Hi everyone and welcome to the DRC: Sennin vs Avatar. Now I know that the first chapter of the story had many things wrong. But I hope to make this one better than the previous versions of the is fic. You see now most of you wondered why I started with Naruto being a bit more cold to Aang in the entire story. That is a simple answer for it, Naruto is more of a realist in this fic and knows that there is no victory without sacrifice. A cold truth, but one that is very much real.

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Chapter 1: Arrival of the Sennin

A single figure sat in a stone room in a throne made out of stone with his eyes closed. The person has bright blond hair that rivaled the sun's shine. He wore a black cloak that is decorated with white outlined red clouds on the clothing. This person also wore a black headband on his forehead with a spiral design on a metal plating.

In back of the stone throne is a large purple circular picture with a rings expanding from a single dot. The person who sat in the large room heard a loud bang across the room. This person still did not open his eyes as he heard foots steps of multiple people closing in on his person. Nor did he open them when the foot steps cam to a stop at ten feet away from him.

"I see you have come to face me, Avatar Aang." The cloaked figure spoke with a impassive voice before opening his eyes. That matched the large picture behind the stone throne he is sitting in. The blond teen looked at the savior of the Four Nations who has a look of determination on his face. "I am a bit disappointed that you did not come here to face me along. Because your little gang here would just get in our way and I will do whatever it takes to win."

"This war will come to an end and to restore balance to the world is right through you." Said the last Air Bender as he got into a stance for Earth Bending. "Unlike you, my friends and I are going to fight you with all our strength. We will win!"

The blond looked at the group before him as they have an air of confidence in them. This made the purple eyed teen have a faint smile on his face before turning into a grin and finally a smirk graced his face."Is that a fact... Then I too saw face you with my full power!" He spoke as the room lit up with candles with three on each side to reveal six people, all dressed the same. "Prepare to face the Nidaime Rikudou no Sennin!"



Days before

Princess Azula had found herself in a situation that she did not like at all. That she was surrounded from all sides by the Avatar's group along with her brother and uncles Iroh. She had found her options to be none to pleasing. She knew that she needed some sort of distraction to work in her favor. Is she wanted to make an escape to fight capture the Avatar along with the traitors. However it seemed like nothing of that was going to happen for her this time around. Because she did not have the required time it takes to form her lightning bending and sensed that Iroh knew this as well. She then only had the one option open to her as that was to surrender for now, then make an escape when their guard is down. Just as she was about to admit her defeat to the group of benders.

Just then a single figure had landed in between herself and the advancing bending group that is the figure was dressed in a black high collar cloak that is decorated with white outlining red clouds. On further inspection everyone had noticed that the figure was indeed male by his looks. He also wore strange looking boots that are opened at the toes while the blue pants leg were tucked into the sandal. However the most defining parts of about the mysterious male was his sunny shoulder length hair. Along with his pale purple eyes that had a ripping effect to them. The blond male had three whisker marks on each cheek that gave him the look of a fox.

The blond then looked to the group for a moment to see that they looked pretty hostile in his eyes. He then looked to see a girl in red armor who looked to be a bit frightened at her predicament. He then gave a low sigh to the girl before looking back to the Avatar's group one more time. "Alright I may not know whats going on here. But I hardly think that six against one is hardly a fair fight. So..."

The blond then look to see the group of six were in a strange stance that told they were ready for a fight. "I will just even up the odds!" Said the purple eyed boy as he ran forward.

The moment he had said that everyone had shot off their strongest elemental bending attack they had. While Sokka threw his father boomerang as hard as he can at the stranger. Azula had been watching all this happen right in front of her. Knew that if she was to make her escape, then this was her only chance to leave. However she felt compelled to see what was going to happen as she felt power coming off the stranger in waves.

The cloaked male kept running forward at the group as he did not even register the incoming attacks that are mere seconds away from his body. "Shinra Tensei." Silently said the cloaked as a powerful forces had repelled the attacks back to their users. Aang had been blasted 10 feet away from where he was standing. While Sokka's boomerang had hit him in the stomach so hard that it knocked the wind out of him and found himself on his knees. Katara had been completely drenched by the water she threw at the blond. As Toph had narrowly dodge her earth bending attack that raced back at herself. While Zuko with his uncle had also dodge their repelled attacks in time.

Zuko had gotten up from the ground after dodging his attack, only to be kicked in the stomach by the blond that lifted him off the ground. While keeping his leg in the air with Zuko being held in place. Before the cloaked male spun his leg back down to slam the former Crown Prince of Fire Lord Ozai.

Iroh seeing this happening to his nephew had started to go into the stance to gather lightning to his the stranger. Only to see the blond having his entire right hand consumed in lightning as he turned around. The Dragon of the West had gathered the lighting he needed for the strongest fire bending attack he knew. Iroh then launched his attack on the blond who the held his lightning consumed hand to his chest and before he knew what happened. The Dragon of the West saw his attack had nullified by the cloak teenager without any effort on his own part. Iroh then saw the blond's hands had begun to move in a fast pace motions that he could not register with his own eyes.

Once the cloaked teen had finished what he was doing before saying. "Katon: Haisekishou no jutsu!" Called out the blond before blowing out what looked to be ash out of his mouth. Once he was done blowing the ash out from his mouth, he clicked his teeth in making a spark near the ash. As it had started to explode in flames that looked very deadly for the opponent which happened to be Iroh. Who had jumped out of the ash as it grazed his shoulder and knocked him out of the battle.

"Come on!" Azula called out the teen as she got his attention. "We're getting out of here!" The blond teen the had ran to the Fire Princess who is saddled on her Mongoose Dragon she rode in on. The cloaked teen had jumped sat behind Azula who felt his arms around her waist and could feel his muscled arms. Which made the 17 year old princess blush at having such close contact with a boy as they made their escape.

After Zuko had demanded for the Avatar's group to leave him alone after being defeated by a single person. After taking a few minutes to tend to their wounds once it was safe to do so. Sokka had let out a frustrated yell before saying. "What the hell is that guy! Just how did me manage to beat us without even trying?"

Katara had looked to her brother as she shared his confusion. "I don't know Sokka." Said Katara. "But I think it would be in our best interest is to avoid him as much as we can." "Says the Water tribe girl as she felt scared at facing such a person. However the blond's eyes were just as scary as the rest of him. "What I want to know is how he was able to use Air bending. Because I thought Aang was the only Ai rbender left alive. Do you think he is a descendant of a surviving air nomad that may have escaped the massacre Aang?"

"It wasn't Air bending." Said Aang while looking of the the side in deep confusion. "Because if it was Air bending then I would have felt the winds shift or a pull. But there was nothing of the sort, just a powerful force I never heard of or seen for that matter." This rang true from Monk Gyatsu who did some traveling in the Four Nations.

"Wait a minute twinkle toes?" Said Toph as she leaned against the rim of Appa's saddle. "If what that guy did was not air bending, then what was it?"

"I don't know. But I think Katara is right in avoiding him." Replied Aang. "That is until I can speak to Avatar Roku. I can only hope that he will have some answers for something like this or we could be facing an even powerful enemy than the Fire Lord."



With Azula

It did not take the Mongoose Dragon very long to reach Azula's new tank that was developed by the Fire Nation. Once she stopped the her Mongoose Dragon, Azula had jumped off the animal and turned her attention to the cloaked blond. "Well I must say that you have some great skill warrior." Said Azula as she was a bit jealous and mostly impressed with the blonds skills and from what she saw earlier. The boy in front of her looked to be far stronger than her own father. "So do you have a name?"

"It's Naruto." Said the blond. "Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. So whats yours beautiful?"

This made the Fire Princess blush again because no boy had ever call her beautiful as most were afraid to even approach. So this was a new feeling for her to as she was taught in the arts of war. But never knew how to be a person when it came to boys or such like her brother Zuko is. "I am Azula, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Crown Princess of the Fire Nation."

"Man those guys must have a death wish to fight threaten someone of royalty." Naruto said as he saw Azula waved her hand annoyingly.

"Hey I may be a princess." Azula says as she crossed her arms over chest. "But I am not like the usual weak, whinny and pampered girls."

"Well I can see that from the way you fought the scared guy and baldy in the run down place." Said Naruto as saw the Fire Princess gape at him.

"Yes, I would have defeated them if- wait a moment?" Said Azula as she gave the blond an accusing look. "How did you even know that I was fighting my brother and the Avatar?"

"Oh I was watching the fight." Replied the blond. "I would have joined you. But you looked like you were going to win. If the those other people had not joined in the fight, but you still managed to hold your own against six of them." Naruto the gave a small laugh. "I should not be surprised at seeing that old man, move so fast with the belly like his. But then again, an old friend of mine was fast despite his weight."

"Well I suppose it is better than being the Avatars prisoner." interjected Azula as looked off to the side. "How I am not able to capture him or my brother is a mystery beyond me." She then scoffed for a moment before going on. "But then again, my brother had no such luck as I did." She then saw Naruto raise his hand as he turned his head to the side.

"You two can come out from behind the trees now." Called out Naruto as he had a smile on his face as he heard two pairs of feet walking out into the open from behind. The blond had turned around to see two girls had made they're presence known to him. One had black hair that is tied back in two pony-tails. While the other has brown hair tied in a braided pony-tail that reached her mid-back as she did a few flexible cartwheels. Before her faces was merely inches away from his own. Which made the blond in question take a few steps back. "Uhh... nice to meet ya."

"Oh yeah... these two are with me." Said Azula as she walked up to the blond. "The one with black hair is Mai, she is very skilled with projectile weapons and the other is-"

"Hi! I"m Ty Lee!" Said the girl in a braided pony tail as she was still in Naruto's face as she looked him over head to toe. "It's nice to meet ya too." However she was yanked back from her ear by Mai who just sighed.

"So tell me why were you fighting the baldy and the scare face back there?" Asked the blond as he saw the Fire princess let out a irritated breath.

"Well at first it started out as capturing my brother and uncle for disobeying orders." Said Azula. "So I had decided to form an elite team to capture them. However while forming that team which is the three of us are at the moment. We had then been given another objective to capture other than my brother and uncle. As that object is now to get rid of the Avatar."

Naruto then gave a confused look at the girls before asking. "Okay... So whats a Avatar?" Before he saw the girls blink a few time before saying together.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN "WHATS A AVATAR!" They yelled as one in making Naruto fall down on the ground.

"Geez you don't have to be so loud!" Naruto shot back while getting the ringing out of his ears. "So I don't know what a Avatar is. So what?"

"What do you mean "So what!". He is the master of all four Elements." Said Azula as she gave the blond a serious look.

Only for Naruto to scoff at what he heard. "Pfft, So what, I can control five elements including some that only can be said as not possible. Why I can beat baldy without even going getting a good work out."

"So your telling me that you can beat the Avatar?" Azula asked as she looked to have some hope in her eyes only for her mind to focus on another part of his words. "Wait a minute! You just said that you can control five elements when there are only four known to the world. Aside from lightning being a part of Fire bending."

This made the blond raise an eyebrow before chuckling again. "Well maybe here lightning is part of fire-whatever. But where I am from, lightning is an element all on its own. Along with a few other elements that are known as sub-elements."

The Fire Princess looked at Naruto with a skeptical look on her face. But she looked very interested in his claim. "Would it be any trouble for you to show me some of you skills Naruto?" Asked Azula who was then received with a nod from the blond as he stepped up to the forest.

What the Fire princess had just witnessed from the cloaked blond was utter amazement. At the display of elemental techniques that Naruto had showed her one by one. However she was then looked at the blond in complete awe as she saw him make a two story wooden house. She then saw Ty Lee looking up at her person with her puppy-eyes as this made her give in because she did not want to be annoyed later on. That along with her also getting tired of sleeping in her tank as they were on the move as it tended to get loud as it moved.

"Alright alright we can stay for the one night." Said Azula as she went back into the tank to get her robe that she sleeps in. "You better get your stuff too." She says as Ty Lee followed her while walking on her hands.

Naruto then turned to Mai as scratched the back of his head whilce chuckling. "I get the feeling that those two are always like that."

"Yeah it is amusing at time to see them like that." Says Mai as she gave a knowing smirk before she went back into the tank to get her own stuff. "I am just a bit surprised that Azula has not shot a lightning bolt at her yet. But then again, I think she sometimes enjoys Ty Lee's attitude on things. Well I am going to get my stuff for the night as well then."



Early next morning

Naruto had found himself sitting on the roof of the house as he saw that the sun was about to rise. He then thought back to what lead him to arriving in this new world after winning his duel with Madara at the Valley of the End. By ending the battle with the destructive chakra of Kyuubi no Kitsune into his Ransen-shuriken that completely obliterate the murderous Uchiha's body. However what Naruto had not accounted for was that the high powered jutsu's destructive nature had started to expand itself and in a state of panic. The blond sennin had went through the needed hand seal with the demonic chakra still being active. Naruto had did a reverse summon technique to save his life from the battle with Madara. From that point he had arrived in the abandoned village where he met Azula.

"Is something troubling you Naruto?" Asked Azula as she appeared in her crimson robe with gold outlining while having her hair down.

Naruto took a few moments to look over the Fire Princess with his Rinnegan eyes as he looked at her from head to toe. "You look even more beautiful with your hair down like that Azula."

The Fire Princess had saw herself down beside the blond as she looked away from him. To red the heat appearing on her cheeks from his comment about her hair. However she then looked at the secenary with him before saying. "So are you going to say what is bothering you?"

"Its nothing really..." He said before going looking at the light peeking over the horizon. "I'm just not sure on what to do here."

"Would you like to join me?" She asked as she did not look at him. "What I mean is that... Would you like to join my team in capturing the AVATAR?"

Hearing how her words come out the way they did made Naruto smile at her. "Well since I don't got anything better to do around here. So why not, besides you can tell me what makes baldy so special." He said as he leaned back on the roof to look at the stars.

"...Thank you." She whispers out. But enough for him to hear her say the words.

"So I take it you are now the forth member of the team." Said Mai as she too came out in a robe while twirling a knife in her hand while having a small smile on her face.

"Yup." Replied Naruto who smiled even wider. "I'll try not to get in the way or annoy anyone... well not as much."

"I can bet that things are not going to be more lively with you around." She sakd as she saw the gave her a light smirk.

"Heh, most people who say things like that usual end up regretting it." Naruto said as he thought back to his past in the Elemental Nations.

Ty Lee then looked at the blond with a big smile. "That's great to hear Naruto and with you. I'm sure we'll be able to catch the Avatar more faster."



Sometime later

The tank had came to a stop as Azula had order so that she could go into the small village of some sorts. They had decided to go into the a bar to get some information on the Avatar as the had followed the flying bisons fur trail to their current location. Once they had got inside the bar to see everyone was looking at them with a slight glare in their eyes. They did not let this bother them as they walked up to the bartender to get what they want.

"Excuse me." Azula said as she got the bartenders attention in witch she succeeded as she pulled out a scroll of paper. "Have seen this kid?"

"I don't know." Replied the bartender as he smirked. "You see being here as I see people come and go make my memory fog up. Maybe if you with your three friends would like to help me jog my memory."

Hearing this made Naruto narrow his Rinnegan eyes at the bartender before grabbing the man as he dragged him in the back room. It had not taken long for the blond to come back out of the room. "I know where to go. But we need to park the tank a bit further away from the place."

Azula had nod her head in understanding as they walked out of the bar to go some place safe. After they had arrived to a place that looked to be very safe from anyone in the area. Naruto had sat on the tank lazily as he looked at his three teammates as they wanted answers from him. "The Avatar has gone into the desert to look for a place called the Wan Shi Tong Library. Somewhere in the desert out there."

"Hmm... well that is going to be a problem." Said Azula as looked at the desert with annoyed look on her face. "My tank is not made for traveling through that terrain and the only-" She stopped in mid-sentence as she saw the blond walk out toward the desert.

"Just where are you going Naruto?" Asked Mai as she watched the cloaked boy look in the distance.

Naruto had looked at the girls with a smirk on his face. "If cue-ball went into the desert than that is where I am going."

"Are you crazy!" Said Azula as she walked out to the blond with a serious look on her face. "There is no way for us to follow them through there. Because we would die of thirst out within hours of entering."

"She's right Naruto." Said Ty Lee as she had a worried look on her face. "Unless you have a giant snake with you. We can't go any further to follow them."

Once Naruto heard Ty Lee saying that he could only get through if he had a giant snake had made him smirk. He then walked out to the dry sand of the desert as he then slammed his hand down on the ground saying. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" As large plum of smoke had exploded in front of the blond sennin and within moment the cloud had cleared up. To reveal a giant white snake that had snow like scales with the same color hair on it back with yellow eyes. The girls of the Fire Nation had hid behind Naruto as they were scared at seeing such a massive creature that appeared in front of themselves. The snake itself had started to move it's eye to examine the surrounding area for the moment.

"Yo!" Said Naruto in a happy voice. "How are you doing Yukizora-san."

The snake now known as Yuiizora was in fact three times larger than Orochimaru's boss summon Manda had lowered it's head to the blond. As it's eye had widened for a moment at seeing Naruto. "Naruto-sama, I see that you are indeed still alive." Said Yukizora in a pleased voice. "The other summons had heard from the Toad clan that you had perished in your battle with Madara. But I had not lost hope in believing the heir of the Rikudou no Sennin would still be alive." Yukizora's eye had seen the girls behind the sennin as they tried to hide. "Oh my, and who do we have here... friends of yours?"

Naruto had a sweat drop on the back of his head when he heard the amusing tone in his summons voice. "Oh no they are my new team." Said Naruto as he saw the snake look each girl over.

"To think the sandaime Rikudo Sennin would be a man who prefers the group of mates." Said the boss summon as she let out a chuckle. "I presume that you are going to use the CRA option with these girls as mates?"

"Oh stop teasing me already." whined the blond for the moment as the snake laughed a little.

"Sorry about that Naruto-sama." She said as she flickered her tongue out. "But sometimes you just make it too easy for me. So what can I help you with?"

Naruto had let a relaxed sigh out. "We need to get across the desert and I need you to track this sense of smell." Said the blond sennin as he brought out a handful of the frying bison's fur for the snake to have then scent.

"Whatever that is... really needs to bath. Because it stinks!" Yukizora said before nodding lowering her head to the four teenagers. "Alright, now get on everyone. Oh before we leave Naruto-sama, I would advise you to put up a barrier around my head to keep the wind from bothering you."

"Thanks for the info." Said Naruto as he jumped on the snakes head and started to help the girls get on one by one. "Will the desert grounds be okay for you to travel or will it be a bit difficult for you?"

"Traversing through a desert will not bother me in any shape." The Snake summoned replied with kindness in her voice.

All the while each of the three girls had a different though going through there heads about their blond teammate. "Okay... be clam Azula. So what if he made a giant snake appear out of no where and it talks like any normal person. No it should not be even possible to do such things. I mean well okay he is strong with his skills and not bad in the look department. Along with the way he smiles and- no no come Azula. Think on your mission to catch the avatar. Besides he would not be interested in me anyways. But I can still dream though."

"Okay, Mai your ridding on a giant white snake with a very handsome blond who appeared out of nowhere." Thought Mai as she then looked at her hand. "But he is very gentle when he helped me up on the Yukizora's head and well is not like Zuko who seems to be serious about every little thing in life. He also seems to accept me as I am."

"This is sooo cool!" Thought Ty Lee as she watched everything whizzed by her. "I mean we are ridding on a giant snake and Naruto is so very strong. I mean from the way his arm felt when he helped me up. I could actually feel his muscles. Hmm... I wonder if he would like to join the circus after we capture the Avatar."

While these girls thought about their male teammate. The blond sennin in question who is laying down while watching the clouds in the sky pass by fast due to his summons speed. "Good-bye forever ramen..." Naruto thought sadly.

Sometime later while traveling Azula had been looking around the area with her telescope to find the Avatar's bison in the area. While the others were also doing much of the same on their part. However they felt the speed they were traveling was slowing down its speed. This made Naruto sit down on his summons head. "Hey what's going on?" Asked the blond.

"Naruto-sama the scent has become stronger up ahead of us." Said Yukizora as she had finally came to a stop. "The wind is going against us right now and I see a tower that is a bit further."

"I see... can you get us close enough without being spotted?" Asked Naruto.

"I'll see what I can do." Replied the boss snake as she started to slither off to the left side. For a good enough distance as they saw that Yukizora was doing the best she can before stopping. "This is as far as I can go without being spotted. I am sorry I can not do more."

"Nah, it's cool." Said Naruto as he patted Yukizora's head a bit in appreciation. Naruto then focused his Rinnegan eyes at the tower for a few moments. When he saw a open window to the tower, he then focused his eyes on the ground to see a girl leaning on the bison. "Well it looks like we are going to be having trouble before going into the Library."

Azula had looked over to where Naruto was looking at the moment as she saw the Earth bender outside with her telescope. "Hmm... well your right about having trouble Naruto. Since she is the Earth bender that is traveling with the Avatar's group."

"So just how are we suppose to get past her then?" Asked Mai as she was making sure her knives were ready for battle. "She is very troublesome too. Because with her Earth bending she can shield herself from my weapons."

"All we need to do is let me block her chi." Said Ty Lee as she smiled. "After that we can go after the rest."

"No that would be dangerous." Said Naruto as he looked over at the girl for a moment. "Even if you do manage to get in close to that girl. The Avatar's pet would be too much for you and you would be killed easily."

Azula then looked at the blond as she sensed that he had come up with a plan already. "Do you have anything to suggest?" Said Azula as they made the other two girls look at each other in surprise. Because Azula was not one to ask for anyone's help and this seem to be different for them.

"Heh...Kuchiyose no jutsu!" Called out Naruto as he slammed his hand on the ground. When two plums of smoke appeared like before, only this time it looked to be human sized. However this time it was two people who appeared after the smoke cleared out. Both of them were wearing the same style cloak as Naruto along with the same eyes. Except they had a few ear piercings along with one looking a bit older than the other.

One was male as he had raven black hair tied into a pony-tail. While he had three comas in his eyes that were withing the rings within his eyes. While the other person had red hair hair with a pale skin and had dark rings around his eyes, while having a gourd strapped to his back.

Naruto then turned to the three girls who looked at the two new males had looks of indifference on their faces. "Alright ladies, allow me to introduce you to Uchiha Itach and Sabaku no Gaara." He mentioned with a grin on his face.



Naruto stood in front of the figure know as Uchiha Itachi who is not dressed in his Akatsuki cloak. He was dressed in blue shirt with matching pants along with the white sandals. The blond Rikudou Sennin was a bit frightened by facing off against the elder Uchiha. Because despite having the Rinnegan, Itachi could still find ways to defeat him with experience in his life. Though he now only has his Asura Path, it would still be a difficult battle to face Itachi.

"It has been while Naruto-kun and I am very pleased to see you have progressed this far in being a ninja." Spoke Itachi as his voice was filled with emotion.

Naruto did not say anything for the moment the Uchiha addressed him. "Why are you here by yourself and where is Fishface?" The blond asked harshly.

"Kisame, is on mission right now." Itachi answered. "But I like I have stated earlier, I have not come to fight you." He then held a hand up to stop Naruto from talking. "I have come here to ask you think one question and would hope to hear a good or rather, the right answer?" He paused. "If my little brother were to one day seek to destroy Konoha, what will you do?"

"He won't, I will save Sasuke from his hatred." Naruto stated proudly. "He's like a brother to me, and I will protect him and the village."

To this Itachi showed a saddened smile at the blond. "And what if you were not able to keep this promise?" He asked with a serious tone. "Are you truly willing to sacrifice the lives of others to keep your word or will you have the true strength to do what is right. Because, being a kage of a village will require a different kind of strength. One that will make you think beyond your own personal beliefs to see what is most important. So how long will you keep this up, until you see the truth of being a true man. Sandaime Hokage was also faced with this choice a long time ago with Orochimaru and the result of his pride is Sasuke's defection."

"Y-You're wrong!" He stuttered as he yelled.

The blond ninja was in too much mental turmoil to notice Itachi was in front of him as he took a placed a seal on his hand. But when he finally did notice what was happening, the older Uchiha jumped back to avoid his kick.

"What did you do to me?" Naruto demanded of Itachi.

"I have made a special summoning seal for when I die someday. My body will be able to arrive in your location and you can use it as you please." Itachi stated to the blond who gasped at knowing of his Rinnegan. "Now I must bid you farewell Naruto-kun and know that I to believe you will bring peace." With that said a flock of crows obscured Naruto's vision of Itachi, who vanished before him."

End Flashback


Now found himself looking at the only member of the Avatar's group who is outside as she was sitting in the bison's shadow. The blond sennin had noticed that the girl was indeed blind. As he saw her eyes were just blankly staring off into space when he saved Azula back in the abandoned village. So he had came up with the possible outcome that she is in fact a living sonar system. Of course he knew people with the same abilities as this girl, if not stronger. However she did pose as a threat to his new team that Azula is in charge of. However then looked to his Animal Path as he had an impassive stare on his face. Before looking back to the girls as he took out a tri-pronged kunai and threw the weapon hard enough to stab into the inside wall of the window to the Library.

"Alright ladies." Naruto said as he jumped off the snake for a moment as Yukizora lowered her head to where the blond was standing. "I need you girls to hold on to Itachi. The one with long hair as tight as you can."

"Why do you want us to hold on to a stranger?" Asked Mai as she looked at Itachi for a moment who had his eyes closed. Which almost annoyed the projectile master as he reminded her of Zuko.

"Because Itachi can more useful with you than me at the moment and his is more adapt to fighting inclosed areas better than me." Said Naruto as he looked at the Earth bending girl. "Besides I want to see if these benders are as strong as you say Azula-hime. Besides you guys will be impressed at what my Human path can do. When he is given the chance alright."

Though Azula wanted to argue with her fourth team member on not going with them. She became curious on what he said that she would be impressed with this person before she gave a nod. "Alright we'll go with what you have planned this time Naruto. So just give that girl a taste at what a real master can do."

"Hai hai..." Naruto said as he watched the girls hold on tightly to his human path before they left in a black flash. "Now let us go have some fun with that Earth bender." He thought with a glee in his voice.

(A/n: If you want to know what the teenage version of Toph looks like. I have a pic in my profile and for the record she is 16.)

"I do not believe that Princess Azula would be happy to know that you are trying to attract the attention of the enemy." Said Gaara in his icy voice.

"Che, even when your my path." Naruto began to complain as the red head seemed to have a tiny smile on his face. "You still like to be a kill joy. But anyways let go over there and say hi."





Well I hope you have enjoyed DRC: Sennin vs The Avatar R1 and the new opening of the series.


Katon: Haisekishou no jutsu - Fire Release: Burning Ash Accumulation

Shinra Tensei - Divine Judgment (or in literal English) Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God

Kuchiyose no jutsu - Summoning Technique

Rinnegan - Samsara Eye

Nidaime Rikudou no Sennin - Second Sage of Six Paths

DRC: Special

A man wearing white stood in front of a large flat screen TV to his right side as he held a pointer. "Hello everyone and my name is Ichimaru Gin and I will be doing the DRC's explanation. On jutsu, with other things that are being used in the series. So let us get started." Said Gin as he tapped the TV screen with his pointer. "Shinra Tensei is a Gravity element jutsu. That only Naruto can use because of a super rare bloodline from his world. To be honest i think it is a gravity is not really that special at all."

The TV screen then change to the moment when Naruto deflected the Gaangs attacks. "However as we see here. It can also be used as a defense skill that can repel any type of attack. Wow that sure is a nifty trick to use."

Just then Naruto had came into the room from the right side of the screen. "Why are you even here?" Asked Naruto as Gin used a shunpo to stand in front of the blond.

"I just thought I would like to get in on the fun of this fic again." Said Gin. "Since the author had decided to do rewrite the story. He had decided to bring me along too." The former Captain says as he turned to the fans. "Bye-bye."