Meanwhile, back at the nonexistent ranch, an old man and his assistant were finally adding the finishing touches to their creation.

The creature growled and thudded the bars of its cage as it lunged for them, desperately craving the tasty meals standing just out of its reach. "It's perfect," said Professor Creep excitedly, rubbing his palms together. "And all thanks to, err – what's the name of that kid that dies all the time, John?"

John scrabbled obediently for the paperwork. "Kenny McCormick, sir?"

"Yes! All thanks to Kenny McCormick, we have perfected the very art of bringing the dead back to life!"

"Then there's the obvious sidetrack that it wants to eat us, sir," said John quietly, wincing as the zombie snarled again, its glowing, pupil-less blue eyes snapping in-between the two men.

Professor Creep shrugged like a five-year-old child with chocolate plastered across his face. "We'll overcome that soon enough. And then the minister won't be able to turn us down!"

He turned and let loose a wild cackle, just as the zombie gave one final roar and snapped its bonds, throwing itself against the bars with a scream of hunger.

Unfortunately, those bars were a bit old.

And there weren't any guns in the vicinity.