flinch. "Stay where you are and protect Minami-chan, this will be over soon."

"Onee-chan what are you planning to do, you don't sound like yourself." Yutaka cried. "The Konata-onee-chan I know would never talk about killing anyone, epically one of her own family members."

"Things are different now Yu-chan, I'm sorry."

"No….if you keep fighting like this you might turn into that monster again. You haven't worn the magical diapers yet so your true feelings are running wild inside of you. If you keep this up you'll lose control of yourself again."

"Don't worry I plan to end this before that happens! I'm just using the influence from my true feelings to make myself stronger."

"But why do this to yourself?"

"Because I can't take it anymore!" Konata growled clenching her sword in anger to the point where her hands started bleeding. "It hurts to have to fight my friends and loved ones. Until you guys started to come to this world I was always fighting alone, but now that you guys are here you're in constant danger and I'm scared that I can't protect you!" As Konata was saying this a black aura surrounded her body.

"Then hold still Konata, I'll make all your pain go away." Yui said as she walked closer to Konata then pointed her guns directly at her. "I thought your love for Kagami and not being able to tell her how you really felt about her was the source of your pain, but I was wrong. Your real problem is that you're too weak to fight someone you really care about, that's why you haven't put on the magical diapers yet. Your true feelings keeps your will strong enough so you'll be able to fight someone close to you, without them you'll be nothing but a coward who sits on the side lines."

"No you're wrong!" Konata said.

"Oh but I think I'm right, you fought Mrs. Kuroi like you're fighting me, and you let her get into your head. That's why you lost control like you did and her and your almost killed your friends when you turned into that beast."

"That won't happen, I'll never let that monster inside of me hurt others ever again!" Konata said charging up her energy. "Because I'm going to end your existence right now Yui-nee-san, Blade saber!" Konata thrust her sword forward and the blade lit up and extended stabbing Yui in her shoulder, the force of it threw her back into the wall behind her. Konata then pulled back her sword and it went back to normal length, then she ran forward ready to cut Yui somewhere in her chest area when suddenly she was showered with bullets that fell from the sky and was stopped in her tracks.

Yui took this opportunity to run up and strike Konata in the face with the butt of her gun busting her nose in the process then fried off another powerful shot. "Charge Blast!" Konata was struck with two cannon like blast and was sent flying across the room. "Give up you can't defeat me!" Yui taunted, but to her shock Konata was back on her feet like nothing was wrong, the black aura surrounding her body was now bigger than before. "Damn the negative energy coming from her is getting stronger, if I don't do something soon she could to go berserk and kill me!"

"If that's all you got Nee-san then this fight is worlds away from being over, and I won't let you get into my head. Just like you know about my problems why don't we talk about yours…..like when your husband is coming home?" Konata said with a sly grin on her face.

A vein popped from Yui's forehead. "You are so dead!" The woman snapped as she began wildly firing off her guns in Konata direction. Konata stood her ground and deflected every bullet that was shot her way with her sword. "You want to bring shit like that up then why don't we talk about all those 18+ adult games you always play, or that kinky stuff you keep under your bed like that *Bleep* and the *Bleep* that makes a loud buzzing sound."

"Ummm…..what are those things the two of you are talking about?" Yutaka asked innocently.

"IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" Both Konata and Yui yelled to Yutaka at the same time.

"Hey Konata you better not be teaching my little sister any weird stuff, or getting her into your hobbies while she's living with you."

"Said's the older sister who's trying to kill her!" Konata taunted back.

"I don't want Yutaka to die, that's why I have to kill you so she can live!" Yui yelled firing off two shots into the air. "Lightning Shot's!" Once the bullets hit the ceiling crackles of lighting came from nowhere striking everything below.

"Crap!" Konata yelled as she jumped out of the way from a bolt of lightning that nearly hit her. Looking around her Konata saw that the lightning was not only targeting her, but anything that was made of metal. "Yu-chan run, the lightning will hit the metal bed frame!" She shouted but Yutaka was too scared to respond or move as lighting struck all around the bed.

"Konata-onee-chan, please help!" Yutaka cried quivering in fear.

"Oh no Yu-chan!" Konata cried. "Yui-nee-san you need to call off your attack, you're going to hit Yu-chan!"

Yui just turned her head and looked away as the lightning attack kept dropping around her little sister. "I'm sorry Yutaka, I gave you a choice and you wouldn't take it. So you're just going to have to die here with your cousin."

"Onee-chan please stop!" Yutaka cried out. "I thought you were supposed to love me, we're a family!"

"Yu-chan move!" Konata ran up and pushed Yutaka off the bed and was struck by a huge bolt of lightning. Electricity shot all throughout Konata's body leaving her face down on the floor not moving a single inch.

"No Konata-onee-chan!" Yutaka cried as she went to go check on her older cousin. Konata wasn't moving nor was she breathing, her eyes were rolled to the back of her head and was totally unresponsive to Yutaka's cries. "Konata-onee-chan please get up, you can't be dead!"

"I knew if I targeted you Yutaka that idiot would jump in the way and take the hit for you." Yui sneered as she walked closer. "Now time to finish the job."

"Onee-chan why?" Yutaka cried. "How could you do such a horrible thing to Konata-Onee-chan, she's your family!"

"I already told you before!" Yui's said coldly staring her little sister down with piercing eyes. "Kami-sama's word is law, if she tells me to kill then I will kill no questions asked."

"So if Kami-sama told you to kill me would you do it?" Yutaka asked with tears streaming down her face.

"I don't have a choice." Yui said pointing her guns at Yutaka's forehead. "Now move or I will shoot you this time!"

"No this isn't like you Onee-chan. Whatever Kami-sama has done to you I will fix it… I will fix it by defeating you!" Yutaka says fiercely as her magical energy began flowing from her body making Yui take a few steps back. She reaches on her side and grabs a tiger shaped stuffed animal and throws it into the air. "Raiko I need you!" She shouts as the stuffed animal turns into a black and white tiger with thunderclouds floating around it. "Go get her Raiko!" Yutaka commands. Literally like lightning Raiko dashes forward and in less than a second was floating right in front of Yui. "Do it, Strike Lightning Claw!" Yutaka commands. The tigers claws light's up and began surging with electricity and slashes Yui across her body launching her across the room into the wall.

Yui quickly recovers and fires off eight rounds with her guns, but thanks to an electric field surrounding the Raiko's body the bullets bounced right off of him. The Raiko lunged at Yui again and she was barely able to avoid another hit with its huge claws, but was suddenly hit with its tail, which felt like she was hit with a baseball bat. Yui was this time on the floor and couldn't recover as quickly as before.

"Now for the finishing, thunder shot!" Yutaka commanded once more. The tiger opened its mouth once more and fired off a spiraling ball of electricity.

"I don't think so!" Yui fired off two shots aiming at the wall on the right side of her, Raiko's lightning attack followed the bullets as they both hit the wall. "I think you need to brush up on your science Yutaka, don't you know that metal conducts electricity, and where ever there's metal, lightning will be directed right to it?" Yui sneered. "That overgrown feline maybe strong but I've already found his weakness and yours. You might be able to control those stuffed animals of yours, but what happens when you yourself gets hurt?" Yui asked firing off another shot. This time the bullet grazed Yutaka on her left shoulder, she screamed and fell to the ground and clutched her wound in pain. As Yutaka was screaming Raiko looked as if it was getting weaker. "See what I mean, your weakness is yourself, If I take you out then that stupid stuffed animal will be useless."

"It doesn't matter, shoot me all you want Onee-chan, but I'm not giving up and neither will Raiko!" Yutaka grunted standing up while still holding her shoulder. "Even if Raiko can't use his electricity against you, he's still a tiger and you're still a human being. Raiko go get her!" Yutaka commanded. Raiko dashed forth with its god like speed again and rammed Yui into the ground. "Now stomp her!" Raiko this time stood up on its hind legs and came back down putting all of its weight into its two from paws.

Before having her chest caved in Yui rolled out of the way before the ground beneath her split open thanks to the tigers overwhelming power, but before she could get up to attack again Yui was struck with one of Raiko's claws again, knocking her across the room again.

"Give up Onee-chan you can't win." Yutaka panted out.

Yui slowly stood up breathing heavily with one eye open and blood in the other, blood was also leaking from her head and from the places on her body she had been cut by Konata's sword and slashed by Raiko's claws. "I'm not going to quit Yutaka!" Yui spat out. "Not until I've killed all three of you."

"That won't happen, I won't allow you to harm any more people I care about!" Yutaka said breathing even harder. She was starting to get tired quickly. Before fighting she had already used over half her magical energy healing Minami, and was now running low on power. She knew she would have to end this fight quickly. "Raiko get her!" Yutaka commanded again. The tiger lunged at Yui once more, but she easily dodged that attack this time thanks to the tiger's slow movements.

"Just as I thought, Yutaka can't control that thing as well as before with her magical energy being low." Yui said to herself. "I'd better end this now if I know what's good for me."

"Come on Raiko you can do it!" Yutaka continued to cheer getting more and more tried by the second. With each lunge Raiko took at Yui, he was getting slower and slower.

"Now to put an end to all of this. Flaming Shot!" Yui fired off another bullet that struck Yutaka in the shoulder, the bullet then burst into flames burning the right side of Yutaka's body. The Yui came up close and slashed Raiko with the blades on her gun, the tiger let out a howling cry then turned back into its stuffed animal form and Yutaka doubled over in pain and hit the floor from being burned and feeling the pain from Raiko being cut.

"Konata-onee-chan, Minami-chan, I'm sorry I was too weak to protect the two of you." Yutaka sobbed as she was beginning to pass out.

"Now it's over!" Yui said pointing her gun's at Yutaka's head from a safe distance just to be safe. Just as she was about to pull the trigger Konata comes from behind and slashes Yui across her back. Yui screams in pain arching her body forward and drops both of her guns.

"Yeah you're right, it is over, over for you that is, Yui nee-san!" Konata said charging up her energy until it all comes pouring out of her body all at once. "Divine Skill!" She shouts out delivering a barrage of slashes to her cousin's body. "FINAL WAVE!" Konata launches an energy blast in the shape of a fox at Yui, hitting her dead on with it. In the end Yui was left motionless, sprawled out on the floor, her clothes were ripped leaving her in only her bra and panties and her glasses were cracked. Having no energy left Konata fell out on the floor and her armor and sword disappeared only leaving her in her maids outfit. "Crap that was stupid using my Divine Skill when I haven't even regained the levels I lost from being dated drained." She panted out.

"That was very nicely done Inzumi-san." A voice came from somewhere in the room. "Konata looked over and saw a woman with dark brown hair that went past her back, she had golden eyes, and had a slender physique. "I must say you did very well defeating your cousin in a battle, I'm just glad you didn't kill her, Kami-sama would be very angry if you did that." The woman said smiling.

"No way… Nurse Fuyuki, not you too!" Konata grunted out. "Oh no this is bad, Yu-chan's out for the count, Minami-chan is still on conscious, and I'm completely out of magical energy."

"Please clam yourself; I did not come here to fight. My role in this world, and in the real world is to treat those who are sick or injured." Fuyuki said, then walked over to the bed Minami was lying on. Her hand began glowing a bright green color as she placed it on the girls chest. The slash wound across her chest disappeared and Minami was breathing normally again. She then walked over to Yutaka and did the same thing making her marks and burns disappear. Finally she walked over and healed Konata.

"Why are you helping us, the last person who defied Kami-sama ended up dead you know?" Konata asked.

Fuyuki just smiled and began walking over to Yui. "I already told you, my job is to heal those who are sick and injured and nothing else. Oh yeah and another thing Inzumi-san, I'd put on one of those so-called magical diapers and get your true feeling into check if I were you." She said. "Either the person called Master will come at you trying to put a dark diaper on you again, or you'll lose control and be destroyed by your true feelings this time. You talk about wanting to protect your friends when you're the most danger to them." With that said Fuyuki picked up Yui and disappeared without a trace.

Infuriated Konata hit the ground beneath her and cursed to herself.

Meanwhile back in the nursery Kagami and Tsukasa were both on their hands and knees breathing heavily while there mother was standing over them. "Dammit, I can't believe how strong mom is!" Kagami cursed.

"Yeah sis, moms always been this strong, you've just never been yelled at for bringing home bad grades." Tsukasa said.

"Are you girls ready to give up now? I'm giving you one more chance to join Kami-sama." Mrs. Hiiragi said walking closer to the daughters.

"No way mom, we would never betray our friends." Tsukasa said standing back up.

"That's right so you can forget asking again, because no matter what, our answer will always be the same!" Kagami said also standing back up.

"Then I guess I'll have to stop holding back!" Mrs. Hiiragi said readying her weapon.

"Sis I'll attack up front, you support me from the back!" Tsukasa took charge. She ran forth with her fan surging with her magical energy and swung them both at the same time. "Double paper smack!"

"Not going to work!" Mrs. Hiiragi said holding her ground. The white blade on her double sided spear began glowing. "Light freeze!" Suddenly a white light surrounded Tsukasa's body and she was frozen in midair.

"Hey what's going on?" Tsukasa struggled trying to move but couldn't. "Sis help me, I-I can't move!"

"Let her go right now mom! Kyodaina Ho Flay!" Kagami shouted shooting another giant size fire ball.

"That trick won't work on me either!" Mrs. Hiiragi said flipping her spear where the black side was pointing upward this time, she then cut the air in front of her and a cloud of darkness appeared and sucked up the fireball completely. "Sorry Kagami dear but your silly little attacks are useless against my Dark Dimension skill."

"No way how did she do that?" Kagami backed away in fear.

"If you want it back then just ask, I'll give it back to you tenfold!" The same cloud then appeared right behind Kagami and released the fireball sending it straight at her.

"Sis look out behind you!" Tsukasa yelled alerting her sister.

Kagami didn't even have to turn around to know that she was in trouble, she could feel the heat from her own attack coming straight at her. At the last minute Kagami jumped out of the way but wasn't able to avoid her sister come flying straight at her. Both of their faces collided with one another and were both left on the floor moaning.

"Oww! That hurt, what the heck was all that about?" Kagami complained hold her busted nose.

"Sorry sis, mom threw me straight into you when you dodged that last attack!" Tsukasa cried holding her forehead.

"This isn't good, mom's just playing with us, we got to find a way to beat her and fast."

"You two can't win against me, Shadow wave!" Mrs. Hiiragi shouted releasing a purple wave of demonic energy at her daughters.

"Sis stay right behind me!" Tsukasa commanded. "Iron Fan Defense!" She yelled as her both her fan blocked the attack. "Now it's my turn, Star Shower!" She commanded as hundreds of stars began falling from the sky towards her mother.

"I thought I told you that your attacks won't work against me! Dark Dimension!" Mrs. Hiiragi cut the air on top of her creating another cloud of darkness that swallowed up Tsukasa's star shower attack. "Now to make sure you two can't defend against this one. Light Freeze!" White light surrounded both Tsukasa and Kagami's bodies and they were unable to move. "Now, Dark Dimension!" Another cloud of darkness appeared hovering over both Kagami and Tsukasa and released Tsukasa's star shower attack. Both girls were showered with stars leaving them both bloody and battered. "Now then hold still and I'll make this quick and painless; you're both way too tired from fighting Matsuri and Inori to fight me!" She said walking until she was standing over Tsukasa who was not moving.

"Please mom stop this, we're your kids, can you really kill us that easily?" Kagami said with tears streaming down her face. "You gave birth to us, you're supposed to keep us out of danger."

"I gave you a choice earlier and you chose not to take it, crying won't help you now Kagami, just close your eyes and I promise it will all be over!" Mrs. Hiiragi said raising her blade.

"Fine then, but promise me you won't kill Tsukasa, just take her with you. She gets her will power from me, so if I'm not around then she won't disobey you!"

"Fine I'll spare Tsukasa's life as your dying request!" Mrs. Hiiragi said as she thrust her blade forward.

Kagami closed her eyes preparing for the worst when she suddenly heard the sound of metal clanking with metal. When she opened her eyes she saw that Tsukasa had blocked her mother's attack. "There's no way I'm going to let you kill Kagami, MOM!" Tsukasa shouted, her magical energy began pouring out of her body and was using it to push her mother back. "Try blocking this up close!" She said as her fan's began glowing. "Paper Bust!" Tsukasa shouted as her two fans combined into one huge one. Tsukasa swung her fan with all her might knocking her mother into the air and through the ceiling somewhere into the outside world.

"Whoa Tsukasa, since when have you been this strong?" Kagami asked totally amazed.

Tsukasa dropped her fan and turned to her sister. "Kagami you big idiot!" She yelled back handing her sister across the face leaving her cheeks swollen and red. "What was that about, why didn't you try and run, were you actually going to sit there and let mom kill you?" She asked.

"But I-"

"No shut up and let me finish!" Tsukasa shouted again. Kagami clamped her mouth shut, she was taken back because she had never seen her sister get so upset before. "How dare you ask mom to spare me and kill you instead, we're twins, one and the same, we work as a team. As long as we're together theirs no one we can't beat!" As Tsukasa was saying all of this tears and snot were dripping down her face.

"Tsukasa…..I-I'm sorry I don't know what came over me. You're right, we are a team, we're both in this together and we need to work together if we want to save mom and the rest of our friends!"

Tsukasa suddenly embraced her sister into a powerful hug. "Don't ever do anything like that ever again or…or I'll give you a hundred spankings with my fan next time okay?" Kagami went pale to her sister's threat but agreed to it.

"You know that last attack of yours probably wasn't strong enough to finish off mom, she could appear again at any time. She won't give up until she kills us." Kagami stated.

"Yeah I know sis but what do we do, my magical energy is about to run out and I'm pretty sure you're running low on power also. Does Kona-chan have some type of special medicine that can restore our health and power?"

"I don't know, if she did keep something like that around here then she would have used it when we fought you and the others true feelings."

"If mom attacks us again we're toast, what are we going to do sis?" Tsukasa asks.

"I don't know but we need to think of something, mom is just too powerful to fight in our current condition."

"Where do you think Kona-chan and the others are, we could sure use their help right about now."

"Just like us they're probably being attacked by someone else. We're not the only ones in danger right now Tsukasa."

"I hope there all okay."

"Kami-sama attacked us while we were all split up so we would be caught off guard, Dammit!" Kagami cursed.

"Hey sis, do you think we should try to hide out until the world ends tonight?"

"No I don't think it's a good idea to leave the room. Mom knows a lot more about this world then we do, we could be walking right into a trap."

"What about if we took Matsuri and Inori hostage, we can tell mom to leave us alone or we'll do something really horrible to them!"

"What did you have in mind?" Kagami asked nervously.

"Hmmmm…Maybe we could tickle them to death, or force them to eat that nasty baby food Kona-chan forces you to eat sometimes."

"Tsukasa will you get serious already, mom is trying to kill us. I seriously don't think doing those non-lethal things to our sisters will be enough to make her stop trying to attack us."

"Hey I know!" Tsukasa said excitedly.

"What is it this time? I'm almost too scared to ask." Kagami said back sarcastically.

"Why don't we try putting Matsuri and Inori in some of the magical diapers, maybe they might turn good and be on our side now."

Kagami sighed "Something tells me that's not going to do anything but piss them off when they wake up. The magical diapers only work for those who have been taken over by their true feelings. Mom, Matsuri and Inori are just being controlled by Kami-sama so that plan might not work. Plus the two of them are tiny fairies the diapers won't even fit them."

"But they would look cute wearing the diapers, they'd look just like little doll's, so can I dressed them up sis?"

"Tsukasa focus already!" Kagami shouted. "We need to come up with a plan and fast. If only we could somehow turn the fight in our favor but how?" Kagami had to think.

"Hey sis didn't Kona-chan once tell you that this room was your dream world and that you could do anything you wanted without any restrictions?"

"Hey that's right this nursery is my domain, here I can make anything I want happen. But the only problem is that Konata never taught me how to do any of that stuff, like how she makes herself taller."

"What about our magic? Can you imagine us using stronger attacks?"

"Yeah but if we did that mom would just throw them right back as again using that dark dimension move of hers."

"What if we can find a way to get a round that?" Tsukasa asked.

"Get around it… Tsukasa I've got the perfect plan but I need you to keep mom busy for a while you think you can do that?"

"Anything for you sis." Tsukasa said eagerly.

A few minutes later a door opened in the nursery and Mrs. Hiiragi step through it. "I hope you girls have said your last words because this little game ends now!" She said angrily.

"Yeah you're right mom, this does end now!" Tsukasa said coming out of hiding.

"Only you Tsukasa, where's your sister at?" Mrs. Hiiragi asked.

"Kagami went to go get help from the others, so when she gets back you're going to be in big trouble mom, I'd advise you to leave this place now."

"By the time Kagami gets back she's going to be heartbroken once she finds out that not only her friends are dead but her little sister also!" Mrs. Hiiragi yells lunging at her daughter.

Tsukasa defends with her fans and blocks her mother's spear and counters by throwing out her knee and hitting her mother in the stomach. Mrs. Hiiragi let out a loud'omph' upon being kneed in the stomach and backed away. Tsukasa then ran up and swung both of her fans at the same time again hitting her once in the face and in her ribs also. Mrs. Hiiragi was now tired of being made a fool of and swung her blade wildly at Tsukasa. Tsukasa had to be quick on her feet to dodge every swing for it will all be over and she was cut.

Tsukasa jumped back to gain some distance from her mom then went on the attack. "Paper cutter!" Her fans opened up and begin glowing then she ran at her mom.

"How many times do I have to tell you, that's not going to work against me, Light Freeze!" Mrs. Hiiragi commanded, but before Tsukasa could become frozen completely she threw one of her fans like a boomerang. Knowing that attack could do serious harm to her, Mrs. Hiiragi broke her light freeze technique and jumped out of the way before she was cut by Tsukasa's fan.

Now that Tsukasa was free to move around she ran at her mother and delivered a clean cut to her right shoulder using her other fan, Mrs. Hiiragi screamed in pain as she dropped her spear and clutched the wound on her shoulder. "It's not over yet mom Star Shower!" Tsukasa yelled waving her other fan. Hundreds of stars began falling from the sky again coming towards Mrs. Hiiragi. Thinking fast and enduring the pain on her shoulder Mrs. Hiiragi grabbed her spear and cut into the air over her again creating another of darkness that swallowed up Tsukasa attack. "Kagami do it now!" She yelled

"I'm on it Tsukasa!" Kagami said as she came out of hiding now. "Because you already use that technique of yours to suck up Tsukasa's attack I bet you won't be able to do it again to stop mine. Kyodaina Ho Flay!" Kagami shot out another giant sized fire ball.

Mrs. Hiiragi was unable to move or defend herself and screamed as she was hit dead on with Kagami's attack. There was a huge explosion and smoke and debris was scattered everywhere. Over half the nursery had been destroyed and Mrs. Hiiragi was left on the floor moaning in pain, over half her body had been charred.

"Yeah a sis we did it!" Tsukasa cheered running up and hugging her sister.

"Don't think this is over!" Mrs. Hiiragi grunted out trying to move.

"No way mom still wants to fight after all of that, she really is strong!"

"Stop it mom we won, if you keep fighting like this you're going to die." Kagami said. "Take Matsuri and Inori with you and get out of here now!"

"Kagami you're a fool, you should have killed me you had the chance. The next we meet both your heads will roll." Mrs. Hiiragi said then threw a little tiny ball and a flash of light blinded both Tsukasa and Kagami. When there vision cleared they saw that there mother and sisters were gone.

Now that they were safe both Tsukasa and Kagami fell out onto the floor tired and drained of all their energy. "Hey sis…" Tsukasa started but was still out of breath.

"Yeah what is it?" Kagami asked back.

"I think I might need a diaper change."

"Yeah you and me both, but I don't think yours is more severe than mine is." Kagami laughed.

Somewhere in another room a door opened up and Mrs. Hiiragi came limping through along with Matsuri and Inori and fell out on the floor in pain. As she was lying there she heard footsteps walking up to her and looked up to see who it was. "I see you lost the fight to your daughters also Miki." Fuyuki said.

"Yes I underestimated those girls, their more resourceful and a look. Next time I won't let my guard down." Mrs. Hiiragi said. "You said also, was another one of us defeated?"

"Yes it was Yui, she was defeated by Konata and Yutaka, and Patricia has gone missing. Even with my medical skills she is still in very bad condition. Time was of the essence but her life is no longer in danger, she won't be fighting for quite some time though." Fuyuki explained.

"Those girls are more powerful than they look, Kami-sama must be furious with us for failing our mission." Mrs. Hiiragi said regrettably.

"No not in the lease, I'm glad to see that you three are still alive!" A very short woman wearing a white dress said walking to the room. Her face was completely covered by a straw sun hat with a pink ribbon on top, her only noticeable feature was her long blue hair. "That girl Akira Kogami is on the move again, she took advantage of Patricia's problems and put her in a dark diaper, she is no longer on our side anymore. My sources tell me that she is now creating a more powerful version of the dark diapers, she needs to be stopped before she brings out more people's true feelings and totally destroys this world."

"But Kami-sama, what about Konata Inzumi, she has yet to come to term with her true feelings. Not being able to confess her love to Kagami was not the source her pain, if she becomes corrupted by true feelings, then that spell's trouble for the rest of us." Fuyuki said.

"For now we will let those girls deal with Akira Kogami and her group, and hopefully they can stop the production of the new dark diapers from being made, but If Konata does get taken over by her true feelings if I will deal with her personally." Kami-sama said as she walked out of the room.