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This is the sequel to No Place Better, which Haz asked me so very nicely to post. Probably so she could laugh at my story. I don't know why she would laugh though. This little drabble deserves to be treated with the same respect as No Place Better. NO STORY IS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER, Y'ALL. Just kidding. I know that's not true.

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Enjoy the parody sequel! And please join me in my fist shaking at Harry's oblivious singularity. shakes fist furiously at Harry's oblivious singularity

Oblivious Singularity

"Can you pass the milk?" Neville said over his newspaper.

Harry looked up from his cereal bowl, milk dripping down his chin.

"Oh, yeah, sure."

He passed over the milk jug, digging back into his breakfast right after. "Anything interesting in the news recently?" he asked.

Neville flicked a piece of lint off his chest and shivered. No one had built up the fire in the fireplace yet - did they pay someone to do that? - so the house was freezing. A look out the window showed a foot of snow sitting on the ground. He contemplated the pros and cons of going back to the bedroom and grabbing the Snuggie - or a shirt, even - but Harry's presence was warmth enough, and getting up to retrieve the Snuggie would have frozen him into a popsicle in the hallway.

"Looks like Malfoy is hosting some sort of event tonight. Wonder why we weren't invited. Oh! There's a picture of Ginny standing next to him... Hm. Now they're snogging." Neville turned the newspaper sideways and tilted his head to get a better look at the photograph in the paper.

At the mention of Ginny, Harry looked up, more milk dribbling down his chin and making a mad dash for his neck and the vast expanse of his manly chest.

"Ginny? Did she move out?"

Neville shrugged and turned the paper the other way.

"Did she ever live here...?" Harry wondered out loud, squinting his eyes as if that would help him to think better.

Neville shrugged some more and threw the newspaper over his shoulder. It landed on top of the cat like a tent. They hadn't noticed - they'd been so absorbed in each other's manly bodies for the past month - but poor Mr. Fluffykins had actually passed away some weeks ago. No one had filled his food dish since Ginny had moved out.

"I cannot believe Malfoy had the audacity not to invite us," Neville cried in indignation. Harry continued to squint at the air.