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It had been months and still no sign of the Cullens. Every e-mail I sent to my bestfriend/vampire, Alice, was sent back to me. My life had been the dull and colorless life, like I'd lost a limb or something. Well, for me, it seems like that.

If I close my eyes I will still remember that day. The day that the person I loved left me alone in the forest, telling me that he doesn't love me. It had been hard to accept. I'd be lying if I said I'd accepted it and gotten over it.

But the worst thing was that my bestfriend didn't even say goodbye to me. She just vanished.

I've been wondering about it. Why did she hurt me more than how he hurt me? But I let the thought go aside knowing that I would never really find out the answer.

About a month later…

'Dear Alice,

Jacob had been my sun these days. He really gave me the push to live life again. Everyday had been about him. I don't know if I'm just using him to forget but that's not how it seems to me. He understands too. He knows that I want to forget and he's there to help me. He's a great friend but not my bestfriend. No one will ever replace you Alice.'

I paused from typing in my laptop and stared at my last sentence. It felt odd yet a blush crept up to my face. I hurried to erase it and replaced the last two sentences with a quick "He's really a great guy' and sent it… Only to fail once more.

I sighed before I stood up. I picked up my things and headed outside.

My thoughts were drifting to Alice. And my thoughts drifted to her wind chime-like laughter, her huge excited smile when she feels it's time to dress me up, her face when she has her visions, her pixie-like face and her scent of irises.

I shook my head. No. Alice. It's-It's not right.


I stood at the edge of the cliff. Only one thing rolled in my mind right now. It took an adrenaline rush to see him. And I will see him! I took a careful step forward, hoping to see him.

But standing before me was a picture of a panicking little pixie. "Bella! Don't!" She shouted in her singsong voice.

I was taken aback. Alice! W-Why would I be seeing her? And yet as I stared into her eyes, I was drooling. Has her face been this beautiful? It feels like I'm staring at Aphrodite!

I took a step back and she disappeared, much to my disappointment.

I took a deep breath and uttered my love's name. With a short run, I jumped off the edge of the cliff. The air like knives slicing my face. I smiled against the pain I was feeling as I saw her once again, eyes filled with horror. "What have you done?" She mouthed at me. Again, I smiled in delight.

"Oh, Alice. I was wrong." I said to myself.

My small body made impact with the strong waves of the sea. The water seemed to swallow me whole, engulfing me in an endless spiral. Air was taken out of my system and replaced with the cold salty water of the sea. I struggled but I only lost more and more air. Not even my brain was functioning as I couldn't see my angel.

At least, before I die, I'm able to know which vampire my heart belongs to. My pixie.


I was in my truck with Jake driving, headed for home. Luckily, he and Sam managed to pull me out of the water before it was too late.

I felt the truck increase in speed. I turned to Jacob. He was frozen, driving like a robot.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Vampire." He spit out.

The blood rushed from my head and left me dizzy. "How do you know?"

"Because I can smell it! Dammit!"

I didn't care about Jacob right now. My thoughts swirled around his words before. A vampire. It could possibly be Alice. I saw the car parked across the street from my house and knew it immediately. It was Carlisle's.

"Stop!" I gasped.

"What?" Jacob questioned, stomping on the brake so hard I had to catch myself against the dashboard.

"It's Carlisle's car! It's the Cullen's! I know it!" I shouted as I reached for the door to get out. I was stopped by Jacob's hand on my arm.

"There's a vampire in your house and you want to go back?" Jacob hissed.

I looked at him. "Of course." I saw in his eyes how desperate I looked. And, yes, I was desperate.

He let go of my arm with a pained expression. I didn't waste any time to get out of the truck and hurried to my house.

It was dark inside and I struggled to find the light switch. But before I got there, the light turned on revealing a still white figure.



I looked at her, my daughter. She was dripping wet. But alive! Her heart is still beating in a triumphant way.

"Bella." I whispered.

She looked at me with surprise and happiness, although I saw a hint of disappointment in her eyes. "Esme!" She shouted as she threw herself at me.

"Bella. Can you please explain to me how you're alive!" I demanded.

She withdrew herself from me and looked at me, confused. "What do you mean?"

"It-It's a long story Bella. You might want to sit down." I helped her to their couch. "After Edward left. After we left. A very important member of our family left as well."



I listened intently as Esme began.

"After Edward left. After we left. A very important member of our family left as well." She said. "Alice. She… She disliked Edward's decision. S-She held feelings for you, dear Bella." I could see the hurt in Esme's eyes as she said those words.

But still. I was flabbergasted with her last sentence. "A-Alice… F-Feelings?... F-For me?" I stuttered.

Esme nodded slightly and resumed her tale. "Alice left. We didn't know where she went until a month later when we received news from Volterra." She breathed deeply. I saw that the story hurt her truly. "Aro told us that Alice went to the Volturi to ask a favour."

I panicked. Alice! Volturi!

Esme seemed to notice the panic in me. "She didn't go there to get herself killed. She… asked for something else. She knew of Aro's enhanced ability. Not only can Aro see you past, but he can now alter your memories. That was what Alice asked. To forget. To forget Jasper. To forget our family. To forget you, Bella."

"F-Forget? W-Why?" I asked I disbelief.

"It hurt her so much that you chose Edward." Esme said. That single sentence acted like a sharp shard of glass piercing through my heart. I did. I hurt Alice.

"Bu-But… I-I love Alice." I muttered, knowing that she would hear. Blood was rushing to my face.

"I know Bella. But it was too late when we found out." Esme whispered to herself. I know. I was too late as well.

"Alice has been living at Volterra since. We received news from Aro. Alice had a vision. It was about you jumping off the cliff. Alice told Aro that she had a strange vision about a girl she saw jumping off a cliff. Why would you do that Bella? Why did you do what I did? And who saved you?" Esme asked.

I breathed deeply. "It was for recreational purposes Esme."

"But still… You worried us. Even Edward."

"Speaking of which, how's Edward?"

Esme hesitated at first but still continued. "Edward's with Tanya now."

"That's good then." I sighed. Edward was okay. That's nice.

Esme breathed a sigh of relief as well.

I looked down at the floor, fidgeting. I know this is not a request I should ask but I need to. I took a deep breath before continuing.

"Esme. Can you please take me to Alice?"


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