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Chapter 5: Rebirth and Reflections

Naruto then looked out on the lake shore where the tank made it's stop on the from looking for a way to enter Ba Sing Se. Though he was not entirely alone in this location as he saw Mai was washing her hair in her bathing suit. To which Naruto found to be really eye catching in his opinion as she decided to call in his winning bet. The blond in question told her that if she was uncomfortable with doing such a thing then she didn't have to. But the said girl told him that she wanted to do this and inwardly wondered if he would like her figure. Naruto then gave a loud whistle at the girl.

"I need to make sure that I have this image burned in my skull." He said as he was not dressed in his Akatsuki cloak. But rather in an black hakama style pants and a pair of low black feet fittin shoes with an anbu stle shirt on as he watched Mai looking at him. Which caused the blond to grin at the knife throwing girl while doing a few stretches as his ash grey haori lay on the ground. "So, see anything you like Mai-chan?"

[A/n: This is the look for Naruto in my Crimson Moon fic without the face mask]

"Hmph, I thought I was the one who would be showing off." Said Mai as her cheeks turned bright red at seeing her teammates toned body. Bu then a thought came to her mind in seeing him dressed differently. "How come you're not wearing that black coat of yours anymore?"

"I kinda thought it was time for a change." Naruto said while scratching the back of his head. "Besides I can't afford to be stuck in the past all my life...Right, Nagato" He said before mentally saying the last part to himself as he felt the winds breeze by in the form of some answer.

"Now those are some strange looking bugs." Said Mai as she saw thousands of white bugs flying around their location.

This caused the blond to stand up from his seat to see the paper bugs start to gather into a human form. "looks like my scout came back with some interesting news for me." Said Naruto with a smile on his face when the bugs took the form of an older woman with blue hair and wearing a figure fitting outfit.

With Azula

The Fire Princess could not really understand what was happening before her eyes. A moment ago she went from coming back a failed attempt to breech the mighty gates of Ba Sing Se. To having complete loyalty from her troops than that of her fathers as he used fear to control his troops. It's not that she was not greatful in having the support of her people, but there was a fire in her that came forth. Though this fire started to burn stronger when Naruto had talked her into letting her troops help out any village they came upon. Though the people of the said villages agreed out of fear for their lives. They later changed their opinions slowly when Azula assured the people would be safe under her rule. To serve as proof of that fact in her words, she had the troops make a symbol of the Fire Nation out of hay as she burned it down with her fire bending. Only for Naruto to make a new symbol out of crystal which took the form of a crescent moon within a red circle of flames.

"Yo Azula-hime, you decent?" Naruto asked as he creaked the door open.

The voice of her blond teammate brought back to reality from her thoughts. "You can come in." Said Azula as she watched the teen come in with his smile. "Would you mind telling me why you're in such high spirits Naruto?"

"Which do you want the good new or the better news?" He asked.

The Fire Princess then let out a smirk on her face to which she wanted to know first. "I would like to know the better news first." She said as she saw the blond smirk at her.

"Well the troops that you sent out to hunt down the Saber-tooth Moose Lion have returned from killing the animal and have helped the village in some of the needed reconstruction." Naruto said as he saw the girl no her head. "With the help of the villager who went with the troops to lead them to that village. He talked with the people there and they have started to support you as a new Fire Nation."

"So what is the good news?" She asked as she saw Naruto lean against the wall of her room.

"I have caught the pet of the Avatar's location." He said with his arms crossed. "Are we going to pursue it?"

Azula then place her hand under her chin as she thought on this move and thought out many options on what to do with the creature. "What would you do in this situation Naruto?" She asked the blond who blinked a few times.

"If was the idiot that I was a gennin in my village, I would ignore it." Naruto spoke truthfully as he closed his eyes for a moment. "But I'm not the idiot who thought on such things."

Timeskip: Team Fire

Ty Lee was as happy as she could because Naruto choose her to ride along with on their chase to find Appa. Naruto was also enjoying his ride with the circus girl as he has his hands on her exposed waist. To which he found that her skin felt like fine silk the moment he touched the girl's waist. Naruto knew that he hardly get to spend time with the said girl as he would have and he hoped to correct that mistake after this mission.

"Oh man this is getting boring already." Naruto said as he leaned his head on Ty-Lee's shoulder who just patted his hair. "Now I'm starting to regret my choice in chasing that smelly thing."

"Don't worry about it Naruto." Said Ty Lee as she smiled at him. "Maybe something good will happen this time around when we find the Avatar's pet. Besides I'm enjoying the day as it and might find a way to get into Ba Sing Se. Since you know that cue-ball as you call him is already there."

Yeah, yeah... But I always hated tracking missions." The blond admitted to the girls.

Ty Lee was about to say something to the blond when she saw something on some branches. "Hey isn' that the fur from the flying bison?"

The group came to a stop on their Mongoose Dragons as Naruto summoned his Deva Path who is Uchiha Mikoto. The former Uchiha Matriarch took the smaple of fur in her hand. For a moment or two the Deva Path inspected the fur before nodding her head at her master. Naruto then slammed his hand on the ground once more and in a puff of smoke. The body of Wan Shi Tong was brought forth with Rinnegan eyes that matched Naruto's own.

"I have been meaning to ask this for a while now Naruto." Spoke Azula as she looked at the Rikudou Sennin in front of her. "But how is it that you were able to make the spirit of Wan Shi Tong into one of your summons?"

"Oh that's easy." Naruto replied. "The entire time I fought cue-ball in the library, I had my Asura Path heal the injuries I gave the giant owl and do a bit of surgery that is required for me to make my very own summons. Though I would never do that with my other summons as I really don't want to make them slaves." He along with his Deva Path jumped on the owls back as they stayed near the group.

Elsewhere Suki along with the rest of the Kiyoshi Warriors were done cleaning Appa as they were going to make their way to Ba Sing Se. However that thought came to a screeching halt when a blast of blue fire exploded on a tree. Suki scowled at the sight of Azula as she along with her team looked at them. Only for her eyes to widen when she looked into the eyes of Naruto and his Deva Path were looking into her eyes as this made the blond grin.

"Heh, Sakura-chan sure is taken with you." He said with a face spiltting grin while Suki just blushed. "Though I can't argue with her on that fact as she retains her emotions and thoughts as she is one of my Paths. However I am not going to pull my punches like Sakura-chan does as she really enjoys feeling your ass." He then let out a giggle to himself. "Imagine my surprise when I found that Sakura-chan likes to take it up the ass more than anything. But now wer're just waisting time with me thinking of the old days with those I once loved. Lets just get down to business and some ass kicking while we're at it."

Azula too this moment to blast the girls with her fire bending which is blue flames as it was blocked by the shields of the Kiyoshi Warriors. Only for Deva Path to raise her left hand to use Bansho Tenin which took away the only defensive ability to block the flames of Azula. One girl the took out a sword as she tried to cut Ty Lee in two from the head down. However Ty Lee then kicked the girl's hands which made the weapon fly out of the Kiyoshi Warrior's hand. The in the girl's moment of shock, Ty Lee then used her chi blocking jabs to knock her opponent out. Mai on the other hand was simple enough as he opponents were in a disadvantage as they put some distances away from the knife throwing girl. Which was, they're big mistake as they found their clothes to be stuck to a tree.

"Well that was boring." Said Naruto as he just sighed.

"Looks like we're in an agreement for once Naruto." Said Mai as she leaned against her Mongoose Dragon. "Looks like Azula is going to finish up her fight now. Well we don't really need to get any information out of them since we already know that the Avatar is in Ba Sing Se."

The blond sennin nod his head in agreement with Mai because he saw the kid at the gate when they went with the Drill. However Naruto thought having any other info on the Avatar would be useful. But he was brought out of his musing when he saw Appa turning back to help Suki against Azula. Only for the leader of the Kiyoshi Warriors to scare the flying bison away with a flaming branch by swinging it side to side. Naruto then Narrowed his eyes at what the girl just did and did not like it one bit as he sent his Deva Path to the retreating Appa.

Mikoto then held her right hand up with impassive look on her face as she was making the flying bison come back. Naruto watched as he saw the bison coming back to the battle as he summoned his Asura Path along with the Human Path who are Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Itachi as they are no longer wearing Akatsuki cloaks. Well Sakura was no longer wearing the Akatsuki cloak as Naruto decided to leave the Uchiha in his. Sakura was dressed in the clothes she wore underneath the cloak when he first summoned her.

The Asura Path saw that Suki somehow got pass Azula's offense and moved to strike at the Deva Path. However the Kiyoshi warrior was then thrown up into the air above by Sakura. She then motioned for Azula to use her strength to follow up the painted warrior in which the Fire Princess did. While going up as she came to a level with Suki, Azula then did an ax-kick in producing blue flames. Suki on the other hand used and extra shield that is hidden on her green robes. The power of the flames were strong enough to make the Kiyoshi warrior fall to the ground with a loud thud.

While on the other side of the battle Appa decided to turn around to ram into the Deva Path. Only for the plan be thwarted by Sakura who punched the bison between the eyes hard enough to render him unconscious. Naruto along with his two other paths walked toward the unconscious Appa.

"Get away from him!" Roared one of the Kiyoshi warrior who was just ignored by the members of Team Fire. "Please... let him go. I beg of you."

This made the four of the six paths stop in their tracks as Itachi was the only one who set his gaze on her. "Sleep..." He muttered before walking up to her body as Suki fell asleep. "I shall let him go, so you need not worry." He whispered into her ear.

"So what are you going to so with the Avatar's pet no that you have it in your mercy?" Asked Azula as she looked at the Paths.

Naruto did not say anything in regards of an answer for the Fire Princess before letting out a bone chilling chuckle. "Oh that will be my little secret for now Hime." Naruto answered while seeing his Human Path extract some information from the unconscious Suki's mind by placing his hand on her head and let a feral grin started to appear on his face. "It looks like we found our way to get inside Ba Sing Se now."

"And just how are we going to do that." Asked Azula with confusion on her face.

This made the blond mentally grin to himself as he was going to enjoy this little joke. "I need the three of you to take off you clothes." The moments the words left his mouth he saw the girls glare at him with their crimson faces.

"WHAT!" The girls yelled as one.

This caused the blond sennin to blink a few times at why they were yelling at him until it finally clicked in. "What no, I meant disguise yourselves as these girls." Naruto said as he too was blushing at seeing the girls without clothes for a second time as he went behind a rock. Once they called him over after finishing getting dressed, Naruto gave a whistle. "I have to say that you're looking real good in those outfits."

"How are these irritating outfits suppose to help us get into Ba Sing Se?" Asked Mai in an annoyed tone.

Naruto the let out a laugh at the knife throwing girl who just stared at him with curiosity. "Well after going through Suki's mind. I found that there were given some kind of high security pass to the finer areas of the Earth Capital." He explained. "But there is one small problem in this plan."

"What the Avatar is going to try to meet up with these girls or something." Scoffed the Fire Princess , but failed to see Naruto turn pale.

"Well you see about that..." He said nervously then silently muttered quietly to her.

Azula then raised a brown at the blond before saying. "What is it?"

Once Naruto explained that the leader of the Kiyoshi Warriors is in fact the girlfriend to the Acatar's male friend. She instantly started to shake the sennin by the collar of his haori as Naruto was trying and failing to hide his laughter. It took Ty Lee along with Mai sometime to free their male teammate from Azula's fury powered grip.

"So when that boy comes to see her." Ty Lee points at the unconscious Suki. "Who Azula is disguise as right now, has to act like her boyrfriend right."

"Uh-huh." Naruto replied happily as the said girl let out a huff of blue flames out of her mouth. "But lets just hope that the situation does not come to that point, while your in Ba Sing Se."

"So what will you be doing while were in Ba Sing Se." Asked Ty Lee.

Naruto then made a thoughtful expression as he tapped his chin a couple of times before looking to Azula with a serious face. "Remember that report one of your generals spoke of?" He said with his voice sounding serious as his face to which the Fire Princess nodded. "Well I want to go help them with those so called freedom-fighters that are just plain low lives. But they have great numbers of earth benders compared to the troops that are loyal to you."

"So you're going to go as back up for them?" Asked Azula as she saw the blond nod his head. "Well I hope to hear good news when you return and make sure my troops well be taken care of to."

"No problem hime." Naruto said before walking back to the unconscious Appa while holding some very thin looking needles in his grasp. The girls just watched him as he jumped on the flying bison's back for a long while before getting off. "Well I'm done with him for the moment and you girls better get out of here before he wakes up. While I will take them back to the tank to have them prepare a trip to their new home okay."

Once he dropped the Kiyoshi Warriors off at the tank with Azula's order of sending them to a high level security prison. Not before threatening the soldiers to make sure they arrive untouched and safely to the Boiling Rock. Once he finished with his work of getting rid of the real Kiyoshi Warriors, he then vanished in a yellow flash.



Else where: Naruto

Naruto arrived behind one tent in the camp of Azula's loyal troops to act in her stead as he planned to gain more support for his leader. Though the earth benders were strong in numbers against them in a drawn out fight. But there were no threat to himself as he had power over the elements too. He then entered the war council that is the large tent in the center of the camp as he saw the soldiers looking to him with relief looks on their face.

"Lord Naruto..." Spoke a random general. "I am glad that you have arrived. But where is princess Azula and the rest of the team that went on their own."

Naruto then sat on the seat where Azula sat when she was being told of battle plans. No one dare to say anything as their brave princess made it known that he was allowed the sit there if she was not around.

"What information do you have on the enemy?" Naruto asked as he looked at the generals sitting at the table.

General Zhang of Azula's western archers rose up to have his say. "We currently know that the rebels have about 3,700 in their ranks." Spoke Zhang as he went on to say more. "But currently they hold the high grounds and are in their elemental fields to use earth bending as we march up any terrain."

"Have you found a fertile area to grown our own food supplies?" Asked the Sennin.

Just then another officer stood up from his seat before bowing at the stand in commander. "Our men have found already started to plant some of the needed food to keep the troops feed. But there is only one problem with getting our supplies from the depot to the main camp that is here."

"What is it the problem?" Asked Naruto as he saw the officer start to shake a little bit. "Are there night raids that stop the supplies that get here?"

"No that is not the problem Lord Naruto." The officer replied. "The problem is that it takes at least a week for the needed food and water to arrive at the Main Camp."

Naruto then let out a heavy sigh at hearing the distance problem interfering with the battle. "And you say that the Freedom-fighters are on the high ground right? Alright, I want you to call all our troops back stationed in all our based to return to the Main Camp. I will need one person to lead me to the supply depot. Once I have arrived to get the needed supplies to have everyone rested to full strength. We shall-"

Naruto didn't get to finish what he was saying as someone spoke outside the war room loud enough to hear them. "The rebels has been spotted coming down the high ground and will soon arrive." This made the generals and top officers come out of the war room.

"The enemy out numbers us greatly." Said one officer outside the tent. "We only have 400 troops here as they have 2,300. It's too dangerous to risk an attack."

Just then Naruto came out of the tent with the massive blade that is the Kubikiri Houcho in his right hand. "Victory in battle is not won through superior numbers... Ba Sing Se and our defeats to the Avatar! So remember them WELL!" Said Naruto as he slammed the massive blade on the ground which crushed the ground on impact. "I, Uzumaki Naruto will crush all those. Who. Oppose. Me!"

Time Skip: 2 Days Later (Naruto)

Naruto stood on the battle grounds along with his arms crossed and his haori flapping in the wind as he sensed the rebels coming closer. His Rinnegan eyes scanned the entire area.

"Well its time to get this show started." He said with a grin on his face as he pulled the Kubikiri Houcho and stabbed it in the ground. "Shouton: Soudai Gokusha!" Naruto called out as he slammed his hands on the ground when he saw the rebels were within 50 yards of him. Just then a wall of crimson crystal shot up from the ground behind the earth benders as they looked behind to see the wall rise. But it did not stop rising from the ground as the crystal rose from the ground underneath their feet. While the wall started to spread on the three more sides to keep them from escaping.

"Soldiers move in and take the rebels prisoners." Naruto shouted as he saw the soldiers move in on the rebels who tried to earth bend. But found that their bending was cut off from them by the crystal ground under their feet. So they quickly surrendered to the army of Azula that held their lives.

"Why can't you people just leave us alone!" Shouted one man as he looked up to the soldiers of Azula.

The moment he spoke these words to the soldiers he saw the man was about to raise his arms to strike him. But was stopped by Naruto who gave the soldier a heated glare laced with killer intent as it made the man fall to his knees. "If we had left you alone to your own devices." Naruto spoke to the prisoners who looked at him. "I am very sure that you all would terrorize the any neighboring village for food or steal from merchants that were traveling. I want to know what your excuse is for doing these acts."

"What choice do we have!" Spoke another villager. "If it weren't for you Fire Nation scum we wouldn't have to do this to survive. All we want, is to live in a place without fighting and to have our children be happy."

"Is that too much to ask for in this world?" Said a random woman who could be heard.

Just then a child stood teenager stood up from the crowd as they looked at the army in front of her people. "Why isn't the Avatar here to save us?" the teen cried out.

Hearing this made Naruto scoff at the notion of someone praying to the Avatar like a god. "What if I told you people that if you pledge your loyalty to princess Azula. I can bring you to a place of fertile land where you can live happily, tend to fields of food that can be grown and where you can hold your families close? A place where you will be under princess Azula's protection from being hurt by people once more."

"So we're to become slaves to the Fire Nation!' Yelled out a random rebel. "We'd rather die then to do something as low as that!"

Naruto then looked at the person who said these words as he pushed a sliver amount of killer intent into the person and made him fall on his knees before calming down. "Are you saying that you would let your children or unborn children die for your own belief." He spoke as he saw a few people flinch while a few grabbed their teen children. " All that princess Azula is asking for is your loyalty to Her and not the current Fire Nation that is ruled by Ozai. So I ask that you follow the soldiers to this land I speak of and home will be ready for you to enter for the rest of your life."

After saying his words to the fallen rebel earth benders who knew they had no choice to resist agreed to Naruto. As the said blond turned his back on the people to speak with the person who found the supply fields. "When you found the fertile lands that you told me about, did you do what I asked of you?" Naruto asked.

The soldier nod his head at the stand in commander who grinned at what he was going to plan next. "I have done as you asked my lord." Said the soldier as he bowed his head.

"Alright then move out the people to meet at our supply depot." With that said. Naruto then walked behind one of their tanks so that no one would see what he is going to do next and then used the Hiraishin no jutsu.

Once he arrived at the supply depot by appearing behind a tree near by in a yellow flash. He then walked into the supply base to greet the soldiers Azula stationed to guard the vital base. "Well time to use that jutsu Yamato-taicho taught me." The blond thought happily.



Azula: Ba Sing Se

The Fire Nation princess laid down on the bed as she thought about all the things that were going on around her. She then turned around on her bed as she could fire that blazed in her chest rise again. "Creating my own legacy that will forever be in history, huh." She thought to herself as she closed her eyes.

Flashback: A week and haf ago

Azula looked at Naruto with a very annoyed look on her face as the blond in question just smiled. "Just what the hell was all that talk about my father being weak!" She yelled at her teammate.

"Isn't he though?" Naruto asked as he saw the Fire princess was going to answer but he held his hand up to stop her. "First of all I can say that the man you know as your father is not worth defending. Because what you told me about him when he was fighting your brother in an Agni Kai is just plain wrong on all counts. If the shoe was on the other foot I would be here with Zuko and I for one glad that is not so."

"That's because my brother should not have spoke out of place!" She argued with Naruto.

"Is that so?" Naruto replied back. "Then what of all the places you have claimed victory in battle with your troops. Why is it that he takes all the credit for achievement that you did in those battles. While he just sat in his throne without lifting a finger or much less go in the front-lines like you have. The people of the Fire Nation along with the troops that are loyal to your father, see him as a war hero. All the while he is taking credit for work you have worked that sexy ass off as he will be remembered in the history of the Four Nations."

Azula could not find any flaw in the blond's words to her as she knew that he speaks the truth. After seizing Omashu from King Bumi she heard a few soldiers saying that, Fire Lord Ozai would really be remembered for his actions. Deep down she scowled at the thought of her father being the one to get the recgonition of her victory and from there put all her efforts into capturing or killing the Avatar. Where she would be the one to be going down in history for doing something no one would ever do.

Naruto then opened the flap of her tent to show the troops toasting to their leader which is her as he smiled at her. "These men have devoted their lives to you after hearing my speech earlier." He said as the troops saw her and raised their cups to her then closed the flap. "These men seen the great things you have done in the past battle and some failures as they accept that you are indeed human. Though we have suffered countless defeats by cue-ball along with his friends. We too have shown the Avatar that we strong enough to fight him on some ground of being even as I am just plain over kill. But I truly believe that you will come out of this war victorious and remembered in history as a legend of the Four Nations, a legend far greater than those that have come before you or after."

Azula did not know what to say after hearing all the things her blond teammate just spoke to her on. Somehow deep down inside her, she was well aware of the way her father kept her out of his speeches of victory. It really did make her angry as her own people just spoke of how great her father is.

"So what will you do now Hime?" Asked Naruto as he saw the Fire princess stand there, her eyes burning.

Azula then took a few breaths to calm herself down before looking at Naruto and let out a seductive smile. "Empress Azula, I like the sound of it already." She admitted before leaning the blond back. "But there is something else I must conquer before I start with the Four Nations and the Avatar."

"Oh and just what is that?" Naruto asked as he pretty much got his answer when Azula wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned on him.

The only answer she gave the blond was that of kissing him softly on the lips in which he returned. However he then started to glide his tongue along her bottom lip in wanting entrance. To which she allowed as their tongues were battling for supermacy against the other which last for a full five minutes. After breaking apart for air she went outside and told everyone to not come into her tent for any reason to disturb her from talking with Naruto. To which everyone nod their heads as this included her two best friends because her talks on battles did get boring for even Ty Lee to fall asleep. But Naruto then decided to lead the Fire princess away from the camp as he took her bridal style some place safe. Before doing his Mokuton: Shichuuka jutsu (Wood Release: Four Pillar Home Technique). Once they entered the very small house that looked made for the use of the night. Naruto then took out one of his storage scrolls as he laid out a comfortable sleeping mat for them to lay on with pillows and blankets. After he finished getting everything ready for the night with his Fire princess, he turned to her as he saw Azula let her hair down along with her clothes being off as she looked to the side embarrassed.

"Am I...?" She then let out a small yelp as he wrapped his arms around her hour glass figure.

Naruto then smiled at her while placing a hand on her cheek in which she places her own hand on top of his and seem to let out a purr. "I always thought your beautiful Hime." Said Naruto as he watched her smile and then laid down on the mat with one arm across her breast and the other covering her lower area.

The Fire princess looked at Naruto thinking what he his body looked like underneath the clothes he wore. But blushed that the sight of Naruto removing his shirt after taking his haori off to reveal a well toned she then let out a gasp at what she saw as he undid his samurai style pants and his black low shoes off. Because she had never once seen what the blond was sporting underneath his pants as it was a 9 inch and thick piece of meat that hung down. Most guys would run to the girl that was ready to take this large step in their lives in this moment of being intimacy. But Naruto calmly walked over to the Fire princess as he sat down before slowing spreading her legs apart. However Azula still kept her left hand over her very part of her that he needed access to. He the slowly moved her hands away from the areas that she was covering to which made her look away with her cheeks turning red. Naruto looked down at her. Naruto then laced his hands with chakra as he learned this method from Sakura back when she was alive. He then placed both of his hands on her sides which he was rewarded with a yelp coming from the Fire princess as she arched her back some.

"Aaahhh...!" Azula moaned as she felt her body getting warm from whatever her lover was doing to her as she did not want him to stop anytime soon.

This made the blond smirk inwardly as he heard the soft moan that came from her voice. Which encouraged him more to pump a small amount of chakra into her body causing her to moan louder as she gripped the bed mat tightly. Azula then felt herself becoming more wet then she already was while feeling something building up in her body and was begging for release. Which came in the form of a very loud scream on Azula's part with her back arching up a bit more and settling back down with her chest rising and going down due to catching her breath.

"That...felt...amazing..." Azula said between pants before reaching up and started to run her hands on his chest as he did the same with her. Only this time he did not pump his chakra into her body.

Naruto then moved up from her breasts to her chin only to move it to her cheek once more. "Hime this is going to hurt for a while before it starts to feel better." Naruto warned her to which made her golden eyes look into his blue ones. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Azula looked into Naruto's eyes for a moment before placing her hand on top of his, the smiled at him out of pure joy. She mentally admit that her blond teammate always brought out something that was hidden behind walls that were made up of blue flames. "Please share the joys that no one really wanted to share with me when I was a child." She pleaded with him before he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.

"MMPH!" She again yelped only this time it was during the kiss as he pushed himself inside her before stopping at her barrier.

Naruto the pulled back from the kiss as held Azula's hands apart only before lacing his fingers with her. He then squeezed her hand to let her know that he was going to push in and she squeezed back to give him the go ahead. To which he did and felt the girls grip tighten around his hands when he broke her barrier. Then stayed inside her warmth so that she could get used to having his size that just rested within her. Naruto then started to move in a slow but gentle pace as he knew that it was hurting her. Though he knew that she is a virgin along with how wet she felt inside as he pumped inside. The fact remained that she was extremely tight which wanted him to go harder.

"P-P-P-Please...F-Faster..." Azula stuttered out from feeling the pleasure building up insider her again.

Naruto quickly did as she asked to increase his pace which made the princess moan out even louder. Naruto then started to pull back out of her very slowly as this action just made her moan out of pleasure again. But once he was nearly out of her entrance he pushed back in rather hard which made her body shake. He kept this very hard pace that was slow at the same time as the made Azula scream out loud and Naruto was thankful for putting a sound barrier around the house as well as an anti-pregnancy jutsu on his Fire princess. Since there was no real time to have children at this point in the war among the Four Nations. Azula then let out a gasp as she felt herself being lifted up from the bed the blond. At this point the said Fire princess wrapped her arms around his neck then began to move her own hips along with his that met each other.

"HARDER, HARDER, HARDER!" Screamed Azula as she moved her hips rapidly and was clawing his back.

Naruto felt Azula tighten around his shaft which made the blond start to pump into her with so much fury. "I Can't last much longer!" Said the sennin through gritted teeth as he lay her back down on the bed mat.

The Fire princess then wrapped her legs around the blond's waist as she was trying milk him of his seed. However the only warning they had for each other that spoke of the last of their strength going into one last motions was that they both scream. Azula then arched her back off the bed mat, while Naruto kept himself very still as he released his seed inside her. Once they finally came off their high, Naruto pulled out of her before laying down next to the princess of fire. Azula then laid her head down on his sweaty chest though she is in the same state as the sounds of his heart beat made her fall asleep.

End Flashback

Azula had a smile on her face when the events of that night left her mind as she looked out the window above her bed. Though she had not known Naruto for a very long time like most relationships do. Since Zuko was with Mai when they were children as those two were drawn to each other. By the time her mission in Ba Sing Se was over, a new dawn would rise and would be a time of a new Fire Nation. One that would be remembered far better than those that came before her as she would be the first Fire Empress in history.



Elsewhere: Katara

Katara looked up into the sky with so many thoughts in her mind that have been confusing her since the time she encountered Naruto in the desert. "How could Naruto see my hatred for the Fire Nation?" She thought to herself while hugging her knees. "He talked in past tense when he spoke to me that day. What could have made him see such things and know the extents of revenge, could it have been that painful?"

"I-I must speak with him to know what happened and if revenge is what I truly seek?" Said Katara as she looked at the moon and for some reason or another. She could picture Naruto's Rinnegan eye looking back at her.





Well this is it for Chapter 5 of DRC: SVA and I hope you have enjoyed my first Lemon chapter in this series. Naruto with the Azula is something I wanted to be the first Lemon that mean something to Azula. I have uploaded a picture Katara on my profile for this fic and hope you like it. Well I look forward to seeing you in the sixth chapter of DRC: SVA now for everyone enjoyement m the DRC: Special.

DRC: Special

"Are you going to show me what you qwew talking about earlier?" Asked Gin who is standing beside Nagato and Yahiko in a forest. "Because I think my segment may have already started- Oh hello everyone and welcome to this Special on location of the DRC: Speical. With me are Yahiko-san and Nagato-san to show me a special use of Chibaku Tensei."

"Hey just give it sometime okay and I assure you it is in fact worth the wait." Smile Yahiko as he watched Nagato.

Who is holding a tiny black orb and lets it flot to the air as it started to pull some of the ground to make a platform strong enough to hold three people. "It is finished, now hold on to me and don't let go." The two males did as he asked as Nagato used his gravity element to reach the small patch of ground floating in the sky.

"So what happens now?" Asked Gin before he saw Yahiko pull out three telescopes and handed the other two men the extra ones. But as soon as Gin took his telescope from Yahiko. He noticed the orange haired man look in a direction with a perverted grin on his face.

"Jiraiya-sensei would have like this jutsu." Spoke Nagato as he looked in the same direction as his friend.

Gin raised a browat the two men in confsuion before looking in the same direction. Only to let out a goofy looking smile at the sight of Konan along with the other girls that are in Oni Shin's fictions ranging from Naruto, Bleach, Avatar The Last Airbender, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Dynasty Warriors. "Aheheheh, it was worth the wait." Said Gin.

However down below the peeping men was in fact Uzumaki Naruto with a Fuuton: RasenShuriken powered up in Sennin Modo. Naruto then threw the jutsu at the three men and were blown out of the sky in another direction. "Hmph, perverts... bothering me in my private time." He said before going up in a cloud of smoke.

Back At the Bath

"Naruto-kun, are you coming in yet?" Called out Azula as the girls in Oni Shin's fiction eagerly waited for their blond fox to come joing them. Which did not take long.

The said blond then came into the bath and sat down with some of the girls in the outdoor bath. "Aaahhh life is good." Naruto said as he smiled at the girls.