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Alice POV

"Yes. Yes, I remember."

The words felt as though they've freed me of chains that bound me, but also as if I'd dug my own grave. How will my family react?

"This is... unexpected." Carlisle was the one who spoke. He seems to be the first to get over the shock. My eyes danced over my entire family. All of them stared at me, probably not knowing what to say. Edward, he seems a bit angry. Esme is almost in tears if it was even possible. Emmett, Rosalie, and Tanya all had amazed faces. Garrett was smiling. Jasper is, too. Kate's face had a look of confusion. Cynthia had the same look for a while before something clicked in her brain and she glared at me. Bella... She... Bella is teary eyed and frozen in her spot. I wanted to rush over to her and hug her but I forced myself to stay where I am and wait for my family to react.

"This is not the proper place where we should be discussing this. Shall we return home?" Carlisle suggested, to which all of us agreed. Cynthia was the one who carried Bella, giving me a cross between a worried glance and a glare. We reached the house within seconds. Everyone is gathered around the living room, eyes boring into me.

"How did you remember, Alice?" Kate was the one to ask.

I took in a big breath and exhaled. The act is unnecessary but it calmed me down. I hung my head low before finally admitting the truth.

"I never forgot."

Gasps filtered around the room again.

"What do you mean?"

"How can that be?"

"You lied to us?"

"I always kind of knew."

My head snapped up to Jasper, who said the last one. The other's attention turned to him too.

"How?" I asked.

"We've spent 100 years together. You would think that I'd know when you were hiding something." He said with a small smile. I can't help but give a smile of my own. It was always like that with him. He always did see past my plans.

"You never forgot?" Edward growled at me. "You never forgot yet you lied to us. You... I thought you loved Bella." He shouted, seething with anger.

"I do! I love her!" I couldn't help but shout as well. "I love her so much..."

"Then why did you do it?" Edward demanded. I didn't have to look up to see that Emmett was holding him back from attacking me.

"Because I love her too much." I answer, my voice shaking because of tears I will never shed. I could hear Edward settling down, confused by my answer.

"I love her too much. And it hurt too much. It hurt seeing her with you. It hurt every time you touched her; every time you kissed her. It hurt when we left her. It hurt that I wasn't able to say goodbye. It hurt when I had to lie to myself and put up a facade. But what hurt the most was when she chose you. When she said those three words to you." Please just let me cry just this once. Let me be able to get these feelings out. If I don't, I feel as though I might explode.

"Still. Was that enough of a reason to do it?" Edward asked, anger still evident in his word. Anger and disgust. That set me off.

"You will never understand, Edward. You never had your heart broken. You never lost anything important to you. Bella! You knew she was my mate. You knew my feelings for her and yet you still took her away. You knew but you still did it out of selfishness. When we left, you weren't hurt because you had to leave her. You were hurt because you had to leave her blood. It was always about her blood. You never really loved her and yet you took her away from me." I shouted back, just letting myself go. Letting my rage go. "You had a life. Even as a human, you had a life. What about me? When I was human, my parents resented me. People despised me and found me disgusting. They abused me and hurt me. I was sent to that hell hole of an asylum where it was worse than hell. Where I had to experience greater pain than any of you felt combined every single day. And worse of all, I had the only person I cared for taken away from me. I lost my little sister. So don't tell me you think you've lost your soul, Edward. That's bullshit and we all know it. You were loved. You had a very loving mother that was happy to have you as her child. If it weren't for that disease, I bet you would have lived a perfectly happy life. And even now... You. You've had your mate with you from the start. She was there with you. But you had to ruin my life and take mine as well. You don't have the right to be angry at me, Edward."

Everyone fell silent at my words. Even I did. What did I just say? My... My human life? W-Why do I remember it? How? Was my life really like that back then? Painful. It's painful. I want it to just end. Please. I don't want to remember.

Waves of calm overcame me as I slowly opened my eyes. I hadn't even realized I'd closed it. Opening it, I see the face of my sister. She's cradling me in her arms. Cynthia...

"I... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for saying those things at you Edward." I apologize with my head hung low. "I'm sorry everyone for lying to you."

Cynthia held me tighter as another silence fell upon us. Only the sound of Bella's heartbeat could be heard. Soon, I feel another pair of arms hold me. Looking up, I see that it's Esme.

Nodding to myself, I take in another breath. "I-I do suppose an explanation is necessary."

"We would like that, Alice. But only if you can do it." Carlisle assured me with the same loving smile as always. I nod to him and look around everyone again. Y eyes fell on Bella's muddy brown ones. We were both staring at each other and if it could, my dead unbeating heart could've drummed faster than a running horse.

"I think my visit to Volterra would be the best place to begin." I hesitate first but when they all nod, I continued. "After Jasper and I went our separate ways, I actually planned on going to Volterra to get myself killed. In my haste, I never stopped running. Not even to hunt. When I arrived, the guards sensed it and thought of me as a threat. I let myself go to my instincts then and defended myself from them. It was a rough fight, especially when Samantha and Cynthia came out. Seeing her, Cynthia, sparked something in me. And if only for a moment, I remembered my human life. I remembered that she was my sister. But after that, I blocked out those thoughts again and continued to fight. Well, it ended quite nicely and no one was seriously hurt. After that was my meeting with Aro. He... He saw all my thoughts. He saw all my sufferings and he provided me a way out. He knew something about how my brain reacted." I pause, not really knowing how to describe it.

I hear Carlisle clear his throat. "If I may," he waited for my approval, to which I nodded. "I have noticed something as well. The fact that you don't remember your human life amazed me. So I took the liberty of researching a bit more about it. It seems as though your brain has developed a defense mechanism where you block out thoughts or memories that remind you of something that cause you great grief. That's most likely why you weren't able to remember your traumatic past when you turned into a vampire."

I nodded. "Aro said something similar to that. He said that seeing my sister triggered all those emotions back since she was the one happiness I had during those rough times." If that's true then... I did begin remembering again after that vision of her cliff jumping. "Aro gave me an offer to stay in Volterra for a while. I didn't have a hard time making a decision. I already had a vision if him asking me that. That was how he gave me that plan. He said, 'If you truly want to live a happy life as it is, then forget. Forget about all your trouble, my child. Go back to when you first awoke. Start over.' So I did." I closed my eyes and hung my head. "It's not an excuse to say that I succumbed to his promise of happiness when I was lost. It was my fault for agreeing with him. I reverted back to the normal vampiric lifestyle. I feasted with them the blood of humans. It helped me forget. I'm so sorry, Carlisle. After everything, after all you helped with, I still went back to drinking human blood." I want to cry. I just want to cry.

Esme's hugging me again.

"It's not your fault dear. Everyone makes mistakes." She cooed. I am still surprised by how easily Esme can calm me even more than Jasper. Maybe it's because this is exactly how I imagined having a mother is.

"That doesn't change the fact that you still drank human blood." I hear Edward say with disgust and I stiffen up. I feel Esme vibrate with a growl about to rip through her throat but was stopped when Bella suddenly spoke up.

"So did you, Edward."

"That was back then. This is now. She knows better." Edward growled.

"And again, so did you, Edward." Bella said. My attention turned back to her. She was standing up, her eyes filled with rage. "You knew better than to steal someone else's mate and yet you did."

Edward visibly shrunk back at her words. Bella… You're standing up for me? Why? After everything, you're still going to stand up for me.

Edward's growl echoes around the room. "I'm gonna hunt." He muttered before dashing out of the house, Tanya following him with an apologetic look on her face.

"Ugh. Always the spoiled brat." Rosalie groaned. "Now, come, Alice. Continue."

I can't help the small giggle that escaped my lips. They all seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as I did so.

"Why did you agree with all that bullshit Jane came up with?" Cynthia asked, a look of both irritation and worry on her face. "She didn't force you or anything, did she?"

I shake my head no. "She's not like that." I answer with a smile. "To tell the truth, I had a vision of mostly everything that happened today. I saw that she would meet her mate here so I had to bring her here. That's why I agreed with what she said. It helped me for a while. It helped both of us, actually."

"That's… cool." Cynthia said with a huge grin on her face. "So you did it for her sake?"

"Well, somewhat yes. I also did it so that I won't be lonely. It's a selfish act, I know." I answer sheepishly. Cynthia shook her head but smiled nonetheless.

"What about me?" Garrett asked. Ah, he's probably been itching to ask that question.

"Garrett. The truth is I had a vision of you as well. You and Kate. So I had to sneak out and talk to you. That's why Aro made up the fact that I was unconscious. He did it so that I could prepare for things to come." I can't help but sigh. "Although things didn't exactly go according to what I saw."

Laughs of my family echoed in the house and I felt like everything was alright again. I had a loving family. I have my sister again. Kate is happy with Garrett. Edward may still hate me but well, that's just how he is. And Bella…

My eyes trailed over to her. And as our eyes met, it felt like it was just the two of us there. The laughs of my family died in the background. It was just her and her beautiful smile. I missed her. I still miss her. I want nothing more than to show her my love. Not really knowing what happened, I find myself beside her. She's laughing and it's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life, both human and vampire.

"Bella." I call out to her, taking her hand into mine. It's so warm, just like all of her. "I love you. So so much."

I can see her eyes tear up as she stares at me like a deer caught in the headlights. It's absolutely adorable that I can't help but giggle.

"I love you too." I freeze as the words left her mouth. I stare at her again, our eyes locked with each other. "I love you, Alice."

Oh God. It… I'm just… I can't express how happy those words coming from her makes me feel. I hug her with all my might, although careful not to be tight enough to hurt her. "I love you so much. I'm sorry for never telling this to you before. I'm sorry for making you cry. I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm sorry for leaving you."

I can hear the amused laugh of my little sister and Kate in the background. Normally, I would hit them for making fun of me but that can wait for later. For now, this amazing and beautiful girl is the most important thing for me.

"Don't apologize for the past, Alice. Just give me a happy future." She says, hugging me back. "Our happy future."

I nod, knowing that my words would fail me right now. Happiness. Bliss. Eternal salvation. Maybe that's taking it a bit too far but I can't help it. That's how I feel. The woman I love just told me that she wanted a future with me. Who am I to refuse that?

I find myself staring at her again. I could swim inside those chocolate brown eyes for all eternity. "Bella. I lo –"

My sentence hangs in dead air as I find myself pulled away from reality and into a vision.

Everything's blurry. But I can still make out the scenery. The clearing? Why are we here?

"Hello, Carlisle." That voice… It's familiar.

I look around frantically. Who is it? Who's here with us? But before I could get a clear picture, everything changes again. I'm in the same clearing but robed figures surround us. I can feel the cold of snow that's falling down ever so lightly. I look around and spot them, caught by the hundreds of robed figures. They're bound and immobilized. My family. Cynthia… Bella! I try to run to her but I find myself caught by two pairs of strong arms, holding me in place.

Held down into the snow is my family. All of them look hurt and angry. But the most outstanding emotion is fear. Bella. Her eyes find mine and I can see it. The fright in her eyes. She's held down into the snow like the others. But she's more fragile than them. And she's my mate. Her frightened eyes look at me, asking me to do something. I want to save them. I want to save her. But what can I do?

"Come back to us, Alice."

"No!" I shout out, suddenly finding myself back in the living room of my home.

"What happened? What did you see?" All of them asked but Bella's voice was the only one that I heard. I clutch her to me, the image of her frightened eyes still burning in my mind.

"They're coming." I whisper, my voice wavering.

"Who's coming?" Carlisle asked.

"All of them. The Volturi. Aro."


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