A few days later, Alice was home alone again, but this time I didn't knock on her door. Once I opened it, it revealed her putting something away in a drawer. Again, she had on too-short-shorts and a tank top.

"Hey, Alice", I greeted. She turned around slowly and smiled.

"Hi, Emmett", she stumbled a little, giggling as she walked over towards the bed. I slapped my head as realization came over me.

"Oh, God", I whispered, shaking my head.

"I'm not God, silly!" Alice giggled.

"Alice, you're high- aren't you?"

"I'm not high! Why would I be high? Hehe", I closed my eyes and breathed out, "Chill out, Emmett", Alice commented. I walked over to her.

"I'm not going to calm down, Alice", she looked up at me- smiling- and giggled. She walked up to me.

"Just take a- chill pill", she whispered, then laughed slightly. As she got closer to me, I gulped and tried looking away, but she pulled my face down to hers.

"Ummm... Alice?" I whispered. She smiled, then kissed me. I kissed her back for a second, then my eyes popped open and I realized that this was wrong, "Alice, what are you-" I tried talking to her, but she interupted me with another kiss. This time, I didn't pull away. She pulled me onto the bed with her. I was over her, moving my left hand down to her side. I couldn't control myself for whatever reason. I tongues started moving together and I started getting this feeling down in a certain area...