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World in Conflict:A cops Tale

chapter 3

1 Week after the invasion and fall of seattle

Emergency reserves training area Idaho/Washington border

The dream always started out the same, i am in front of my son's and daughter's elementary school waiting to get them when i see a Russian tank roll over to the building and turn it's turret toward the front door. I run but am not fast enough as the turret fires the building explodes in a cloud of dust. As i proceed through the dust i see thousands of small bodies in the rubble of the building with one calling my name. My son half buried in rubble whispers to me."why didn't You save me, Why didn't you rescue me." I awake with a start as the tent ruffles from the wind i realize i am still in the holding area where all the emergency reserves are being held. I get up put on my fatigues and walk out of the tent. There are about 1,000 people here mostly cops, security guards and wannabe weekend warriors being trained fast to fight a very good army that has invaded our country. I head to the mess tent to do like many others do and begin watching the WNN network(war news network). I hope for news a breach in the soviet lines, reinforcements on their way from Europe to help, a glimmer of hope. on the screen i see a blonde woman in fatigues

WNN TV broadcast

Hello Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. welcome to the War News Network, i am Sarah Donnelson this is the news from the fronts. From the European theater, comes reports that french and American units have made it to the German border but were stopped short by east German air assets and a counterattack by a Russian armored battalion. Generals of the European theater are hopeful they can consolidate this gain and after reinforcements from the recently liberated southern France region hope to expand the front into the lowlands of Netherlands that have been under Russian control since the invasion of Europe several weeks earlier.

From the pacific theater comes world that North Korea continues its assault on South Korea but the marines with the help of the South Korean Military continue to hold the DMZ against what has been verified as human wave attacks by tanks, infantry, and aircraft. Due to the superb training of our military and those of our South Korean Brothers in Arms. The North has yet been able to breach the DMZ. Still no news from Alaska after a soviet attack on the oil pipeline breached it causing the oil flow from Alaska to be cut off along with the telephone wires running along the pipeline.

Word from what has been called the Seattle front continues to be grim as the soviets continue to exploit their breach of the Seattle cordon and begin heading to the cascade mountains and south to California. Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco have already begun ordering voluntary evacuations with the state to order mandatory evacuations soon. To those trapped behind the Seattle line have faith and the world will back you. This is Sarah Donnelson for the WNN good luck to all of our brothers and sister in uniform.

As Allen continued to watch the repeat of the new broadcast a CO came into the tent area and Shouted Ten Hut. Everyone in the room rose to attention and looked toward the new man and his command staff entering the tent. The new man then began to speak loudly. "Listen up, the defenders and what reinforcements we had, are being broken into two groups. Northern Army is falling back to the Cascade mountains and preparing to dig in. The southern Army are heading for California Washington state border to keep the Russian army from going south any farther and to also to help out the marines being hit in Southern California. We are heading to Pine Valley to help the southern army make a stand, we will hold the ground and draw a line in the sand. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"The room shouted sir yes sir."Good head to your bunks and prepare to move out. We will head to the marshaling area in one hour. This is it ladies and gentlemen, the day we stop going backwards and start moving forwards, DISMISSED" The entire tent headed in a run to their sleeping tents, as did I me began gathering their weapons and ammo. I got to my bunk and gathered up my weapons first. First thing i did was get my M-16 and the 10 loaded clips of ammo and put them in my bandoleer belt. Then i got my m-9 Beretta and put in in the side holster and gathered 5 clips of ammo for it and put them in their pouched on the belt. I grabbed my Alice pack and stuffed all my fatigues, grenades, and my only picture of my and my son and daughter in a pocket and headed out the door. By the time i was done the half ton trucks were in the camp and awaiting for the troopers to board them. I got in line behind a stocky man and got in behind him. After that a man closed the rear doors and the truck began to head down the road in the convoy. Where it headed i did not know but i knew where i was going. on the first step back to my family and that road started in a small town called Pine Valley.