This is a fan fic i based off of the PC and XBOX 360 game World in Conflict which is about a fictional soviet invasion of America in 1989, i do not own or have i ever owned this property and it is the property of Microsoft games.

World in Conflict: A Cop's Tale

September 12, 1989

Seattle, Washington United States

Radio Broadcast of the Seattle morning Show.

Hello everyone, this here is Alice Stevens, and i am here with Gabriel Johnson at the space needle and it is a beautiful September morning here. In the news today, allied troops continue to press their advantage in the south of Europe today as elements of the French Foreign Legion and the 3rd armored Calvary again try to push the Russian back into the sea from and to liberate many french towns on the French Rivera that have been under Russian Control for approximately four months since the Russians launched the Invasion of Europe. The commander on the scene has said that they have taken some causalities but that he and his men will continue to press on until all of France is back under French control."It is now 9:11a.m sunny and we will be right back with a great band after these important messages.

Sergeant Allen Durban of the Seattle Police Department turned off the radio as he came to the red light. Him and his partner Officer Sarah Jacobs were on a routine patrol of the harbor and waterfront area of the city. Allen was about 6,2 280 with a graying beard with a scar over his right eye and Sarah was about 6 feet even with black hair. As the light turned green the police car moved on."You been keeping up with the war in Europe"Sarah Asked."No not really i have seen my fair share of war from Nam and don't wish to see or hear anymore than i have too, you? Yeah, my brother is over in the Marseilles region, sent me a letter last week telling me how bad it was in the beginning but now things are going our way, at least in France."Suddenly the CB radio Cracked to Life."Dispatch to Car 112, come in 112 over." Jacobs picked up the mike of the Receiver and spoke into it."This is Car 112 to dispatch, go dispatch. Port authority have requested SPD officers to the harbor area we have reports of multiple cargo container ships coming in. They are not on the lists of incoming and have refused to Identify themselves. They may be smuggling ships, over. Dock twelve is the closest dock we are too, and are proceeding there now, over. Roger Car 112, the Port Authority has also been notified and are en route, we are also sending car 156, and 312 to the area, dispatch out."

Allen Turned the squad car back down the street and proceeded to the harbor area. as they came to the red light they had passed earlier Sarah spoke."You been keeping up with the war? A little, but not much i have seen too much war to begin with."Allen said as he turned right down they street they had passed earlier."You were in Special Ops during Vietnam, right" Asked Sarah."Yeah, i was at first part of a MIKE team, helping Vietnamese tribesman to fight the Vietcong, but then my unit became a LRRP(Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) often had to go into enemy territory and left there for days to bring back intel, it was not fun let me tell you"Said Allen. Then the car approached the turnoff into the pier area. As the car rounded the warehouse building that blocked the pier, the hustle of activity was apparent, out in the sea 3 cargo container sat drifting while another was pulled up to the dock. The two officers got out of the car and headed to the Port Authority officer and the Dockyard Foreman. The PA officer was a tall man about 30 with jet black hair wearing a black uniform, while the dockyard foreman was a rough looking man about 20 with a beer gut showing under his coveralls. Allen walked up to the PA officer and spoke."You the Port Authority officer we are to meet? Yea, my name is Steven Thomas this here is the foreman for dock 12 Michael Johnson."Both Michael and Steven shook Sarah and Allan's hands and began to look at the ship now berthed to the spoke first,"What is the problem here Foreman? This ship is, we have no records of it scheduled arrival today, and the radioman said that it and it's buddies don't want to identify themselves." Michael said as he pointed at the berthed ship."I have talked to the other piers, these are only 4 of 12 container ships doing the same thing" Steve spoke.

Then gunfire erupted down toward the talking officers as men on the container ships began firing their AK-47's down at them. Allen and Sarah ran and hid behind some pallets as the bullets ripped on either side of them. Allen peeks around the pallet he had hid behind and saw the corpse of Steve Johnson lying on the concrete dock with blood pooling around his chest. As the bullets continued to fall all around the two officers. They heard the whup whup sound of Helicopter taken off and in the distance two Russian Hind -D's Took off and headed into the downtown area."SARAH, SARAH RUN FOR THE CRUSIER I WILL COVER YOU."Allen then peeked over the barrels and with his revolver fired off 6 rounds in rapid succession As Sarah ran for the waiting police car. He then ducked behind the barrels again as he reloaded. Then Sarah pulled up behind him and he jumped into the open window. As Sarah sped off squealing her tired bullets followed the car. As Allen looked behind them he noticed 3 amphibious APC's come from out of the water as the gang planks off the freighter lower and troops began to disembark. As he righted himself in the Passenger seat he reached for the CB screaming into it"THIS IS CAR 112 WE HAVE SOVIET TANKS ON THE DOCKS WITH HELICOPTERS SUPPORT, REPEAT AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK. CAR 112,this is dispatch please repeat last transmission did you say soviet tanks." At that moment an explosion rocked the car and Sarah lost control and hit an another car at the intersection and darkness claimed both officers.

When Allen woke up the car was smoking and Sarah was still in the driver's seat with a huge gash on her head slumped over the steering wheel. Allen shook Sarah and she slowly regained herself and looked around."Come on Sarah we have to go."Then both officers exited the vehicle but before they could get out bullets came toward them and forced them behind the car for protection. Allen and Sarah ran down an alley as the attackers reloaded their guns. After about 10 minutes of running they came to a road block held by soldiers and police officers. Allen then ran over to the Lt and shouted at him over the gunfire.

"Sir, my name is Sergeant Allen i was at the docks when this all happened. Sergeant What did you see at the docks, command has been trying to get intel from the dock area but haven't been able to since the first explosions because of Anti Aircraft guns." Allen then raised up and fired off several shots at the Soviet Soldiers as Sarah did the same from the corner of the building she was at. After he had emptied his revolver he bent down behind the roadblock and reloaded his gun."LT, I SAW MULTIPLE HELICOPTERS AND SOLDIERS ON THE FRIEGHTER AND ALSO AS WE WERE LEAVING I SAW MULTIPLE AMPHIBIOUS APC'S COME UP TO THE DOCK."Allen then raised back up and fired off multiple shots at the Attackers one of which hit a soviet soldier and he fell to the ground bleeding. Then the Lt leaned in and Listened to the headset and shouted to the 8 officers at the roadblock."LISTEN, WE ARE EVACUATING SEATTLE, THE RALLY POINT IS THE I-60 EAST WEST INTERSTATE OVERPASS. TRY TO GET AS MANY CIIVILIANS AS YOU CAN BUT YOU ONLY HAVE 15 MINUTES TO GET THERE BEFORE THE ARMY PULLS OUT AND THEN YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. I WILL LAY DOWN SUPRESSING FIRE WHILE YOU ALL GO ON MY MARK RUN DOWN THE ALLEY ON MY SIDE." As the Lt said go all eight of the officers ran down the left side alley and began making their way to the rally point. whenever they came across someone they brought them with them and by the time the reached the rally point their group of eight had increased to 12 officers and four civilians. As the people and officers were loaded on the last 10 ton truck to leave Seattle Allen and Sarah looked back at the city, smoke rising from most of the blocks, planes and helicopter firing down onto positions and Allen spoke."Lets hope, Sarah when we return that there is still a Seattle to come back too. Then both got on the 10 ton truck and pulled away from the war zone.