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Summary: There is an reason for everything. There was a reason why I was so good with dragons. There was a reason why I could understand the dragons,particularly Night Furies like Toothless. And here it is. Now Multi chap! Hiccup/Astrid. Hiccup/Toothless friendship.

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CHAPTER TWO (Eeeeeeekkkk!)


"Hiccup? Hiccup! HICCUP!" Hiccup opened his forest green eyes to a blonde Viking shouting in his face. Her face was painted with surprise and confusion. Even Toothless looked astonished.

"Hiccup? Why are you a red Night Fury?"

Well that explained why he could feel the large leathery wings folded at his sides.

Wait. What! Wings?

Hey! You're like me now! And I can talk to you!


Hey hey Hiccup! Or should I say 'Little Dragon Brother'!


Allow me to explain.

Yes! Please!

Well here goes! I'll say this slowly so you can understand. Hiccup. You... Are... A... Dragon.


You are now a dragon like me. A red Night Fury to be exact.

Hiccup stared at Toothless like he was totally loco.

I'm sorry, say that again?

You are a Night Fury. Was that slow enough?

Toothless. I... Can... Understand... You... Perfectly... BUT HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!

Don't look at me! I'm just as confuzzled as you are!

Confuzzled? What kind of word is that?

"Uh? Hiccup? Toothless? Try as I may, I can't read your mind or your dragon thoughts. Can you answer one question? Why are you a deep blood red Hiccup? I thought that Night Furies were supposed to be black?"

"I have no idea. I thought I would be black too but obviously i've turned into my what I would look like now as my real from."

Astrid stared at the abnormal Night Fury in utter confusion. "Hiccup. You just spoke and I understood you."

"Well I must still be able to speak Human. Well lets get back to the Village so I can tell my dad about this whole mess."

"Uh Hiccup? You are missing a very important fact. You can't fly yet and Toothless can't fly by himself and he only lets you on his back."

Actually I have my tail back.

What! When?

While you were talking with Astrid it began to grow back. And yours began to vanish.

Why would my tail fin shrink? Hiccup brought his tail around to the front. Oh. So it is gone.

Seeing what Hiccup was looking at Astrid made sense of the whole situation. "Well think about it this way. If you were dragon all these years then you never would've brought Toothless out of the sky, right? So if you never shot him down then he never would've lost his fin."

"Ok..ay? But how come mine is gone? When I had the flashback I could hear Odin's thoughts and he knew that if I stayed dragon then I would never live past two years. So this must be the price for me living this long." Hiccup thought about the flashback.

"Plus you only have one leg in human form so that must be part of the reason. So I'm guessing that you want Toothless' gear on you and you'll need me to ride you?"

"Thanks Astrid."

"No problemo dragon boy. Now how I get this saddle and rig off his back and how do I get it on you?"

"I'll show you how to get it off and then just do everything backwards."

"Right... So I just do this, this, this and this, take it off, place it on tour back and while you get use to the weight I strap the tail fin on and pull the rope into place then I do the straps up and check the gears are working? Is that it?"

"Well you must be hanging around me too much. Now I just need to tell you how to control the fin."

"Got it covered." Said much to Hiccup's surprise. She lightly jumped onto the saddle now resting on Hiccup's back. "I've seen you riding Toothless' nearly everyday, now FLY!"

They fly back to the village with small events happening like Hiccup crashing every ten feet and Toothless forgetting that he had control over his left fin again and kept knocking into Hiccup causing him to crash and burn over and over again. When they finally reached the village they saw Stoick pacing outside the mead hall. As soon as he heard the familiar thump of Toothless landing he spun on his heel and ran towards the black cat like dragon.

"Where is he? Is he hurt? What happened to him? You had better not of killed him, dragon!"

"Calm down Stoick!" Astrid dismounted Hiccup and strode over to the burly chief. "He's right here."

"Where? All I can see is Toothless and a red Night Fury. Where did you find another Night Fury? And I thought they were supposed to be black?"

"I know so did I but apparently onl-" Hiccup roared to stop the pointless conversation.

"Hello Dad? I'm right here."

"Huh? Is that dragon trying to speak to me?" Stoick had a amusing look of utter confusion on his face.

"What? You can't understand him?"

"Nope." the chief answered Astrid's question.

"Weird. Coz I can." a look of understanding assembled on Astrid's pale face. "Wait. Toothless. Say something out loud."

"What? Huh? I heard my name! No one takes my fish or they face the wrath of TOOOOOOOOOOOTHLESSSSSSSSS!"

"Did you understand that, sir?"

"All I heard was a heap of pointless roars and growls."

"WHAT! I am making perfect sense fat man! It's just you aren't smart enough to figure out what I'm saying!"
"Toothless! How dare you say that to the village chief! Say sorry!" Astrid rounded on Toothless.

"Wait you can understand him? Can he understand us when we speak in our language?" Stoick looked at Astrid with a confused look arranged on his large face.

"I know that I can understand him loud and clear."

Hiccup knew exactly what was going on. "Astrid. I thought you were supposed to be smart! It is obvious that I can't speak human anymore but instead you can understand Dragonese. I thought that you of all people would be able to put two and two together!"

"Right. Ad how dare you imply that I'm stupid!" Astrid screeched at the red dragon.

Toothless and Hiccup cringed. "Astrid you should know that our ears are extremely sensitive. And no, I am not imply that you don't know anything I am just notifying you." Toothless said calmly.

"Well. Thank you for the tip Toothless."

"I know that you ar having a pleasant conversation there Astrid but I am missing half of it and I still have no idea how you can understand Toothless and this unusual red Night Fury whom you say is my son Hiccup."

"Oh sorry sir. Hiccup here called me stupid- Hiccup stop growling and yes you did mean it- and said that I can understand Dragonese and Toothless told me to not screech so loud in their ears again coz apparently dragon ears are extremely sensitive. And do you suppose I prove that this is Hiccup?"

"Well I have a question for him. Well it is more like a question and a task." Turning to Hiccup he told him, "Hiccup I want you to get the item that you were assigned to craft when you were in your blacksmith training." He turned back to face Astrid. "If he gets this right then I knows its Hiccup. Only Gobber, Hiccup and I know what it was."

Hiccup vaguely heard what his human father was saying to the blonde beauty as he gently gripped the item he was looking for in his teeth. He knew that he could retract his teeth but didn't know how.

"Hiccup! What are you doing? Why are you trying to take my axe?" Astrid tried to wrestle her prized weapon out of Hiccup's strong jaws. He growled low in his chest causing her to let go and back away in shock, surprise and fear. Hiccup purred in happiness and pride before placing the large axe in Stoick's outstretched hand. He then sat back on his haunches and let his tounge loll, deciding to play the part.

Hiccup? Why are you acting like a dog?

Because, Toothless. Dogs fetch.

Oh. Right. Ok! Carry on.

Will do boss.

"Well I now know that this red Night Fury is indeed my son."

"Wait. Then why are you- Hiccup made my axe?"

"Well you didn't expect Snotlout to be able to make that!" Hiccup sounded very sarcastic. "And why else di you think that I was following you around whenever you were training. I was trying to understand how you fought and how you balanced yourself so that I could balance it perfectly for the perfect fighter."

"Aww! Thanks Hiccup." Astrid gave him a light kiss on the nose. "So. Can I have my axe back?"

"Oh sorry 'bout that." Stoick passed the sturdy blade back into Astrid's waiting hands. She took it, stroked the keen edge of the blade and then strapped it onto her back once more.

"Well I think that we should go and scare the hell out of Ruff, Tuff, 'Lout and 'Legs don't you Hiccup?"

"Ooooh yeah! This will be fu-un!" Hiccupwanted to move and learn about how his new body moved. He ran into the back of Astrid's knees causing then to buckle, making her fall onto the saddle now covering Hiccups scaly back.

Astrid let out a very un-Astrid like giggle. "Ok ok!" Throwing her other leg over the saddle she held onto the equivalent of the reins. "Go Hiccup! Come on Toothless!" The the two dragon brother and the strong human girl bounded off to the fighting arena, where they knew for sure their friends and targets would be gathered.

Stoick smiled softly to himself at the sight.

"Well it seems his time has come once again. But his time Astrid gets to help him and his brother. Such a large burden for someone so young. How can he fufil this part of his destiny? He has already completed the destruction of Red Death, but his too? He can never do it and survive. Never."

Then he turned and walked up the hill to his residence at the top, pushed open the door and gently pushed it shut again behind him.

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