It was a beautiful morning of spring.

Takahashi Misaki was walking down the streets of Japan going to college. He was twenty one years old now and this would be his last year in college.

"It's such a beautiful morning. The cherry blossoms look so pretty." said Misaki while he passed through a park full of cherry blossom trees.

A few minutes later he got to school. It was good to be back after two months of recovery. Everything was still the same, as usual not so many people would approach him because almost everyday, the famous boy love author Usami Akihiko would come in his expensive and cool red car to pick him up. Nobody exactly knew about the relationship between the two, some people thought they were relatives, other thought they were friends, but nobody ever imagined that these two men shared a very strong bond.

They were a lovers. They had been together for the past three years and they were still going strong.


"Class dismissed!" the professor said.

Misaki put his books away in his bag and went down the stairs of the classroom. While he was passing in front of the desk of the professor, the professor called him.


Misaki approached his professor, it felt good seeing him after a month.

"Hello sensei!" Misaki greeted his professor.

"It's good to see you again Takahashi-kun! It must have been tough for you going through such treatment. How are you feeling now?" the professor asked.

"It's good to see you too professor! I feel a lot better now. It's good to be back." Misaki said.

"Of course it is! But Takahashi-kun, please don't force yourself too much if at anytime you don't feel good or…"

But Misaki interrupted the professor. "Thank you for worrying about me sensei, but right now I feel okay and strong enough to be back. I really appreciate that you are concerned about me. I'm sorry, I have to go to another class now, I'll see you next class sensei!" said Misaki.

"Oh! Very well then, I'll be seeing you next class Takahashi-kun." the professor said and smiled as Misaki left the classroom.

Misaki had spent the last two months going in and out of the hospital.

During a physical examination, Misaki told the doctor that he felt a bit of pain in his member and so the doctor examined him and after a couple of tests the doctor gave devastating news to Misaki.

Misaki was showing signs of prostate cancer.

He was very scared. He tried to hide it from Usagi but he was bad at hiding his emotions. As soon as the writer found out about this, he looked for the best doctor to treat Misaki. Takahiro was abroad on a business trip so he entrusted Misaki to Usagi. It was very hard for Misaki, he had to spend his last month of summer vacation going in and out of the hospital. And because he had to be admitted to the hospital for observation, he also had to skip his first month of college. Usagi was scared for Misaki because he didn't want to lose him. Just the thought of losing him… it was unbearable.

Misaki didn't want to stay behind on his studies, so he changed his classes to online classes. After almost a month and a half of treatment, the doctor confirmed that the treatment had worked as expected. Without having to go through chemotherapy, Misaki was now free of any possibility of prostate cancer. He just had to keep taking some pills every day for the next two months, but besides that, he was completely healthy.

This experience made the bond between Misaki and Usagi stronger. Usagi loved Misaki even more and Misaki now appreciated more the little things that everyone usually takes for granted, like the smell of the flowers or the beauty and shine of the stars.

After a long day of school, Misaki went to the front door of the University where he found Usagi's car parked. Usami Akihiko was inside, wearing a black tuxedo and sunglasses waiting for the young college student.

"Usagi-san I told you I wanted to walk home today! Why are you here?" exclaimed Misaki. He really wanted to go home walking because after going through such an experience, now he appreciated life and nature more. Since it was spring, he wanted to see the trees and flowers on the way home.

"I wanted to see you." he said in a sexy tone of voice.

"Usagi-san…" Misaki went inside the car.

"How was your day?" asked Usagi as he drove.

"It was alright. Everything is pretty much the same. Oh! I didn't see Toudou-kun today… I wonder if he is still going to school or if he was just absent today."

At the mention of Misaki's friend, Usagi got jealous and almost bit in half the cigarette that he was smoking.

"Well I'm happy he didn't show up today then…" Usagi murmured.

"What was that?"

"We are eating out today." Usagi quickly changed the subject.

"Where are we going?" asked Misaki.

"We are going to a place you'll like. It's not that far, we are almost there…" said Usagi as they turned the corner and stopped in front of a Restaurant. They got out of the car and Usagi gave the keys to the valet parking attendant. Misaki noticed that the parking lot was right next to the restaurant, they could have just parked the car and walked inside. Misaki was about to complain to Usagi but he knew that if he started an argument about not wasting money, he would end up losing.

They went inside the restaurant, to a special closed area that Usagi had already reserved for the two of them. They sat down and read the menu.

"What do you want to eat Usagi-san? Everything in the menu looks really good." Misaki said. 'And expensive...' he thought.

"Mmm… I'm not sure. What are you having?" asked Usagi.

"Well, for the past days I've been craving mush potatoes with steak really bad."

"Mush potatoes with steak? That's a good choice, You don't eat that often." Usagi said.

Then the waiter came in.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Yes. I'll have mush potatoes with steak please." said Misaki while handing the menu to the waiter.

"Very well then, I'll have the same." Usagi smiled.

"Ok, your orders will be ready in about ten minutes."

And just like the waiter said, around ten minutes later the waiter brought their dishes and they enjoyed their steak with mush potatoes.

For dessert the waiter brought a strawberry cake. It had a small sugar banner in the middle that said: "Good Luck on your Last Year of University Misaki"

"Wow! Strawberry! Thanks Usagi-san!" Misaki exclaimed and blushed like a little kid who had just opened a Christmas present.

Usagi who had a cigarette between his lips gave him a smile. From the beginning he had no intention of giving him that dinner with nothing in return. He also had other plans for that night.

Then the waiter brought in a bottle of wine and placed it on the table.

"I didn't order wine." Usagi looked at the bottle.

"Oh! This is on the house. The owner is a huge fan of yours and he told me to give it to you. I hope you like it." said the waiter.

Usagi was surprised. "Thank you."

"Wow! You should give the owner at least an autograph." Misaki said.

"Nah let's go."

"Oh come on! That's the least you can do."

Usagi couldn't resist Misaki's cute expressions. "Ok fine."

Usagi grabbed his napkin and wrote:

"Thank you for your support and for the wine.

-Usami Akihiko."

"Please give this to the owner." Then he gave the napkin to the waiter.

"Yes sir." And the waiter left.

Then Misaki and Usagi had cake and when they were done, they left the restaurant and headed home.


Meanwhile in the restaurant.

"Yo was it really worth it?" The waiter who had just attended Usagi and Misaki's table approached two girls. "You practically bought his autograph."

"It doesn't matter!" exclaimed one girl.

"I can't believe it!" the other girl said almost screaming.

"It's Usami Akihiko's autograph!" The two girls exclaimed together. The two waitresses were holding the little napkin that Usagi had just signed as if it was a divine object. They had spent almost half of their salaries each to get Usagi that bottle of wine.

"Who's going to keep it now?"

"We'll share it." they both said.

The guy sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Girls…" He turned around to go back to work.


Later, once Misaki and Usagi got home, Misaki wanted to go upstairs, get changed and start dong his homework. What he wasn't expecting was a passionate Usagi-san grabbing him by the waist stopping him from going upstairs.

"Usagi-san not now, I have homework to do." said Misaki annoyed, trying to get out of his grasp.

"Oh really? And how do you plan to get upstairs if I have you right now." he whispered in his ear.

"Let me go!" Misaki yelled but it was too late.

Usagi had turned him around so he was facing him and he was already putting his hand inside his pants. He started pressing on Misaki's member while he put his free arm around Misaki's back.

"Usagi-san, let me go!" complained Misaki.

"Oh… don't tell me you already got used to doing it in the hospital room… do you miss it now?… From the first night in the hospital... Do you remember those long nights in the hospital beds?… I can make one identical to those ones here if you ask me to…" he whispered in his ear. "We had an awesome time there right Misaki?"

But Misaki was not paying attention, he was trying to get free from Usagi's arms.

"Let me go! I don't want to do it." Misaki kept complaining. For once, Misaki really felt that he didn't want to do it at all, but Usagi didn't seem to care. Usagi was already used to Misaki's resistance so he kept going, unbuttoning his shirt softly getting ready to make his way in… until it happened.


Misaki slapped him.

Usagi froze. He stopped what he was doing and touched the place where he had just been slapped to feel that a drop of blood was coming from the scratch. Usagi looked at him, Misaki had just realized what he had done. He saw the scratch on Usagi's cheek, he gasped and covered his mouth with his hands.

"I… I…" he tried to speak but the words were not coming out. "I… didn't mean to…"

Usagi was confused also. This was the first time that Misaki had such a reaction. Usagi had never stopped in the past because he knew that inside, Misaki did want to sleep with him as much as he did.

But apparently this time was different.

Usagi let him free from his grasp, confused.

"Misaki?… what's wrong?" he asked concerned.

"I… I don't know… I just… I don't want to have sex with you right now." Misaki answered as he grabbed from the floor the shirt that Usagi had taken off him. "Just give me some time… I can't… I'm sorry" and with that said he went up the stairs and locked himself up in his bedroom. Leaving Usagi confused and with a scratch on the cheek.

Once inside, he lied on his bed and then he turned to his side.

"What's wrong with me?" he asked to himself trying to think why did he slap Usagi.

Most of the time Misaki gave in when it came to have sex but ever since they left the hospital, having sex hadn't even crossed his mind. He had no desire to have sex at all.

After the incident, Usagi went to his bedroom.

He kept thinking why Misaki didn't want to have sex with him. It was something they did on a regular basis with no problems or objections. Well, maybe objections from part of Misaki but he knew that Misaki too wanted to be with Usagi. He thought that maybe something happened to him at school or maybe he was stressed. But even so, Usagi couldn't help to feel sad.

With all those thoughts in mind, he turned on his laptop. There was going to be a major change of events in the story that he was writing.