Note: This Chapter contains a EragonXSaphiraXArya sex scene If you don't like don't flame.

Eragon spent the next hour explaining what was going on however Arya was being detracted by Saphira licking around her thigh though the window "Any idea why she's doing that?" Eragon asked

"She must be in heat." Arya said lightly pushing Saphira's head away from her thigh "When a dragoness enters heat she does anything to satisfy her needs that's why she's doing this." Arya continued

"So does that mean she doesn't love me?" Eragon asked saddened before he heard Saphira enter his mind

"Eragon even though I'm in heat and doing things I normally wouldn't I still love you like I do now." Saphira said comforting her rider. Eragon sighed in relief before Arya began to speak "Well if you want I can try and turn Saphira into a human." Arya said

"But won't that mean the dragons will go extinct?" Eragon asked

"No if I do this the dragon in the last egg will be born a female it was a spell made by the dragons in case the dragons were on the brink of extinction you see the dragons believed someone like Galbatorix would come along so they made a spell so that if there were only two dragons left in existence one would be born female and the other male so since Thorn would be the only male dragon the next dragon to be born would be female." Arya explained. Saphira couldn't help but let out a growl similar to the ones she made while being pleasured by Eragon "Well what are we waiting for?" Saphira asked happily

"But first I will need a DNA sample and the best way to do that with Saphira would be too..."

"Let me guess we need to get her to orgasm." Eragon finished

"Well then let's get started." Saphira said excitedly pulling her head out of the window and walking into the open.

Arya and Eragon walked out only to see Saphira laying down on her back legs spread her vaginal and anal holes showing "Shall we begin?" Saphira asked seductively getting Eragon and even Arya aroused. "How about we let Arya start off." Saphira suggested as Arya walked up to Saphira and placing her hand on Saphira's vaginal tunnel making Saphira let out a small growl as Arya began to rub Saphira's vaginal tunnel "Eragon would you come over here?" Saphira asked. Eragon got up and gladly walked over to Saphira's head as he suddenly felt Saphira reach towards the waist of his pants using her mouth to full them down. Eragon getting the message took off his shirt leaving himself completely naked in front of Saphira. Saphira reached down and gave Eragon's penis a small lick making Eragon aroused. Saphira continued to lick at Eragon's erect penis before putting the whole thing in her mouth as she began to suck on it making Eragon let out a few small moans as Saphira's tongue wrapped itself around Eragon's penis trying to get her rider to orgasm.

While Saphira was doing this Arya was busy thrusting her arm in and out of Saphira's vagina making her moan and beg for more "Wow Arya your arm feels so good inside me." Saphira said between moans as she continued to suck on Eragon's penis getting him close to an orgasm "Saphira I can't hold back much longer." Eragon said quickly pulling out and spraying his cum onto Saphira's face while at the same time Arya was quickening her pace as Saphira orgasmed her juices coating Arya's arm.

As Eragon and Saphira rested Arya walked back to the house and brought out two small jars before wiping Saphira's orgasmic Juices into one of the jars before picking up the other one and doing the same with Eragon's cum that rested on Saphira's head. "There now the rest should be easy." Arya said sealing the jars and walking back to the house and putting them on a nearby table and walking back out only to see Saphira in front of her. "It wouldn't be fair that you pleasured me and I not get to pleasure you." Saphira said as she knocked Arya onto her back and began to remove her clothing.

Soon Arya was on the ground completely naked as Saphira lowered her head and began to lick at Arya's vaginal tunnel forcing Arya to let out a small moan as Saphira continued to lick. Arya was lost in pleasure before she felt something moving around inside her as she looked down to see Saphira who had just shoved her large reptilian tongue into Arya's vagina making Arya to moan louder as she began to buck her hips towards Saphira "Saphira I can't hold back muck more." Arya screamed as she orgasmed as Saphira drank down Arya's vaginal juices not letting a drop escape her.

When Arya had recovered and put on her clothing she Eragon and Saphira had a meal of apples and berries as it was the elves tradition to not eat meat. "I'm going into town for a while to get the rest of the ingredients that we will need for this to work." Arya said walking into the forest as it was the fastest way into town. "We should have her around more if her visits are going to always be like this." Saphira said to Eragon

"True but maybe we could have some fun of our own while she's away." Eragon suggested

"I love the way you think Eragon." Saphira said as she gave Eragon a kiss on the cheek

"Well if your good you get to see more." Eragon said kissing her back while Arya disappeared into the trees.