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... ... ...


Everything happened so fast. The men grabbed Cagalli before she had any time to react. The next thing Athrun knew, he was running in vain after the black van that had sped off with his girlfriend.

"CAGALLI!" Athrun cried out. He didn't make it. The van had already disappeared from his sight.

... ... ...

Chapter 23

"Athrun!" Shinn called out to the bluenette when he spotted him slumped to the roadside. "What's wrong? Where's Cagalli?"

"Damn it Shinn!" Athrun cursed as his fist punched the ground. "They took her and I let them get away!" tears were brimming up in his eyes.

"What? Who are they? What happened?" Shinn demanded as he grabbed Athrun by the collar. "You were supposed to protect her damn it!"

Athrun didn't even try to resist Shinn. He had failed to protect Cagalli. "They were masked. They just took her," Athrun bit back his lips to prevent his tears from falling.

"Took who?"

Athrun and Shinn turned around upon hearing the familiar voice.

"C-Cagalli?" Athrun was stunned. The said blonde was in front of him, perfectly fine and unscathed. Shinn too looked like he saw a ghost.

"I've been looking all over for you guys! Where's Kira?" There was a curious look on Cagalli's face.

"Kira?" Athrun asked a little confused.

"Oh shit, I think they took him!" Shinn said in realisation.

... ... ...

"What's going on?" Kira's mind was in a whirl. He was waiting for Shinn one moment and he felt rough hands grabbing him the next. He blanked out immediately after. His hands and legs were bounded and a sack covered his head, not allowing him to see anything.

In a matter of seconds, Kira came to realisation. He was mistaken for Cagalli and kidnapped. Cagalli was probably safe somewhere and he thanked heavens for that. The ground was shaking slightly and Kira reckoned he was in a vehicle.

The van skidded to a halt and Kira jerked forward.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Kira said to himself. It wasn't long before he heard the door opening and he was lifted up and hauled across the shoulder of one of the men.

"I wonder what she has been feeding herself with? She weighs a ton!" said the man who was carrying him.

"I so do not!" Kira wanted to say aloud but he couldn't because his mouth was gagged.

"Stop complaining," said another man. "Here, just pass her to me."

Kira felt himself being tossed around like a sack of potatoes.

"You're right. This little princess needs to go on a diet."

"My weight is perfectly normal!" Kira thought to himself.

The man carrying Kira stopped walking and Kira heard screeching sound. It sounded like rusty metal doors opening. It wasn't long before Kira felt himself being placed on the ground- not too gently.

"Man! My arms feel like they're going to break!" said the man who carried Kira.

"Oh please, you're exaggerating. You're just a wimp," Kira said to himself as he rolled his eyes. Not only was he being kidnapped, but being insulted too. "I'm not fat."

Kira squinted as the bright light suddenly gushed into his eyes. The sack had been removed from his head and the tape had been removed from his mouth.

"Ouch," he wanted to say but his eyes widened in surprise at the person in front of him.

"You!" Kira's voice was a little higher than intended. But it was better this way. He didn't want anyone to find out his real identity just yet. He could be in big trouble, no, he was already in trouble. He just needed time to find out what was going on and plan his escape.

He recognised the girl in front of him. He had seen her too often in school.

"Surprise to see me Princess Cagalli?" the girl smirked.

... ... ...

"Kisaka! You're here!" Cagalli ran into the arms of her ex-bodyguard. Ledonir Kisaka was the current head of security of the palace.

"It's good to see you Cagalli," the large-built man returned her hug. They were all gathered in the Orb embassy of the Plants.

"Kisaka! Something terrible has happened!" Cagalli was going hysterical. "Kira has been kidnapped!"

"Is that so? What happened?" Kisaka asked.

"He was mistaken for me and some masked men took him away in a van," she told him sadly. "And what are you doing all the way here in Plants? Shouldn't you be in Orb?"

"Well, with the amount of trouble you two always get into, I figured it would be better if I was close by," Kisaka replied.

"You came in the right time Kisaka," Shinn said.

"I guess I did," Kisaka said. "Did any of you see the plate number of the van?"

"It had no plate number," Athrun spoke up.

"Should we call the local authorities? We haven't notified them yet," Shinn said.

"I don't think that would be wise Shinn," Athrun told him. "Imagine what a huge commotion it'll cause. The media will find out and things will get even messier."

"But what do we do now? I mean, we can't just sit down and wait. Kira could be comatose for all we know." Shinn said.

"Oh this is my fault," Cagalli was reproachful of herself. After all, it was she who got Kira to dress up as her.

"No, it's not," Athrun said firmly. "Kira won't have it any other way. Besides, Kira can take care of himself."

"You don't have to worry so much Cagalli," Kisaka assured the sad princess. "We're going to find him. We have a tracking system after all."

"A tracking system?" Cagalli perked up.

"Yea, how do you think I know where you always run off to?" Kisaka smiled at the blonde who looked like she was about to explode any time soon.

... ... ...

"Meyrin," Kira's voice was filled with disgust when he saw the magenta haired girl.

"You don't look happy to see me princess," she smirked.

"Why should I?" Kira retorted.

"I thought you would treat me a lot nicer," Meyrin mused. "I guess I was wrong."

"It was you all along wasn't it? You make a fine actress Meyrin. You really had us fooled."

"Why, I'll take that as a compliment," she smiled.

"So it was you who threatened and exposed Ca... me!" Kira nearly gave himself away.

"Not really princess," a new voice emerged from behind. "I was the one who took the picture and gave it to the media."

"Durandal," Kira's eyes narrowed at the man with the long wavy black hair.

"You don't sound too good princess," Durandal commented. "Are you sick?"

"Crap! He noticed!" Kira cursed. "Yes, the sight of you two makes me sick," Kira said. He reckoned Cagalli would behave this way.

"Still as feisty as ever I see..." Durandal mused.

"Ok... Maybe he hasn't found out..." Kira had a sigh of relief.

"Why are you doing this? What reasons do you have?" Kira asked. He had to find out what was going on. Why was Cagalli targeted?

Durandal laughed as he motioned for a chair to be brought over for him to sit.

"Do you still remember about your dead aunt and cousin?" Durandal asked as he sat down on the arm chair.

"How did you know about my cousin? Unless... You were behind the assassination!" Kira accused.

"Very smart princess," Durandal said. "But do you know why?"

Kira kept quiet. He was not sure of the reason yet. Was it for power?

"No? You don't know? Ask me why then," Durandal said.

"Why?" Kira followed and asked.

"Revenge," Durandal stated simply. "Your uncle, that no good King of Orb, took everything from me. So I want to make him pay."

"And you killed our aunt and cousin for it," Kira was seething with anger.

"Yes," he replied.

"Then why..."

"Why you?" Durandal asked Kira.

Kira nodded his head.

"I guess it wasn't enough. I wanted him to suffer more. He loved you as his own. I want him to watch all his love ones die before him," he then continued. "Patrick Zala, Athha and I were best friends back in our high school days. We were all students of Archangel Academy. Athha and I fell for the same girl. Talia Gladys was a few years our junior. Her name rings a bell, no? She's a teacher in your school."

Durandal paused for a while, making sure Kira, who he thought was Cagalli, was listening.

"Talia chose him over me. Because I loved her, I let her go. I warned him never to break her heart. But he did in the end; he left her and married that woman, Maria Spencer. Talia was devastated. I told her to come back to me, but she didn't. She said she didn't love me and though she didn't like his decision of marrying that Spencer girl, she respected it. She said it was best for Orb at that time."

"So you murdered two innocent people all because you couldn't get what you wanted? That's just disgusting," Kira spat out.

"You don't get it," Durandal said shaking his head. "He made Talia miserable. He made me suffer for years. Do you think he deserves happiness? I don't think so!"

"It doesn't matter! Killing innocents is just wrong!" Kira yelled angrily.

Durandal merely smiled. "I have to go now but I'll leave Meyrin here in your company," he said as he left the warehouse, the other men following him. "Get two of your men to stay guard. I'm not taking any chances of our princess escaping."

Kira was alone with Meyrin in the warehouse. The rest either left with Durandal or stayed guard outside. Kira was mad. He couldn't get over his aunt's and cousin's death. They were innocent. Kira knew he had to do something.

Just then, Kira spotted his green friend perched at the ledge of the small window on top.

"What's so funny?" Meyrin snapped at him when she saw him smiling to himself.

Kira suddenly thought of a plan. "Come here for a while. I have something to tell you about Athrun," he told her.

Meyrin was suspicious at first but the moment Athrun's name was mentioned, she practically flew to Kira.

"What is it?" she asked eagerly. And before she knew it, she was knocked out cold by Kira who head butted her when she was close enough.

"That's for my sister!" Kira said. He then called for Torii who flew down with a sharp object for Kira to cut the ropes.

Next, he took some ropes and tied Meyrin to one of the poles. He pasted a tape over her mouth to gag her. Finally, he took out his wig and put it on Meyrin. His dress was also taken off and hidden away in a corner. Kira was thankful that he was wearing another set of clothes inside.

As Kira was about to put the next phase of his plans into action, the large metal doors started opening.

"Shit!" Kira cursed.

As Kira prepared himself for what was about to come, the least he expected happened.

"Kira!" he heard the familiar voice of his sister.

"Cagalli!" he called after her as she ran to his arms.

"I'm so glad you're ok!" the twins said in unison. Then they broke into laughter. It was then when Kira noticed that Cagalli was not alone. Athrun and Shinn together with Kisaka and a platoon of Orb guards came along.

"Who is she?" Shinn noticed the knocked-out Meyrin with a blonde wig and pointed to her.

... ... ...

A month has passed since the kidnapping incident. Durandal and Meyrin were both trailed and charged in court. The recordings from Torii as well as other evidences were enough to put then behind bars for ten life times.

Now the usual gang with the addition of Stella were in one of the Zala islands in the Caribbean. Athrun invited them there for the holidays.

"Heads up!" Shiho shouted as the volleyball flew towards Dearka.

Dearka who was busy ogling at his girlfriend's body didn't react in time and was knocked out cold by the ball.

SNAP! Miriallia took a picture of that glorifying moment for Dearka and giggled. "Perverted Dearka! This serves you right!"

"Come on Shinn! Stella wants to pick up sea shells!" the blonde who had an uncanny resemblance to Cagalli dragged the helpless Shinn away towards the shore.

Meanwhile, Kira was being buried alive by Lacus, literally. Kira was lying down on the soft golden sand as Lacus giggled away, playing and covering Kira with sand.

"Come on Zala! We have to get our acts straight! We can't lose to two girls!" the ever pissed-off Yzak told the bluenette.

The volleyball game ended soon after as Cagalli gave the two boys the final death blow, spiking the ball down hard. Athrun and Yzak, who went for the ball at the same time, ended up colliding into each other.

"Great job Cags!" Shiho said in delight as the two girls gave each other a high five.

"We should do this more often!" Cagalli smiled.

"Yea we work well together!" Shiho agreed.

"So you girls won?" Miriallia asked excitedly.

"Yup!" Cagalli and Shiho said proudly.

"Heard that Kira?" Lacus said as she patted Kira lightly on the shoulder. "Pay up please," she smiled sweetly at him.

"Oh man..." Kira said disappointed. "What kind of men are you two? How can you lose to two girls?" Kira scolded his two friends, though he knew deep down inside Cagalli and Shiho would win.

"Hey wake up Dearka!" Miriallia said as she tried to get her boyfriend up. "I want my money! I won!"

"This is all Zala's fault!" Yzak was indignant of losing.

"Just suck it up Yzak and stop being a sore loser!" Shiho told him.

"Woman! Why, you?"

... ... ...

It was dark and Athrun and Cagalli lay side by side under the stars on the soft sand. The Haumea stone which hung on Athrun's chest gleamed into a bright crimson under the moonlight.

"Cagalli," Athrun whispered into Cagalli's ear, making her feel tingly all over.

"Yes?" Cagalli replied.

"I'm really glad to have met you Cagalli. You're the best thing that has happened to me in a long time," Athrun said to Cagalli, making her turn beat red. Cagalli has been with Athrun for so long, yet he has never failed to make her blush. But unknown to Cagalli, Athrun was blushing too.

"You're the best thing that happened to me too," Cagalli replied as she snuggled closer to Athrun.

"I love you," they suddenly said together.

"I love you too," once again they said in unison.

They both smiled at each other, enjoying each other's warmth and company.

"Thank you Athrun," Cagalli said. "For making me happy."

"I want to thank you too Cagalli," Athrun said. "For showing me what it is to be happy."

After a while, Cagalli broke the silence again. "Should we go back now and help the others prepare dinner?" she asked.

"No, I think they can manage on their own," Athrun smiled. "Besides I want to be alone with you."

"Ok then," Cagalli smiled back. "I want that too."

All of a sudden, they heard movements from the back. They turned around just in time to find Dearka standing in front of them grinning mischievously. The others were behind him, looking at them with a weird smile.


The end...