"Damn it!"

"AIKAWA-SAN I'M SO SORRY! USAGI BAKAAA!" Misaki was sitting next to Usagi in the car apologizing to Aikawa-san on the phone as Usagi was driving.

"I swear I have that manuscript done, I got the flash drive here. I thought I had to hand it in on Monday." He said pulling out the flash drive from his pocket.

"LIAR!" Both Aikawa-san and Misaki yelled at the same time.

"I'm telling the truth." He wondered why they didn't believe him.

"Wait a minute Aikawa-san." Misaki covered the mic of the phone. "If you have it done then why can't we go back and give it to Aikawa-san?!"

"No! We already drove for an hour and a half, I'm not going back! She can wait three more days, it's not like she hasn't done that before."

"Usagi-san!" Misaki sighed and took the hand that was covering one side of the phone. "I'm so sorry Aikawa-san but-" That's when Usagi grabbed Misaki's phone, hung up and threw it to the back seat.

"Hey!" Misaki felt so bad, because he though Aikawa-san might think it was Misaki who hung up on her.

"Ah!" Usagi looked like he had an idea. "I forgot, I have a printed copy I made for Hiroki to proofread."

Misaki got excited. "You do?! I'm gonna tell her!" Misaki streched his hand backwards towards the back seat trying to reach his phone. He stretched it as much as he could with no success. "Usagi-san! I need my phone!"

"We are not going back Misaki. Leave your phone there." Usagi said with a stoic expression.

Misaki was getting upset, that was his phone. "Usagi-san!"

"Just forget about her. She will live. Besides I have it printed but I have no idea where I put it." Then he looked at the floor of the back seat of the car. "Ah there it is, it wasn't at home. It's here in the car so there is no way to give it to her."

At the Marukawa offices, Aikawa-san was sobbing on her desk. "Usagi-senseeeeei you are so cruel!"

"Usagi-san! This was going to be one of the few times you gave your work on the time and this happens! You have to be more responsible! You have been driving for an hour and a half! Where are we going anyway?" Misaki had absolutely no idea where they were going.

"We'll get there soon." Usagi was not going to tell him until Misaki saw it with his own eyes. "We are almost an hour away."

"An hour still...?" Misaki sighed and took a ham and cheese sandwich from his bag and began eating it.

"You have a really good appetite now huh?"

Misaki swallowed what he had inside his mouth. "Yes, I'm so hungry lately."

"Well you are eating for three now. That's probably why. Did you take your estrogen today?"

"No not yet, I already got used to have it before I go to bed every night, it's more comfortable like that because if I'm outside during the day and I don't have my pills at the time I have to take them. I'm scared of what could happen if there is a delay on taking them, so in the evening I'm always home and I don't have to worry about that." Misaki smiled to Usagi.

"That's smart." Usagi nodded.


They kept driving for a while, Misaki could see the mountains in the distance and the hills of flowers next to the road they were driving on.

"Whoa! Usagi-san look! There are so many flowers around here! And in so many different colors! It's so beautiful! What is this place?"

"It's one of the best flower places in japan, can't remember what is called."

"Wow! It's beautiful." Usagi opened the window from Misaki's side and let the fresh air and the soft smell of the flowers filter inside the car.

Misaki couldn't help closing his eyes, it felt so good. He loved where he was right now, he was in the car, with Usagi-san, just the two of them. He had his hands on top of his belly, feeling the warmth emanating from it. He was enjoying this trip already.

They drove through some more fields of flowers and after almost a half an hour, Misaki noticed that Usagi-san was following the signs that led to Karuizawa. "Usagi-san, are we going to Karuizawa?"

"Mmm… What makes you think that?"

"Well for a while we have been following the signs that lead to Karuizawa… is it there where we are going? Tell me!" Misaki was eager to know.

Usagi turned his head to look at Misaki for a bit. "Have you been there before?" Then he turned his head again to keep his eyes on the road.

"No but I heard it is one of the most relaxing places in Japan. One of my classmates went last year, he told me it is one of the best places to get away from the world, relax and forget about everything."

"Then I think I picked a good place." Usagi smirked.

"So we are going there!" Misaki said cheerfully. "You could have just told me."

"I wanted it to be a surprise." He gave a warm smile to Misaki.

"Geez…" Misaki blushed and looked away. Usagi could tell Misaki was trying to stop himself from smiling which he though was cute. They made their way towards Karuizawa, the sky was very clear with clouds in different shapes which made the landscape with the green hills look more beautiful.

"I love the view, you don't get to see this every day in the city." Misaki said looking through the window. "Where are we staying?"

"You'll see."

They drove teen minutes into the town and then they drove around it so Misaki could take a look at it. Later, they left the town center going between some hills. It was like they were driving through the forest. After a while, Misaki could see a long wall leading to a big wooden door where Usagi stopped the car.

Usagi got out of the car and went to ring the doorbell. Misaki got out of the car too, it had been a long drive and his legs were slightly swollen. Once out, he let out a yawn as he was able to stretch his arms and legs.

An old lady opened the door for Usagi-san. Misaki noticed she was not Japanese, she had wavy blonde hair, he thought she was probably from a country in Europe. Misaki saw how they greeted each other. The lady went back inside and closed the door behind her, Usagi went towards the car giving Misaki a sign to get in the car, which he did. Once in, the lady slowly opened the big wooden door revealing a beautiful house with a gorgeous yard.

"Whoa…" Misaki couldn't help to be surprised at his sight. "This place is… I love it." Misaki smiled and looked like a little kid looking at the surroundings out the window. The house was big, and the yard, it was what Misaki liked the most so far, it was huge. It had a swimming pool with a waterfall in the front and as they were driving around the house to park the car next to the house, he saw a hammock and hot springs right at the back of the house.

Still in the car, Usagi grabbed Misaki's hand and he in response looked at the author. "Soon we are not going to have time to be on our own, I heard from some people that kids take a lot of time, so I wanted to take you somewhere where it would be just the two of us. We have this whole place to ourselves."

Misaki was so shocked and moved at the same time. He had not thought he would need time for Usagi and himself as a couple before the babies came. His mind had been so full thinking about the babies and taking care of himself that he just overlooked it.

"I wanted to take you out of the country, maybe to France or to England but I also thought that we shouldn't go too far away from home just in case. Besides, you don't have a passport."

Misaki had a sweat drop falling from his forehead. 'A passport… Excellent way to kill the moment' Misaki thought. "Thanks Usagi-san. I really hadn't thought about it. Let's take a lot of pictures, make memories and have a lot of fun okay?" Misaki smiled to him and all of a sudden he felt the warm pair of lips of his lover against his own. Before Misaki could push him away, Usagi quickly got off the car and once out, he leaned on the window to look at Misaki who was still in the car.

"Shall we go?" Usagi smirked.

Misaki was so red, he narrowed his eyes and shot him a killing glare. "Usagi-baka."

There was a path made out of stones leading to the house's front door, where the old lady was waiting for them.

The old lady bowed and Usagi and Misaki bowed in response. "Usami-sama, Takahashi-sama, welcome to my residence. I am so happy you got here safely, especially you Takahashi-sama in your condition, I was worried it might have been uncomfortable to come all the way here." She said looking at Misaki's abdomen.

Misaki widened his eyes, he was not expecting the old lady's comment. He was caught off guard. Why would she know about his condition? Plus she knew his name, it would not be so strange if they only knew Usagi's name since he was the one always making reservations but they also knew his name. "N-n-no! It was not uncomfortable! I-I-I'm fine." Misaki let out a confused fake smile.

"Oh! I am so glad to hear that." The old lady said while she turned around to open the door. Then Misaki whispered to Usagi's ear. "Usagi-san, how does she know…?"

"Well, I told her a little bit about us since we are going to be staying at her house. I thought it was appropriate. Anna-san is the sister of one of the maid's that used to work at my house in England. With the money they made working in England they built this house. They never married and now they have their sister Abigail and her husband live here. Anna's sister passed away some years ago. Now Anna takes care of Abigail, since gradually she has been losing her sight." Usagi grabbed Misaki's hand and pulled him forward, but Misaki didn't let him.

"Wait! So you told her I am pregnant!?" Misaki said that very loud and then covered his mouth when he realized that the lady had already opened the door and that there were people inside the house. There was an old lady and also an old man sitting on the sofa. They each had their own oxygen tank and there was luggage in front of them. When the lady turned to look at them Misaki pulled his hand to his mouth.

It seemed the old lady didn't hear Misaki's last sentence. "I hope you feel comfortable here, this house is so big for us now. We only take two rooms out of the six it has. She is my sister Abigail and he is her husband James." Then the lady's phone rang. "Oh! It might be our taxi. Please don't hesitate to look around the house."

Usagi and Misaki walked in and bowed to the people in the living room. They replied nodding back. Usagi noticed how Misaki looked somewhat uncomfortable. He was pulling the blue and red plaid buttoned shirt he was wearing downwards and then he nervously rolled his sleeves up and put his arms on his front as if covering himself. Usagi noticed this and stopped looking around grabbing Misaki's hand. "You don't have to hide it here, you can scream we are going to be parents, it's alright. That is why I reserved this house Misaki. For a weekend I want us to be free, I want you to express your feelings."

Misaki blushed and looked away. He still was not sure if it was a good thing that the people present knew about him. But he trusted Usagi. He knew that this was his lover's nature, his way of doing things. Most of the time, it really pissed off Misaki because he spent so much money on unnecessary stuff. But now on this weekend, their last vacation of just being the two of them, he was glad he could spend it like this with him.

Misaki sighed. "Okay."

The house was very comfortable, and spacious. The walls were cream colored and almost all the furniture had the same dark brown color. Misaki then looked through the windows at the backyard and he couldn't believe what he was looking at. The house had its own hot springs. "Usagi-san this house has hot springs!"

"It's a beautiful house right?"

"Yes. I never really thought I would get to spend some days in a house like this." Misaki went towards the living room near the old lady that was sitting on the sofa. He noticed that the lady wanted to stand up but she needed help. Misaki was close to her so he lent her a hand, it was not hard since the lady was thin. Usagi noticed and approached them just in case.

"Oh dear, I am sorry you had to help me in your condition. My body is not what it was years ago. Oh! Look at you! How far along are you honey?"

Misaki opened his eyes wide at the question, he was not used to being asked that by a complete stranger. "Ahm…" he cleared his throat, "I am 20 weeks."

"Oh you are halfway through! Congratulations!. It looks like it's going to be a big baby, you look more than 20 weeks." The old lady smiled to him.

"Thanks. Well that is because I am having twins." Misaki smiled back to her.

She clasped her hands together. "Twins! How wonderful!" She got a little closer to Misaki and extended her hands towards his belly. "May I?"

Misaki hesitated for a moment but something inside told him that it was okay, so he nodded. "Yes."

The old lady softly placed both of her hands on Misaki's belly. "Oh! This is the miracle of life, at times so scary and yet so beautiful, all at the same time. You have no idea all the joy and blessings these creatures will bring to your life. Feeling these little miracles grow inside you, knowing that one day you will hold them in your arms is one of the greatest gifts that can be experienced."

Misaki nodded. He felt like he was going to cry in any minute. No one had ever told him such beautiful words. It felt so good to have a person that was not related to him, and that didn't know all the circumstances about what they were going through, tell him that. Usagi was only looking but he knew how Misaki was feeling. He was feeling the same way too.

"Abby the taxi is here! It's time to go." Anna came in with the taxi driver. He picked up their baggage and took it to the cab. Usagi also grabbed a bag and helped out too. Abigail then placed her hands on Misaki's cheeks. "I will pray for you and your family darling. I know everything will be alright. Good-bye sweetheart." She hugged Misaki softly.

"Thank you." Those words were going to stay with Misaki forever. Abigail then turned around to hold on to her sister's arm. The taxi driver helped out Abigail's husband. Usagi walked them to the door and they left. Misaki then looked around him, the house was so big. Then walked towards Usagi and gave him a big hug.

"She was so kind." Misaki breathed into his chest.

"Yes she was." His chin was touching Misaki's brown hair.

"Besides the people we have told, it is the first time someone says something like that about our children. I wish everyone else would react as she did. I didn't sense the worry that the people that know us feel, all I sensed from her were her good wishes for us. It was nice to get that from a person we don't even know." He pressed his face towards Usagi's chest.

"Yes. I liked that too. There are so many things that remind us all the time that all the risks we are going through with this that we tend to forget the essential part." Usagi said. "You are halfway there Misaki." Usagi lowered the hand that was on Misaki's shoulder and placed it on his hip close to Misaki's belly. "Time is going by so fast. Like she said, soon we are going to have them with us."

"Yeah, once they arrive maybe we can bring them here too." Misaki said excited.

"No. Next time we come here, we will bring them." Usagi passed the back of his fingers through Misaki's cheek.

"That sounds good." The image of them and their two children playing on the yard came to Misaki's mind. "I can't wait... Alright!" Misaki broke the hug and went to look at the rest of the house. "I want to see the kitchen. I'm hungry!"

"We have to go to town to get some groceries for the weekend. Let's unpack the things we brought first. If I am not wrong the room we are using is on the first floor. Let's see… It's this one." Usagi looked around a bit and then, grabbed the three bags they had brought and took them to the main bedroom.

Misaki followed him wanting to see the room where they were going to sleep. He grabbed the door's frame with one hand and the door knob with the other walking inside the bedroom. "Usagi-san this bedroom is…" Misaki was speechless, the walls were cream colored, and all the furniture had a mixture of metal and wood that went perfectly with the view out the window. The bed was big and it was illuminated by a skylight on the roof. The view from the window in one of the walls, was incredible. As he got closer to it, he noticed it wasn't a window but a sliding glass door. The room had its own terrace. On it he saw many pots of flowers and in the middle, a rocking chair. "Wow. Usagi-san, how did you know they had this beautiful house?"

"I came here before but it wasn't like this. It was still under construction. I was probably 10 years old. My mom left me here for some days with the maid from England I told you about, Anna's sister. I picked out this place because the time I spent here, even though it was short, I enjoyed it a lot. I felt so at peace with myself here. They have made it even better." Usagi said pulling the curtains to the side for more light to illuminate the room.

"Oh… and where did they go? Where are Anna-san and her sister going?" Misaki had forgotten to ask him that.

"They are going to England for a couple of months. They are letting me take care of the house while they are gone."

Misaki nodded. "I see… Wait! That means you are not really renting out this place. You are just taking care of it! You are saving your money!" He said happily with a wide smile.

"Well technically it is ours for the time being. I only have to pay for the maintenance and we can come here as often as we want while they are not here."

"Really!? That's great!" Misaki went back inside with Usagi and sat on the bed leaning on his hands backwards. He felt how soft the bed was and he lay on the bed with his hands up over his head. Usagi couldn't resist that unintentional invitation. He placed his knee between Misaki's legs and kneeled on top of him placing his hands straight next to Misaki's face, trapping him completely. Still in four, Usagi went for Misaki's neck.

"Usagi-san…!" Misaki grabbed Usagi's head trying to push it away. "Wait!"

"Wait for what?" He said as he continued kissing Misaki's neck.

"I am hungry, tired and so not…" Misaki felt Usagi's lips going through his neck. "Usagi-san!" Usagi had started unbuttoning Misaki's shirt quickly from below up. Misaki grabbed Usagi's hand trying to stop him.

"Misaki what is it?" Usagi felt the way Misaki was grabbing his hands, he could tell he was making a big effort to try to stop him. Most of the times when Misaki wanted to stop him, he didn't put strength into it so he continued, but now Misaki was really trying to stop him, so he stopped.

"Usagi-san, listen to me." He said pushing him to a side and standing from the bed. "My legs feel weird from all the time I sat in the car and I am very hungry right now. So let's do what we have to do first. Let's go to town, get some food and buy some groceries for the weekend." Misaki stated as he finished buttoning his shirt, and left the room.

Usagi was so turned off. He thought that that was the perfect situation to do it since they had just arrived to a new environment and Misaki was in a good mood. He was so bummed about it but he guessed in his lover's current state… He had no choice. "I can't believe my rival is now food." Usagi sighed and went to meet Misaki in the car.

They went to a convenience store in town and they got enough groceries to last the weekend they were going to stay there. They only bought things for breakfast and snacks since for lunch or dinner they wanted to eat the food Karuizawa had to offer. They also looked around at other things they could use back home and also souvenirs for Takahiro, Manami and Mahiro.

They had gotten things for Manami and Mahiro but they were still looking for something for Takahiro, so they went to a souvenir store nearby. Usagi was looking at some type of candy he had never seen before in his life and Misaki went to an aisle that had keychains and magnets. While he was grabbing one of the magnets he had this horrible feeling that made his hand stop what he was doing.

He quickly turned around.

He felt he was being watched.


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