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Full Summary: Bella Swan has always been "One of the Boys". She also happens to be in love with her best-friend, Edward Cullen. Too bad Edward only sees her as a friend or at least that's what she thinks… So what happens when after one summer, she decides to trade in her jeans for miniskirts? Inspired by Katy Perry's One of the Boys. Rated M for future lemons.

Chapter 1:


I could feel my neck and my entire backside becoming sticky from all the excess sweat I was producing. I could also feel my heart throb a million times faster. Normally it was because of him but right now, that wasn't the case. I was growing more and more tired and weaker by the minute. But I wasn't going to stop. Not with a score of 4-6 I wasn't and certainly not when it was the last thirty seconds of that game I wasn't.

I was playing football with my closest guy friends, Jasper, Emmett and Edward. Yes you heard me right, FOOTBALL. The sport that was always viewed as a MAN'S Sport. But contrary to popular belief, girls can play football as good as any guy can. Well at least I can that is. See, this is my story:

I pretty much grew up with my Dad, Charlie, in a town in Washington called Forks. My mom, Renee, and my dad married right out of high-school and had me all little after a year or so. But I guess for some reason, Renee was no longer happy with my Dad so she left him. My dad was pretty much devastated about her leaving but he always said he managed to get over it because as he said, he had me. He didn't want Renee to leave with me being his only daughter, so he asked for full custody of me which she didn't seem to have a problem because she willingly gave him what he wanted. Although she now lives in Florida I still get to see her from time to time and she even sends me a lot of money during every Birthday, Christmas or any official holiday. Maybe this is because of her new-husband and my step-dad, Phil. He's a Baseball Player, not a big one but one in the minor league. But I guess one who makes a pretty decent living… So I guess that's just her way of showing her love. Well it really didn't matter. I was never close to her to begin with. I had my dad and that was just fine with me.

Anyways, I grew up with my Dad and being the daughter of the Police Chief of Forks is probably the reason why everyone in town knew me. Ok, that and because I'm known to make a series of trips to the Forks Memorial Hospital due to my clumsiness. I could have sworn I was born with two left feet. I've been to the hospital on numerous occasions so it wouldn't surprise me if they decided to name their West Wing after me. But I guess if it weren't for my clumsiness, I would've never met the Cullens.

Edward & Emmett, and their sister, Alice's father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, works at Forks Memorial Hospital. One day, when I was getting treated for a a broken arm in the 4th grade, Dr. Cullen brought Alice & Edward to work that day because it was bring-your-kid-to-work-day or something like that… So I was sitting on a chair in Dr. Cullen's clinic, waiting for him and the last thing I expected was a girl that was probably around my age with short spiky black hair to come barging in through the door.

Well isn't life just full of surprises?

Pretty soon she was standing in front of me and introducing herself. "Hi! I'm Alice what's your name!" she exclaimed.

But before I could even answer her, she started going on and on with a whole series of questions.

"Oh my gosh! What happened to your arm? Does it hurt? My daddy is a doctor! Did you had my Dad check it! DAD!" she shouted.

"Alice, calm down. You're probably scaring her."

And that's when I saw him.

Even as a kid he was still gorgeous. He had piercing green-eyes and a crooked smile that can make any girl go weak in the knees. And to think he was only a few feet near me. He was only leaning against the door but he managed to look like a model. *Sighs*

"Oh Shut Up Edward, I was only worried. This is my friend… Wait, I didn't get your name. What is it?" the girl asked.

"Oh I'm Isabella Swan. But uh, I prefer to be called Bella..."

I soon find my free hand being shook by the girl.

"Oh! That's a pretty name! I'm Alice Cullen! And that over there is my brother Edward"

Cullen huh? I guess this means their Dr. Cullen's kids. Then again, I somehow see the resemblance. They're both extremely good looking. Just like their father, Dr. Cullen. Pretty soon Edward is right next to Alice extending his hand out to me.

"Hello pleased to meet you. And again, I'm sorry if my sister scared you. I'm Edward." he greeted.

Alice stuck her tongue out because of his remark and I decide to take his hand in mine to shake. But the minute our hands meet, I felt a jolt of electricity. We let go of each others hand and I can feel the blood flow to my cheeks. Ugh. I hate it. Edward doesn't say a thing and just stands there looking away with both of his hands in the pocket of his jeans.


It's only day one and he's repulsed by me. I can just die right now. The silence in the room is awkward but thankfully enough, Alice decides to break the ice.

"So Bella, What happened to your arm?" she inquired.

"Oh, well... I-uh... I was playing football with my dad the other day and I kinda fell the wrong way..." I confessed.

"You play football?" Edward blurted as soon as the words came out of my mouth.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Oh. Nothing. I just never figured that you would even play football..." he said carefully.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I snapped.

"Uh… you're a girl?"

His answer caused me to glare. Okay, forget that I said he was cute. He's arrogant! Not to mention sexist. Just because I'm a girl it doesn't exactly mean that I'm not allowed to play football. I guess my glare made Edward realize that his remark offended me.

"Not that girls aren't allowed to play football its just that-" he added but before he could finish his statement, I cut him off.

"My parents split up and I kinda grew up with my Dad. So my dad's idea of a fun day with his only kid is a game of football and watching ESPN."

"Oh... sorry…"

For some the frown on his face is killing me. What is it with this boy? I just met him and he already has this huge affect on me. He's not like Mike Newton who I've had a crush on during the 3rd grade... and he does seem kinda sad for offending me... I guess there's no reason to hold anything against him.

"Its alright. Tell you what, the minute this cast comes off, we'll play football. Loser buys hot-dogs?" I challenged.

The frown on his face disappears only to be replaced with a crooked smile because the words that came off of my god. That smile...

"You're on! Me and my brother Emmett need a challenge." he taunted before extending out his hand again.

We shook hands again, only this time, there was no electricity like earlier. I wonder why that even happened... Oh well…

"As much as I don't want to break up this little love-fest over here, my dad will be coming in" Alice interjects as were shaking hands.

And as though right on cue, their father, Dr. Cullen enters the room. Woah. Scary much? You'd think that she was some sort of psychic or something…

"Oh Bella, I see you've met my kids. I hope that they've been nothing but good." Dr. Cullen smiled. I can see where Alice & Edward get their good looks from… I look from Dr. Cullen to them and they're both smiling and raising their eyebrows up and down.

"Oh yes. They're very nice. Just like their father." I complimented.

Which is the truth by the way. Dr. Cullen is the nicest doctor in the whole world. He treats his patients with such kindness. I should know, I'm here majority of the time.

"Aw. Well aren't you sweet Bella. You are my favorite patient you know. You're always here half the time and the hospital just loves having you." he commented.

From the corner of my eye, I can see Edward, with his head down and arms crossed over his chest, shaking. I guess he was trying hard not to laugh because his hand was over his mouth and Alice was elbowing his chest.

What a jerk. I'll get my revenge when I kick his butt in football.

"HAHA. So Dr. Cullen, when can I take my cast off?" I asked.

"Well Bella, seeing as it is, I think a month ought to do it. But for now, I need you to stay away from anything that can further damage your arm. Like football, fishing, basketball, gun-shooting, or whatever it is you do with your father. OK?"

I couldn't help but notice that as Dr. Cullen mentions this, Edward's jaw drops. Serves him right for thinking that because I'm a "girl" doesn't mean I can't do "stuff" meant for guys! That ought to teach him a thing or two.

"Yes. Dr. Cullen. I'll refrain from doing anything dangerous." I promised.

"Good girl. No wonder Charlie seems so happy. He has such a good kid." he smiled.

Just then his beeper goes off wildly.

"Oh. I'm afraid I have to go now. There seems to be some sort of emergency downstairs. Alice, Edward, I'll see you two later at my office ok? Just stay out of trouble ok?"

"Yes Dad. We will." Edward and Alice said simultaneously.

As soon as Dr. Cullen leaves the room, its just me, Alice, and Edward again. I turn to Edward and continue our discussion before his dad came in.

"You heard him Cullen. One month. So until then you can start saying your prayers because the minute this cast comes off, I'm not going to go easy on you." I warned him.

"Ooooh! Watch it Edward. She's out to get you…" Alice teased with a giggle yeah. She's on MY side.

He then raises an eyebrow and I see his crooked smile appear again. Damn it.

"Its you that should be praying. You're going down Swan."

"Bring it on, CULLEN."

And with that being said, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

So back to present, I was playing football with the guys. Right now, me and the rest of my team were huddled up, talking about our last strategy to end this game.

"...Bella, I need you to tackle Emmett from the left. He's kind of weak there. I should know, I almost cut him in half the last time we played..." Jasper whispered to my ear.

Jasper was Edward's other best-friend and Alice's boyfriend. Not to mention, my friend.

Right now, it was a 4-on-4 game. Me, Jasper, Ben Cheney, & Eric Yorkie vs. Edward , his brother, Emmett, Mike Newton, & Tyler Crowley. The score was 4-6. It's a close game and I wasn't about to just quit let alone let their team score. We were already winning. But then would I really tackle Emmett? I mean I did it a million times before when we played football but I knew he was still recovering from the last game we played. Jasper sure did a big number on him and I wasn't sure if I should do the same. Jasper probably noticed my silenced because he then said:

"Oh come on Swan. Don't tell me your going soft on him. I need you here. WE need you here. " he said.

I looked around the other guys. They looked at me with determination. I just knew I couldn't let them down.

"Contrary to what the other team thinks, we think you can lead us to victory. So prove us right by doing so. Besides, Edward & Emmett won't let me borrow their Fallout game if we don't win." he added.

"Ugh… Fine! I'll do it" I agreed.

"Thanks Bella. OK guys, let's kick some ass! One, two, and… break!" Jasper chanted before out team disassembled.

We then take our positions in the field. But before we can start I can here Emmett yell something: "DON'T WORRY GUYS! THEY HAVE BELLA! ITS IN THE BAG!"

Arrogant ass.

Now you can see the family resemblance between Edward & Emmett. Too bad Emmett is going to now feel my wrath. No one calls Bell Swan a wimp and gets away with it. Edward sure had to learn that the hard way. The memory makes me laugh. Emmett Cullen, laugh now while you can, but by the end of the game, its me that's going to be laughing. I can see Alice & Rosalie (Emmett's girlfriend) on the bleachers cheering their men on. But mostly me. They're my best-friends, aside from Edward that is, so what did you expect?

"Go Jazzy! Go Bella! Show them what your made of!" screamed Alice.

"Come on Swan! Show Emmett that we girls can kick ass!" Rosalie yelled. Funny. She's Emmett's girlfriend and she wants me to kick his ass.

Now that were in our positions all I can do right now is focus. But Emmett happens to be right in front of me and he's doing what he normally does which is trying to psych me out.

"Hey Bella, We're going to win." He says arrogantly. How cocky.

"What makes you say so?"

"Because, I'm bigger than you and in no way a little girl like you is going to keep me down." he smiled.

"Well that may be true Emmett but you know what they say: The Bigger they are, The HARDER they fall." I retorted.

His smile disappears and is turns into a look of determination. Pretty soon, as I can hear the word hut, Emmett makes a mad dash to the other side of the field ready to intercept the ball when Edward throws it. Edward throws it before being tackled by Jasper but before Edward can throw it, I'm halfway down the field. Yup. I'm that fast. Years of practice with Charlie definitely has its perks.

As soon as the the ball reaches Emmett, he tries to make a run for it. At first I was considering if I was really going to tackle him. Maybe I shouldn't. He was already weakened on that spot. Then again… he did imply that I was weak. Oh the heck with it! My mind has been made up and I tackled him on his left and pretty soon, we were both on the ground covered in mud and grass stains.

And that's that end of that.

Victory is mine!

I can hear Alice & Rosalie screaming their heads off the bleachers as well as my teams victory roar. Not to mention Emmett's cussing or as I'd like to call it, his colorful vocabulary. I was then being hoisted up in the air by my teammates. I looked down only to find Edward smiling at me.

"Nice going Bella." he congratulated me before helping Emmett get up.

As soon at Emmett gets up, my eyes are locked with his. I thought Emmett would throw a tantrum like he always does when he loses in everything else but instead of throwing a fit, he simply smiles.

"I didn't know you had it in you Swan. I gotta hand it to you. Good Game."

He then reaches his hand out and I grab it to shake it.

"But don't expect me to go easy on you the next time. Or Edward for that matter." he reminded me.

"Wouldn't dream of it." I assured him.

And with that being said, it's the end of a typical day in Forks… for me that is...

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