Misaki noticed, he felt it. After realizing the man was staring at him, he continued manipulating the magnets in his hands, pretending he had not noticed him. He did not need to turn his body around completely to see the person, with a quick movement, he turned his head to see him. He was tall, wearing a large black coat and a hat. The thing that surprised him the most was that the man kept looking at him, it might have only been for a couple of seconds but to him it seemed like an eternity.

"Hey Misaki, how about…?"

Misaki gasped scared and looked to the other side where the voice had come from. It was Usagi.

Usagi noticed he had made Misaki drop the magnets he was grabbing to the floor. "What happened? Did I scare you?"

"No, no!" He tried squatting to pick up the magnets he had dropped which were only two, but Usagi beat him to them, so he did not really have to bend.

"Sorry for scaring you." Usagi said giving back the magnets to Misaki.

"No you didn't." Misaki lied obviously not convincing Usagi, the author thought it was a bit strange but he did not want to make a big deal out of it so he blamed it on the hormones. As Misaki was putting the magnets back on the shelves he looked at the other end of the aisle where the man had been standing. He was gone.

He wanted to go over there so bad and see if the man was still there or had left but then he thought maybe he was being paranoid and he was going to make Usagi worry for nothing.

"Look Misaki, I found this." Usagi had a bottle of whisky. "Takahiro might like this, it is Karuizawa Vintage"

Misaki had heard of those. "Oh wow!" His voice broke a little, he was trying so hard Usagi didn't notice his nervousness, he was still thinking about the man. "I think that will do, he'll like that. We have everything now right?"

"Yeah, we have things for breakfast, snacks, and souvenirs for Takahiro. Let's go to check out." They headed to checkout. Misaki was pulling the shopping cart from the front with one hand and Usagi was pushing it from the handle. Since they were close to the cashier, Misaki turned to look at Usagi and for a moment he didn't see where he was going.

"Misaki watch out!" Usagi said.

"Oh!" Misaki let out a small gasp. He had bumped into the person that was already waiting in the line. "I'm so sorry!" Misaki quickly apologized and bowed.

The man didn't say anything. He just looked at him and then turned to the cashier. Once Misaki was standing straight, he noticed that the person he had bumped into was no other than the man who had been staring at him before in the aisle. He found this entire situation very odd, Usagi was with him so he felt safer and he started putting all the stuff they had to pay for on the belt. While doing this, once in a while he saw the man with the corner of his eye. He did not look at Misaki at all, he just paid for what he got and walked towards the exit of the store. Misaki stopped putting the things on the belt to take a better look at this man, he walked past the cashier letting Usagi finish putting the rest on the things on the belt. He saw the man going through the store's doors when all of a sudden he turned to look at Misaki as if he knew Misaki had been looking at him. Misaki was not expecting that to happen at all, he grabbed the edge of the cashier's metal bagging area looking for something to hold on to. The man's gaze gave Misaki the impression that he had something to do with him. After a couple of seconds that seemed forever, the man turned and left.

Usagi noticed Misaki looking at that man while putting the things on the belt. "What's up with him? He was rude, you apologized and he didn't say anything back."

Misaki just nodded. "He was probably upset about something. Who knows…" He continued helping even though Usagi had already put almost everything on the belt. Misaki had to forget about that person, maybe it was coincidence of some sort. He had to let it go, forget about it. "Let's get something to eat, I'm hungry."

Usagi got close to Misaki and placed a hand on his lower back. "I was starting to wonder why you weren't complaining about food yet." Usagi teased Misaki.

"Usagi-san…" Misaki frowned. "You should be hungry too! It's time for dinner!"

"I am, let's go get something." Usagi laughed.

After leaving the store they went for dinner to a nice restaurant with a beautiful view. They could see the trees and the light blue sky from the table they sat at. As always Misaki completely finished his food and after they were done, they went to walk around town a bit more to take some pictures. Every once in a while when Misaki was not looking, Usagi took a picture of him. He was not so fond of pictures himself but he wanted to capture Misaki's condition for their little family album and also for him to keep. He had never seen Misaki like he was now. He looked so delicate yet so strong, he seemed to possess that protective strength he saw on parents walking and holding their children. He wondered if one day he would look like he had that strength too, even though he helped Misaki as much as he could, he still felt helpless. Usagi kept looking at Misaki, and every once in a while Misaki would put a hand on the lower part of his belly then look at Usagi and give him a warm smile. That is when Usagi realized he did have that strength he was thinking about, the only thing it took was to look at the loves of his life, and he felt it too. This entire situation they were in, made him love Misaki more than never before.

They had walked for a long time and Misaki was starting to get tired, they decided it was a good time to head back home. It was almost time for the sunset. When they got home, Usagi went to the main bedroom to do some reading with Misaki. For a couple of hours they enjoyed each other's company while reading. Then Misaki felt himself getting sleepy and thought it was time to take a bath. He put his robe on and went to take a shower. After he was done he went to their bedroom and as he grabbed the door knob to go inside, he remembered they had the hot springs in the back yard. He had completely forgot about it, he got very excited forgot about his sleepiness and went to check it out.

"This place is amazing." He said as he stood on the edge of the hot springs. He untied his robe and let it loose hanging at the back on his elbows. He was able to feel the warm breeze of the night on his bare skin. It was so refreshing he stood there for a while. He looked down and he saw his belly, he started feeling some flutters and wondered if it was them moving. "Do you like the breeze too?" he said as he rubbed it with both hands in small circles. "I wish you could see this place too. Next time we come we will bring you with us, you will love the swimming pool!" he said while looking at his belly, noticing how big it had got. When he changed clothes he didn't take that much time looking at it since he always had something to do, sometimes he had to make breakfast, do some homework or do some light cleaning around the house. But now that he was away from all of that, he could appreciate how big it was comparing to the time he found out he was pregnant. "You are good in there right? You two have gotten so big, I am going to get huge by the time you decide to come out. But that's fine… as long as you are okay." He smiled.

Then Misaki heard the wooden floor squeak. Usagi was a couple of steps behind him. Misaki quickly pulled his robe up to cover himself.

"How long have you been there?" Misaki glared at him and looked away.

Usagi went behind him and lowered his face to reach Misaki's ear and whispered, "Long enough to never ever forget your how beautiful you looked a while ago." Misaki listened to him whisper those words while Usagi softly took Misaki's robe off.

Misaki couldn't resist Usagi's touch, his cold hands slowly taking Misaki's robe off and throwing it to a side. "You are beautiful Misaki."

Misaki felt his cheeks turning red. "What are you saying…? Help me sit down, I want to get in." Misaki changed the subject since he was so embarrassed.

Usagi didn't do anything to avoid it since Misaki was already trying to sit down and he did need help. "Ah! This feels great." Misaki said once he was inside the hot water.

"Yes it does."

"Oh my back feels great in here! It is just what I needed! Ohh… I am in heaven!" Misaki said completely relaxed.

Usagi laughed.

"You definitely don't know what you have unless you lose it. Having a painless back is one of those things."

"Does it really hurt a lot?" Usagi frowned.

"Yes… but you get used to it as you try to find a position where it doesn't hurt, then you do it unconsciously."

"I'm sorry." Usagi said without making eye contact with Misaki.

Misaki noticed and placed his hand on top of Usagi's who was sitting next to him. "It's fine. I might complain about the pain but what I am experiencing right now, I know that there are millions of other people that would do anything to be able to have kids of their own. We are very fortunate… so a little bit of pain it's ok." He smiled to Usagi.

"I love you." He said as he got close to Misaki and kissed him on the forehead.

Misaki felt the same way too, he turned to see him to give him a kiss on the cheek. But right when his lips were about to touch his cheeks, Usagi turned on purpose making Misaki kiss him on his mouth. "Usagi-san!" Misaki covered his mouth with his hand.

Usagi just laughed. "Wow! Taking the initiative huh?"

"I... uhm… I…" Misaki sighed and rolled his eyes. "Just let me enjoy my bath!"

Usagi just kept laughing.

Misaki knew that Usagi was not the type of guy that would laugh too often so he liked that he was doing so. After being in the hot springs for some minutes, Misaki started feeling too hot and the doctor had warned him not to stay in hot water for too long, so he decided that he should just sit on the edge instead of being full body inside the hot water.

Usagi helped Misaki get out and sit on the edge of the hot springs with his legs from the knees down still in the water. Usagi also sat next to him.

"Are you enjoying yourself Misaki?"

"Yes! I definitely needed this vacation."

"If mom is good that means the babies are good too." Usagi felt accomplished.

"About that, I have been thinking and I will be their dad also! Not their mom." Misaki complained as he played with his feet on the water.

"You are technically their mom. You are bearing them, you are feeding them and you will give birth to them. Mom." Usagi was being completely serious but to Misaki it sounded as if he was mocking him.

"No but…" Oh he is completely right, Misaki thought and decided to change the subject. "Anyway… should we start thinking of names?" Misaki asked him. They will be here in less than 4 months."

"They will both be Misaki."

"Ha. Ha. Ha. NO." Misaki said very seriously. "At least let's pick the name for the boy. When we go for our next ultrasound and we see what the other baby is we can pick the name for him, let's just assume for now they're two boys. I'm sorry if you are a girl baby, but once we see what you are, if you are a girl we'll refer to you as she ok?" Misaki said patting his belly.

"I have this feeling the little one is going to be a boy." Usagi said.

"That is not a feeling, that is what you want!" Misaki laughed. "Let's just call him ´the little one´ until we find out what it is."

"Alright then, I think it is time for mom and kids to go to bed. It is starting to get chilly and I don't want you catching a cold." Usagi said and bent towards Misaki's belly kissing it twice in different spots. Misaki was not expecting that but he was glad that Usagi was showing more affection towards the babies lately, he also noticed that he was more protective than ever of him. Usagi stood up first and lent a hand to Misaki to help him up

"You were right it is getting chilly. Let's go to sleep." Misaki said as he bent to get his towel, he had to squat to get to it. "Oh boy. I can't bend down now…" Usagi was quicker and got the robe from the floor for him and helped him put it on. "It's fine." He then grabbed Misaki's hand and they went to the main bedroom to get a good night's rest.

It was their second day at the house, and they were both very excited for the activities of the day, they were going to go hiking. The place they were going to was very well known for the landscapes and the flowers it had, and Usagi had also researched this place and it seemed to be safe for children, adults and people of all ages in general, so he thought it would be fun for both of them. They had breakfast at the house and then Misaki made lunch to eat it at some stop point while hiking. He made little sandwiches, rice balls, little pieces of sausage and small pieces of chicken and eggs. Usagi helped out making lunch, he was really looking forward to eating it already.

They drove through the entrance of the reservation the hiking trail was located. The area looked really beautiful, they found a parking spot with no effort since beside their car there were only 5 more cars in the parking area, and there was very few people around. Usagi had done his research and this was the time of the year the hiking trail received less visitors, also another reason why he chose it. Usagi got out of the car, opened the trunk and put the backpack with their food on. As they headed towards the starting point Misaki walked next to him looking at the view.

"Usagi-san this place looks amazing!"

"It does right? It looks better than on the website."

"Let's go! There's the starting point of the hiking trail. I am so excited!" Misaki said, his eyes seemed to shine. As they walked they could see the different types of plants and flowers. Some trees even had fruit growing on them. They walked for around forty five minutes.

"Usagi-san… I'm hungry…" Misaki said somewhat embarrassed since they had eaten breakfast not so long ago.

Usagi laughed. "Are you really?"

"I am. I'll just eat one of the small sandwiches. Look there is one resting point and it has tables. Let's eat there, ok?" Misaki pulled Usagi towards the resting point.

Even though Misaki said he was not going to eat much, he ended up finishing what they had brought. Usagi who was not planning on eating, also finished his share since watching Misaki eat his food with such pleasure made him hungry too. Once they were done they stayed sitting for a couple of minutes and resumed their walk.

Misaki felt his hand being grabbed by Usagi's, he was about to pull it away but Usagi held to it with more strength. "We have not seen a single person during the entire trail. We have the whole place to ourselves."

Misaki knew he was right so he let him hold his hand. It felt so good for both of them to be holding hands out in the open, with no one to judge them or glance at them. Misaki had to admit it felt nice too.

"Misaki… I have a feeling I am forgetting something."

"But what could it be, because we only brought the… oh…" Misaki looked at Usagi's back and there was no backpack. Usagi saw Misaki looking at his back and he realized what had happened.

"Crap, I forgot it in the resting point. I am going to go get it." He saw a large rock. "Sit here and wait for me, I won't take long."

"Are you sure you don't want me to go with you?"

"No, it's fine I will be back really soon." And so he left back to the resting point. Misaki sat on the rock that Usagi had pointed out. The rock was large enough that he could even lay on it, and since there was no one around he went ahead and did so. The soft breeze, the chirping of the birds and also the fragrance of nature felt so good. He lay for about fifteen minutes. 'Usagi-san might be on his way back now' he thought, so he decided to sip up. While he was doing so, a strong breeze came taking away his sun hat.

"My hat!" Misaki didn't want to lose his hat, so he followed it to get it. He didn't notice he was actually leaving the hiking trail. Every time he was closer to the hat, the wind blew it away further every time. He noticed the soil was getting muddier with each step and also somewhat slippery, so he thought it was better to forget about the hat and head back. Besides, he had lost sight of it. But then he heard Usagi calling him.

Usagi came back with the backpack he had forgotten at the resting point of the hiking trail. He was now where he had left Misaki, he saw the large rock but Misaki was not there. He looked around and he saw him very far away from the hiking trail between the trees and tall grass. "Misaki! Come back!" He screamed calling at him but Misaki didn't seem to hear him so he went after him. He was going into the forest, even though he had read that that hiking trail was safe, he had a bad feeling and dropped the backpack to run to get to him.

He was not so far away from him when he called him again. "Oy Misaki!" It looked like Misaki had heard him this time because he turned around.

That was when he felt his heart stop for what it seemed like an eternity.

"Usagi-san!" Misaki had heard him, he turned around and waved to him, but when he took a step towards Usagi, he felt the ground below him moving, fe felt himself going downwards.


It all seemed to happen in slow motion. Misaki had been standing on the soft muddy edge of what it looked like a precipice and he was now going downward. Usagi saw Misaki holding on to the edge, while Usagi was running towards him. Misaki had managed to somehow pull himself up, he was holding on to the edge of the muddy ground with his elbows still trying to pull himself up further.

"Usagi-san!" Misaki screamed desperately. In his current condition he was not as strong, and the precipice's edge was very slippery. Usagi saw his lover dissapear.

Misaki had fallen.


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