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Anyways, I was thinking about how Hiccup is like Toothless and dragons in general. You know how his eyes are nearly the same shade as Toothless', his klutziness, how quickly he tamed Toothless, how quickly he learns to fly on Toothless' back, his un-Viking like body and scrawny frame but quick reflexes, and how he didn't get killed by the shot of fire on his first successful flight with Toothless and the pillar of flame that sets the tail fin alight during the battle. I was thinking about all this and thought about how it is all possible and thought the only explanation was that Hiccup was a dragon to begin with.


There was a reason for everything. There was a reason why I was so good with dragons. There was a reason why I could understand the dragons, particularly Night Furies like Toothless. And this was it.

15 years ago. Dragon's Nest.


The Queen Night Fury was in charge of the nest. She was friends with every dragon in the nest. They all respected her and called her a friend. On one particularly snowy night she laid her very first clutch of eggs. She would only have one clutch in her whole life. As she waited for the tiny Furies to hatch she thought. She thought about what it would be like if they weren't at war with human Vikings who thought that her dragons were stealing their sheep and fish. The Vikings thought wrong, it wasn't them who were doing the raiding but it was the rouge dragons who had left the nest to flee from being controlled.

When her eggs finally hatched she got a shock. Out of the five eggs only two had hatched. The first to hath was a deep midnight black like all Night Furies should be. The second hatchling on the other hand was different. It was dark but not black. The scales were a deep, deep red. He would be able blend in at night but during the day he would be a target for teasing. Although he was different in appearance he could fly on the first day when it would take most Night Furies up to a walk to even walk. The Mother Night Fury knew that he was different and he and his brother would stop the Viking Dragon War.

High up in the clouds the Great Norse God Odin was looking down upon the young dragon hatchling. He knew that he and his only brother were the answer. He watched the two Furies learn to fly and hunt and basically be dragons. He saw the red Fury get teased and his brother internally fighting himself to help him out. He observed the Red Fury get flamed and torched just for being different. He had had enough. That night, Odin projected himself into the Queen Night Fury's dream. He told his plan and she reluctantly agreed. She didn't want to lose one of her babies but it was her only choice if he was to live. Then the Great God moved onto the red Fury's brother. He had known that his brother would never live as a dragon. He had the responsibility of making sure that Red was carried to the Viking village of Berk and was taken in by a important family.

The next day his plan was put into action. Black took his brother out so that they could practice their aiming so that they could live up to the 'A Night Fury never misses' quote. Odin kept a close eye on both of them. The shooting went on and as Night Furies had no shot limit they never ran out of juice. After and hour of firing Black accidentally fired at Red and knocked him out. Odin took this chance to change him into the dragons worst enemy. A human. The Queen Night Fury slowly walked out from the trees and gave him a final lick before padding back towards the nest. Black gently gripped his now human brother in his now toothless jaws and took off to rest on the island of Berk until the night had come and he could deposit his brother under cover of the stars so that no one could see him. He had been here recently and had found out that the chief was childless. He had memorized the layout of the village that had been rebuilt many, many times and noticed that the higher your ranking the closer to the mead hall your house is. Black gently placed the young human child outside the heavy wooden door of the chieftain's house. Odin placed a thick blanket of sheep's wool that had been tinged to the same color as the babies hair. After Black had run a safe distance from the house, he grabbed a few small pebbles and pelted them on the door. Soon the large built chief came to the door and seeing the small bundle on the stone step, his face softened.

"Hey little fella." He gently closed the huge door, so as to not awaken the snoozing child, and contiued speaking. "Are you without a family?" Black could hear every word. "Don't worry, you can be my heir. My wife can't have children so you can be our son. So, welcome to the family... Son." The chief, Stoick was his name, showed the young child to his wife and she was ecstatic.

"Stoick. What about his name?"

"We shall call him Hiccup."


"Because he is different. A different name for a different child."

"It's perfect. He's perfect."

15 years later


There was one flaw in my Odin's plan. The forgetting charm hadn't lasted for my fifteenth birthday I remembered everything from my week as a dragon. It was two after I had killed the Red Death that had taken over my dragon mother's nest. Red Death had killed my mother when she didn't hand over the nest. The dragon's living there couldn't leave or else they would die and they had to get food for her. If they didn't bring back a large enough piece of food or they ate on the job they would be eaten themselves. I finally understood my bond with Toothless. The reason I could understand his every need and the reason he didn't kill me was that he was the one who left me on Stoick's door step. We could understand what the other was thinking without saying anything. That was what we got for being brothers. So here I was, with my dragon brother, sitting on the rock where I had drawn hm and he had drawn me, wondering what in Hel I was supposed to do. Was I to a) Go back to the village and act as if nothing had happened.

b) Runaway with no explanation as to why,

Or c) Go back to the village, tell everyone the truth and be kicked out.

Me really being a dragon explained everything. Here is a list.

My klutziness

How quickly I bonded with Toothless

How I instinctively learn to fly with Toothless

How I knew what Toothless needed for his tail and how to make it

My scrawny body and frail frame

My reflexes

Am mostly fireproof on the out side (Hair not so much)

And last but not least,

How my eyes are a few shades different from Toothless'.

I think that's everything. Now just to decide what to do with the dragon secret.


Even though I had no need to, I still went into the forest to throw my axe at innocent trees. I was practicing hurling it in a different direction from which I was running and had just done it successfully for the first time when I heard a yell of frustration. Yanking my axe out of the poor tree, I quickly yet quietly ran towards the yell. As I neared my destination I realized who had yelled. I stepped through the gap in the boulders and looked down into the sink hole. The small lake was blue and clear and the grass and moss were lush and green. As I gazed around the place where I met Hiccup's dragon Toothless I noticed that the large,black feline like dragon was no where to be seen. Then I heard someone speaking.

"This explains everything!" What explains everything? A sympathitic purr was heard in reply and then there was a heavy sigh. I lightly stepped onto a large boulder sticking out of the stone walls and looked under me. I took a sharp breath in as I saw Hiccup and Toothless lying on a charred circle of grass. It must've been recently burnt because the glow of flame was still dancing.

How can Hiccup just sit there on top of burning grass with nothing under him? Before I could answer myself I heard Hiccup speak.

"Hey Astrid." How did he know I was here? "Oh yay. Add that to the list too. How long is this stupid list going to get?" What list? "Astrid. I know you're there. Don't ask me how I know but I do, and stop hiding."


This list was getting longer and longer. I looked over at my brother and saw his ears twitching. Looking around the sink hole I saw nothing but then I heard soft padding of shoes on stone. Taking a wild guess as to who it was I yelled out.

"Hey Astrid." In reply I heard a sharp intake of air and knew it was her. "Oh yay. Add that to the list too. How long is this stupid list going to get?" Astrid still hadn't moved from her hiding spot. "Astrid. I know you're there. Don't ask me how I know but I do, and stop hiding." I saw a head of blonde hair peek out from behind a huge boulder and seeing that I was with Toothless she relaxed and walked over to where he was lounging against his brother.

"How are you doing that?" She inquired.

"Doing what?"

"Sitting on red hot flames and coals!"

"Well you're the first person to notice strange things that I can do." Turning to my brother I questioned him. "Should I tell her or not?" I response I got a short growl. "That's why I'm asking you. I don't know what to do! Your supposed to give me an answer!" Toothless sighed heavily and uttered a series of growls, purrs and snarls. "Uh fine. Whatever you say big brother." I turned to Astrid, who was looking at me with a confused look on her face. I took a deep breath and told her everything.


I watched my little brother tell the blonde girl, Astrid, everything he had just learnt. I interrupted from time to time to add parts of the tale. After 10 minutes Astrid was staring at my baby brother with a disbelieving look spread on her face.

"Prove it."


"Prove everything."

"But most of the stuff you can see or I can't redo."

"Fine then. Show me that you're flameproof. Just show me that you are flame resistant and I'll believe you about everything else."

"Alright then. Toothless! Bud! I need you to hit me with five of your hottest shots."

I gave him a guttural purr and a nod. I stared at Hiccup and he looked at Astrid.

"Astrid, go stand with my brother. This will be dangerous for you if you stand too close. You will be able to stand the small flame shock waves but not the full heat and power of the blast."

She nodded and followed me to the other side of the miniature lake. I took in the concern in her eyes as she stared across the water at the small, lanky boy. I knew she was worried for him but he knew what he could handle.

"Alright buddy! Shoot!" Hiccup yelled into the soft wind. I filled my throat with flammable gas and fired directly at his chest. Proving my nature I hit the bulls eye and heard him gasp from the impact. Not listening to him I lit four more orbs of fire and shot them towards various places on his figure. After the gray smoke had been blown away I saw him standing in shock with his hair blown out from behind due to the force of the blasts.

Astrid looked at him in concern and took an unsure step forwards.

Hiccup slowly opened his mouth and took a deep breath. "That. Was. AWESOME! We should do that more often!" Astrid shot him a glance that said 'You are totally crazy.' before running over to him and hugging the life out of him.


The heat that had flowed through me was amazing. I just wished that I could produce fire like that. I saw Astrid give me a crazy look before she sprinted around the edge of the water and flung her arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her slim waist, relishing the moment. After she had unraveled her arms from around my neck I looked at her.

"Believe me now?"

"Yes! How could I not! But don't you ever scare me like that ever again Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III! And I guess that explains the abnormally large ears too!"

We talked for hours, her asking me questions and me answering them. We went flying on Toothless for a while, doing daring dive bombs and plunging into the sea. After showing Astrid Toothless' artistic talent she dozed off with her head resting on my shoulder. I smiled at her sleeping form, remembering that less than three weeks ago she hated my guts. Taking one last look at the blonde beauty who had stolen my heart, I closed my eyes and let sleep steal me away.

Hiccup's Dream


Hiccup was standing outside the great hole in the side of the Dragons Nest. He saw two young dragons fly away to the other side of the island, where there was grass and trees. He was lifted up by winds and drifted behind them. Soon they reached a large clearing with many charred and burnt trees and stumps. The tiny dragons exchanged fire and after hours of flaming each other the black hatchling spat a bright blue bolt at the deep red's head. He was knocked out instantly. Hiccup was shown his whole human life in fast forward until five minutes after he woke up. Then, I went to black. He was shot with a blinding bright blue ball of flame and was surrounded with pain. He could feel his bones breaking and reforming, his muscles moving, and new appendages growing from his sides. His senses where heightened in there awearness and the fire in his heart grew stronger and hotter.

"Hiccup? Hiccup! HICCUP!"

Then he woke up.

"Hiccup? Hiccup! HICCUP!" Hiccup opened his forest green eyes to a blonde Viking shouting in his face. Her face was painted with surprise and confusion. Even Toothless looked astonished.

"Hiccup? Why are you a red Night Fury?"

Well that explained why he could feel the large leathery wings folded at his sides.

Wait. What! Wings?

Hey! You're like me now! And I can talk to you!


Hey hey Hiccup! Or should I say 'Little Dragon Brother'!


Allow me to explain.

Yes! Please!

Well here goes! I'll say this slowly so you can understand. Hiccup. You... Are... A... Dragon.


You are now a dragon like me. A red Night Fury to be exact.

Well there you have it. Random One shot. Five pages. Pretty good I must say so myself.

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